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Difference between ServiceNow Admin and Developer

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Difference between ServiceNow Admin and Developer

The ServiceNow team is an important part of any IT department, and a platform’s success depends on well-defined roles. Almost every team in a corporation needs at least one ServiceNow Admin and one ServiceNow Developer.

A ServiceNow Admin’s objective or progression would most likely be to become a ServiceNow Developer. It takes time to advance from Administrator to Developer, but two to four years is an acceptable estimate. It all relies on the individual’s motivation and how much information they can process. 

Who is a ServiceNow Admin?

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Admins are an essential part of any ServiceNow team. A ServiceNow admin’s job is to create, design, configure, and enhance custom apps, as well as give assistance to the software’s end users. Being a ServiceNow admin is a great role within the cloud computing platform, and it contributes a critical factor in the industry. They’ll concentrate on platform administration while delegating development to others. 

A ServiceNow Admin can inspect the system logs before contacting the developer if an issue arises. They can handle support situations and either repair bugs that arise or document them for the ServiceNow Developer to investigate. An admin is very likely to resolve a production issue without escalating it to a developer. The ServiceNow administrator can maintain the platform working smoothly from a day-to-day standpoint.

An administrator should have a thorough awareness of how the task table is organized, how the platform handles communications, and where to look for troubleshooting information. The administrator should also understand how sub-production environments function and how to use update sets to transfer XML files between instances.

There are other helpful resources for learning more about the ServiceNow platform, including the ServiceNow Community site or an online ServiceNow Admin training course

Check our ultimate ServiceNow CSA exam guide for updated admin syllabus, exam pattern, exam cost, registration & preparation tips.

Who is a ServiceNow Developer?

A ServiceNow Developer is a person who has been trained and skilled in the numerous areas of designing, creating, and deploying ServiceNow-based solutions. These experts are frequently in charge of analysing business needs and developing technical solutions.

The developer should be in charge of creating new applications, keeping the Service Portal up to date, and adding new features to the system as a whole. All scripting on the platform must either be done by the developer(s) or be reviewed by them. 

Role and Responsibilities of a ServiceNow Developer

  1. Complete all technical tasks related to the configuration and installation of all components of the ServiceNow platform by successfully planning, executing, monitoring, controlling, and closing them.
  2. Manage several tasks like screen customization, workflow management, report setting, data imports, integration, scripting, third-party software integrations, and customized application development 
  3. Update and maintain a robust testing strategy for ServiceNow instance upgrades, to certify all apps for use following the update.
  4. Coordinate and resolve technical data and transformation challenges that are challenging.
  5. Gather and analyze/interpret business needs in ServiceNow to provide long-term solutions.
  6. Respond to “how-to” queries on technical and application configuration.
  7. Create, manage, and run reports to meet system performance targets.
  8. Keep track of the system’s design and operation by documenting it.
  9. Carry out any other responsibilities that have been allocated.

Bridging the Gap in the Administration-Developer Relationship

Since both roles work in the same environment simultaneously, frequent communication between the two groups is essential. These two roles must collaborate closely. Working in a silo is impossible to achieve success.

The Admins must collaborate on many of the same projects to genuinely support their development. Both administrators and developers are responsible to help each other to foster the growth of both departments.

In Conclusion

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The administrator and the developer are essential members of any team, and no business can run effectively without them. Both offer a great service within the ServiceNow platform and bear fruitful results when they work together. 

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