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People Behind the Certs – Gaurav Pratap Singh

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People Behind the Certs – Gaurav Pratap Singh - saasguru

SG: Let’s get started. Why don’t we start from the beginning? Please tell us about your education/ career before entering the Salesforce ecosystem.

GPS: Before Salesforce, I completed my Bachelor’s in Technology in Computer Science Engineering. I have had an innate passion for technology since childhood. During my college, I learned and worked on Robotic Process Automation and Machine Learning, along with all the subjects that come with engineering. Salesforce was introduced to us in the third year of college, so we were not very much informed about it at that time, but I am really glad circumstances eventually made me end up with Salesforce.

That is where my Salesforce journey started with my college placement as Business Analyst.

SG: That’s awesome. Now we would love to know what was the tipping point when you said, “I want to make this change,” and what was the trigger for that?

GPS: Honestly, I was not into coding and understanding programming languages. I did enough to clear my college semester exams. I heard people say you would not be recognized if you didn’t know how to code. This was my tipping point, in a way. I was sad that I would have to do coding to become something in life. I performed some research and conversed with lots of people about career planning.

Eventually, I realized that I have good communication skills and I could be a Business Analyst with technical knowledge and hands-on experience with relatable technology. Sooner I landed my first job, and they were happy to see my communications skills, and time was in my favor, so I got into Salesforce.

SG: You achieved many certs along the way. Can you share three things with us?

1. Why do you value certificates?

2. What are the challenges associated with the process?

3. What are your top tips for being successful in cert exams?

GPS: Certifications are like Validation Rules from Salesforce. Whenever we share our expertise with project stakeholders, they demand certification or accreditations associated with the project. That is where certifications come into play.

I value certifications when I have enough knowledge to justify my certification. A certificate is just a PDF or a Paper if you don’t have the expertise on the same. Certifications basically define that a certain individual has earned these credentials after getting a thorough knowledge of the domain.

The biggest challenge with this process is continuous learning. An individual has to keep on learning from the domain/Trailhead on the module/cloud they are working on. It helps because continuous learning on the domain will keep you updated with the latest features and additional customization. Sometimes we fail, but we should not give up. Let’s try again, work harder than the last time and bring your head around all the topics that come along with your learning and earning credentials.

Salesforce offers free learning along with hands-on experience with Salesforce. The first best tip would be to learn properly and timely. Do the trailmixes that are associated with the certification exams. There are plenty of terms that are new to hear, but if you go through Trailhead learning material, you will get a broader perspective on it. Also, we have such a big Salesforce community, offering courses, webinars, Salesforce Days, and a lot more to assist everyone in learning and earning certifications.

Stay Motivated, Stay Updated, Read every day (Trailhead, Superbadges, Trailmixes, and projects), and do practice tests online to check capabilities for cert exams.

Become a Salesforce Certified Professional

SG: What do you enjoy most about your work as a certified Salesforce professional?

GPS: There are a lot of things that I actually enjoy while working as a Certified Salesforce Professional. It feels great to have such a big family of Salesforce where everyone is ready to assist you and help you with your doubts and queries. Also, you get to meet a lot of people from different domains, which helps in gaining diverse knowledge with different opinions and amazing ideas.

Salesforce has a Trailhead for learning and earning badges which is a fun way to learn. Surrounded by Salesforce professionals, I learn something new every day with the evolving ecosystem. Every day is full of fun and learning and work too.

SG: Time for gratitude!! Finally, is there anyone (individual or company) that you would like to take this opportunity to thank for their role in helping you along your journey? If Yes, what was their role in your success?

GPS: I would like to mention Naresh Murjani, who brought me to the Salesforce ecosystem and guided me along my journey to bring the best out of myself. He played a role of a mentor on my journey. He was there with me on every step of my journey. To teach me, guide me, pick me up when I fall, and make me who I am today. He is a great leader.

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