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AWS Certification Path for Beginners 2022

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AWS Certification Path for Beginners 2022

If you are considering getting yourself Amazon web service certified, you have made a great career decision.

As per a recent study, 63% of IT professionals believe that finding engineers with cloud computing skills is challenging.

AWS Certification Path for Beginners 2022

So, if you are a beginner looking to jump into a cloud computing field, getting the right AWS certification and developing cloud skills can open the doors to very lucrative and life-transforming career paths.

AWS certification is one of the most recognised credentials in the IT industry. The certification not just helps you build the credibility of your skill, but it also allows employers to identify the right candidate to steer their cloud initiatives on AWS.

This is the reason we have created this post to let you know about the bright career paths waiting for you post-certification. saasguru will comfortably sail you through this journey from AWS aspirant to a certified professional.

We will also discuss what certification you should choose as a beginner and further your career path for a brighter future.

But, before everything, you should know that the validity of AWS certification is 3 years, and you are required to go through recertification after 3 years. This is because AWS expects you to demonstrate your continued expertise, which is a good practice.

Currently, AWS offers 11 distinct certifications in four different expertise levels. The levels are, 

  • Foundation
  • Associate
  • Professional
  • Specialties

It is quite overwhelming because of this wide spectrum. You may feel confused over what to choose, which one is the easiest, and what is most suitable for you as a beginner.

So, the answer to all these questions is, to begin with the AWS-certified cloud practitioner. It covers the basics of AWS and the cloud. And it is beginner-friendly, as you do not require technical experience as a prerequisite.

What is AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Credential (CCP)?

AWS Certification Path for Beginners 2022

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Credential is a foundation certificate. Although it is a foundational certificate, you still need to study it hard if you do not have the basic knowledge and experience of AWS.

saasguru AWS certified cloud practitioner course is the best starting point to delve into cloud computing that helps build the foundation and make you aware of how AWS is structured.

So, if you are a beginner or working in sales, technology, financial, or purchasing roles with AWS cloud, this course is precious to you.

This certification can be a good Kickstarter for your career. It can also boost your existing career if you are already working in the AWS cloud and have not taken this certification yet.

Even though the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam provides you with a solid foundation and a promising career, you can further steer the AWS career path upwards with the next level of AWS associate certifications.

Let’s check what career paths you can open with the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Certification.

Career Paths After AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification

After becoming an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner and getting hands-on experience with AWS cloud, cloud migration, and implementation, you can take your career to the next level with associate-level certification.

Associate Level Certifications

At the AWS associate level, you can choose, 

  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect

After you clear the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam and get 1-year AWS experience, it would be ideal if you pursue AWS Certified Solutions Architect.

 It provides a broader overview of AWS and helps you build a valuable foundation on which you can make a very high-paying career. It focuses on core AWS services like virtual private cloud, identity, and access management, EC2, and S3.

  • AWS Certified Developer

Another associate-level certificate that can be pursued is AWS Certified Developer. Do not get confused with the word developer. Not just developers but anyone working with AWS can take this career path.

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The ability to create and deploy cloud-based applications is validated by the AWS Certified Developer credential. The prerequisite for attempting the AWS Certified Developer certification is one or more years of practical experience creating and maintaining AWS-based applications.

  • AWS Certified SysOps Administrator

This certification is considered one of the toughest of all the associate-level certifications. But, it can potentially take you to the helm of your career.

The certification provides you with deeper insights into AWS architecture.

This certification helps businesses find and nurture employees with the necessary abilities for cloud initiatives. Your ability to deploy, manage, and run workloads on AWS is confirmed by your AWS Certified SysOps Administrator certification.

Professional Level Certifications

At the AWS professional level, you can choose, 

  • AWS Certified DevOps Engineer

AWS Certified DevOps Engineer is one of AWS’s two professional-level certifications. It is recommended for those with prior experience with AWS and, ideally, have passed the AWS Certified Developer – Associate exam, though this is not mandatory.

  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect 

Your ability to develop, implement, and assess AWS applications while satisfying a variety of difficult requirements is validated by earning the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional credential.

This is one of two Professional level certifications offered by AWS. It is recommended for those with prior experience with AWS and, ideally, have passed the AWS Solutions Architect – Associate exam, though this is not considered necessary.

Specialty Level Certifications

At the AWS Specialty level, below are the 5 certification paths.

  • AWS Certified Data Analytics 

People with experience in data analytics and knowledge of creating big data solutions using AWS services are eligible for the AWS Certified Data Analytics credential. 

  • AWS Certified Advanced Networking 

A candidate’s proficiency in performing challenging networking activities at scale on AWS and hybrid IT networking architecture is validated by the AWS Certified Advanced Networking credential.

  • AWS Certified Security

The perfect candidate will have 5 years of experience in the IT industry designing and implementing security solutions. The candidate’s two or more years of practical experience securing AWS workloads would be ideal.

  • AWS Certified Machine Learning

Individuals with one year or more of experience in machine learning/deep learning in the AWS Cloud are eligible for the AWS Certified Machine Learning certification.

  • AWS Certified Database 

The AWS Certified Database credential verifies that you know all AWS database services and how the optimised database integration and architecture can be utilised to add value to your business.

This exam is intended for database administrators and those who implement database solutions. Candidates must have 2+ years of experience working with relational and NoSQL databases both on-premises and in the AWS cloud.

Summing Up

Certifications only prove your proficiency and knowledge, not experience.

Become an AWS certified Professional

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You need to work on AWS cloud to get experience that will assure you a high-paying career. 

Sign up with saasguru and get ready to start your AWS journey by enrolling in AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Certification Course.

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