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Top 5 Valuable Cloud Certifications You Should Include in Your CV in 2022

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Top 5 Valuable Cloud Certifications You Should Include in Your CV in 2022

The adoption of cloud technology is swiftly increasing. And the demand for IT professionals who work on the cloud is also growing. You can choose any cloud certifications for your career from several cloud service providers. 

Organisations are moving toward cloud computing because it is easy to store the services and data using the internet instead of hardware devices. The acceleration of the adoption of cloud technology results from reduced cost, increased internet access, pandemic-driven digitisation of services, and new technologies. 

Start Your Cloud Career in 2022

The term cloud computing is used to define a computing model that consists of many parts. The cloud is not one thing but rather a term that describes a computing model consisting of many parts. So, the cloud computing industry has a bright future ahead, and those planning to build a career in the IT industry have n number of career opportunities in the cloud market. 

The below characteristics have made the cloud user-friendly and profit oriented. 

  • Access to a broad network
  • Resource Pooling
  • Rapid Elasticity
  • On-Demand Self-Service
  • Measured Service

Benefits of Cloud Computing

As technology is deeply connected with businesses, there is a need to figure out ways to manage the technology and data. Nowadays, companies are spending more on operating expenditure rather than capital expenditure. 

So, that’s where cloud computing comes into the picture. It helps organisations to move to the cloud by providing them with every service and product in one place. 

Should You Get A Cloud Certification?

Many believe that industry-relevant, hands-on experience matters more than certification. Still, certification is always helpful in showcasing your abilities to employers and helps you gain some experience where you are lacking.

Cloud computing is a popular in-demand skill. If you are working in the IT industry and want to move a step ahead or looking for a way to create some space for yourself in the IT industry, you might want to consider IT certifications. Certification can be helpful if you are into computer programming and want to experience the world of cloud computing. 

What Is The Benefit Of A Certification?

You are flying a plane without a pilot license if you have a deep understanding of cloud computing technology but don’t have the certification. The certifications help land a job in almost every field. And the certification is the perfect way for the recruiters to judge your knowledge base during the interview. So, a certificate in Cloud Computing will help you showcase your cloud skills better.

Consider the following reasons to know why a Cloud Computing certification is a must for a career in the field.

  • The future potential of Cloud Computing
  • Distinguishes your resume
  • High salary
  • Showcases your expertise in a particular skill
  • Demonstrates your commitment to work
  • Abundance of jobs

Highest-Paying Top Cloud Certifications in 2022

If you want to obtain a cloud certification but are confused about which one to consider, you are at the right place. 

The guide will help you explore the details of trending and highest-paying cloud certifications. Let us discuss each of them one by one, moving ahead.

1. AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification is an introductory level credential created for people who have an overall understanding of the AWS Cloud. 

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If you are a beginner, this certification is a perfect way to learn about the AWS cloud platform. The certification exam tests and authenticates an individual’s knowledge of architectural concepts, cloud computing, and AWS services. It also gives a brief insight into AWS’s crucial network, security, and services. Get your AWS cloud practitioner certification to step into the world of AWS.

2. AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional

The AWS Certified Solutions Architect- Professional certification is challenging but precious in the cloud industry. It is a professional-level certification, so the difficulty level is also high. 

If you want to gain technical skills with the help of AWS solutions to meet your business needs, then this certification is right for you. Obtaining the AWS Solutions Architect- Professional certification will not be overwhelming if you have already obtained the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate. 

3. Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals

Azure has the second largest share in the cloud space. AZ-900 is the basic level certification for Azure. It is created for candidates from non-technical and technical backgrounds. It is the perfect credential to help you speed up gaining fundamental Azure knowledge. 

After earning this certification, you can aim for other certifications like Azure Admin, Azure Developer Associate certifications, etc.

4. Google Certified Professional Data Engineer

To obtain the Google Certified Professional Data Engineer certification, you must gain at least 3 years of experience in the cloud industry and 1 year of experience in creating and handling cloud solutions with the help of the Google Cloud Platform. The certification is suitable for Data Engineers with the required skills to work on the Google Cloud Platform.

The certification exam tests your understanding of creating, building, securing, and handling data processing systems. You should know how to update the data processing systems for developing Machine Learning Models and operations. 

5. Salesforce Certified Technical Architect:

Salesforce is a popular provider of SaaS (software-as-a-service). The Technical Architect certification is helpful for professionals in executing end-to-end cloud solutions on the platform.

Become a Salesforce Certified Professional

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You can also attempt the other Salesforce certifications since Salesforce is said to create a higher percentage of employment opportunities in the coming years. 

Summing Up

Earning any of these credentials makes you an asset to your organisation. 

Take your career to the next level and join saasguru to get certified today. Best of luck with your cloud career.

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