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People Behind the Certs - Parth Mewara - saasguru

SG: Let’s get started. Why don’t we start from the beginning? Please tell us about your education/ career before entering the Salesforce ecosystem.

PM: I did my schooling at St Peter’s College, Agra, and then completed my B.Tech (IT) with Honours from Jodhpur Institute of Engineering and Technology, Jodhpur. 

I was a decent student and got the opportunity to do more than just studies in my college life as the Class Representative for my batch, Technical Head of the College Student’s club, and a Microsoft Student Associate. This exposure gave me the necessary boost to be selected by IGate during college placements. 

Before I could complete my Engineering, IGate was taken over by Capgemini, and luckily my offer still stood. So, eventually, I joined Capgemini in 2015. I was trained for 3 months in Java and then was selected for a special Pilot batch of Salesforce Classroom Training where we were 6-7 people out of about 500+ that joined that year. This is where I first entered the Salesforce ecosystem.

SG: That’s awesome. Now we would love to know what was the tipping point when you said, “I want to make this change,” and what was the trigger for that?

PM: From a Java background, I was fortunate to get another 3 months of training in advanced Java, which gave me the idea that my future lies with Java. Then suddenly, the Salesforce Pilot training batch selection happened and it kind of worried me. We have heard enough stories from many software professionals about getting into MNCs and not doing the type of work they wanted to do. So, when I heard about getting Salesforce Pilot training after attending an intense training on Advanced Java, we felt like losing all our hopes and dreams of building a career around Java.  

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Some sense prevailed, and we googled Salesforce for the first time to understand that it is a CRM which again was a new topic altogether, but at least it was in the domain of computers. 

We attended the training, and over the duration of that 1 month, I barely understood anything (the course being a pilot), but it was exciting. So I did my own learning via Trailhead, and as I read more over time, it was evident that this is what I want to get into.

SG: You achieved many certs along the way. Can you share three things with us?

1. Why do you value certificates?

2. What are the challenges associated with the process?

3. What are your top tips for being successful in cert exams?

PM: In my experience, certifications are neither a necessity nor a substitute for knowledge. 

1) Having said the above disclaimer, certifications, however, hold an exceptional place in the whole ecosystem. They are an indicator of your exposure to the concepts of a particular topic and your willingness to learn and sit through an examination for it.

Also, in any sphere of life, a certified professional will be picked over an uncertified one if all other parameters are the same. So it’s good to have them. Plus, as the number of X (2X, 3X) increases, it boosts your confidence. 

2) The biggest challenge is to take that first step after thinking of doing a certification. For me, the Trailhead Trailmixes worked well here. 

Another major factor is arranging $200 to give an attempt to the Salesforce Certifications. It’s a challenge even for decently earning individuals, at least in India.

Vouchers help a lot here, and if you work for an organization that provides you reimbursement/vouchers, that works positively in tackling this challenge. 

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3) My top certifications tips are as follows

a) Focus on Trailmixes. For each certification, you’ll find a Trailmix, which covers almost everything you need to prepare.

b) It is okay to Fail. Try to make your second or third try successful with better preparation.

c) Read the questions more than once to ensure you’re answering what is asked. Seeing a simple question might make you select the wrong answer in haste.

SG: What do you enjoy most about your work as a certified Salesforce professional?

PM: The exposure and experience of working with talented people from different backgrounds extremely enticed me. To work with some who understand tech and with some who know the process and then create a bridge between their points of view to bring out the best solutions is a challenging process but worth it. And all our concerns just vanish away, realizing the solutions we have come up with have made someone’s life better, if not directly but in some capacity.

SG: Time for gratitude!! Finally, is there anyone (individual or company) that you would like to take this opportunity to thank for their role in helping you along your journey? If Yes, what was their role in your success?

PM: No individual can make it forward alone. It is always the backing of multiple people along the way which keeps you pushing ahead.

I’ve been fortunate enough to work with really talented and uplifting people who have influenced and guided me on my journey.

On an organizational level, Capgemini and Marlabs have been absolutely supportive, and I feel fortunate to be associated with such brands. 

On an individual level, two remarkable people would be Mr. Prabhat Mehrotra(AVP Marlabs) for his constant support as a Manager and guide throughout my career, and Mr. Richy Eva Anatol Joseph for being a patient mentor and friend who helped me get settled in the Salesforce ecosystem.

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