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Employee Upskilling: How to Upskill Your Employees?

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Don’t you think it’s time to upskill your employees? But not sure how you can achieve this mission successfully? The world and its possibilities are continuously changing, so employee upskilling based on current trends and advancements has become inevitable to give your business the efficiency it needs to grow and excel in the competitive market.

First thing’s first, What is meant by upskilling?

Upskilling is the process of implementing or providing education and training to create new or higher level skills and capabilities in workers to improve work performance and make them more competitive and efficient in the competitive job market.

The technological research and consulting firm Gartner, Inc. shows that 58 percent of the workforce needs new skills to complete their tasks. However, HR directors have a more challenging time finding and training employees with the most in-demand abilities. Nevertheless, businesses must invest in upskilling if they want to remain top of the competition.

Companies must engage in continual training to keep nurturing talents and hire people with relevant working knowledge. People prefer to seek elsewhere when they believe they can no longer learn new things or add expertise and experiences to their portfolios staying in your organisation. Maybe upskilling can have significant efforts and needful expenses to be put in. But it can provide numerous benefits when done effectively.

Your employee can be a cloud-certified talent, and that too by reducing the time and cost. A good Salesforce corporate training will include microlearning modules, insights, gamified learning, and access to a one-on-one coaching session with experts. You can create a customised cloud certification pathway for your team. Do you want to know how? Sign up with saasguru and explore the possibilities of employee skilling.

Step by step, let’s get your employee upskilled!

Evaluate the Skills of Your Employees

Create an idea of the fundamental talents and skills that your employees currently possess. This information will serve as the starting point for tracking employee development. Leading training companies now provide assessment plans that let clients and employees work together to map employee competencies, identify training requirements and skill gaps, and give training programs to fill those gaps. These evaluations are created to meet the unique requirements of each firm while taking into consideration each employee’s function and department.

Building a personal skills profile of an employee is another technique to evaluate employee abilities in your company. Team managers and the organisational leadership will be able to observe an intelligent depiction of all the hard and soft talents accessible to them after all employees have entered their skills data.

Assess Long Term Business Skills

Determine the abilities you’ll require that must align with your long-term business strategy and goals, as well as any anticipated changes in your sector. One option to create this list is asking each function head to identify one talent their team members will unquestionably require over the next five years.

To ensure that any training programs are created with these goals in mind, organisations can collaborate with training providers to work with them to map their future skill demands. It will be challenging to upskill your whole workforce all at once. Starting with a group of skilled and passionate ones will be a starting point.

Set Specific Goals to Upskill

Every employee is different, and so are their learning abilities and talents. So we shouldn’t try to upskill all of them in a uniform manner. The training program and objectives for each will alter. Any objectives you establish for your staff members should be precise and time-bound. It is essential to give people responsibility for their own development while creating goals.

Although you want the employee to learn a certain set of abilities, giving them the option to decide which crucial skill to master first provides them a voice in the decision-making process and a sense of ownership. Employees are more involved in and accountable for their learning when they take ownership of it.

Choose the Most Suitable Format for Learning

How are employees trained? The learning style selected should be determined by the employee’s unique needs, learning goals, and available resources. Try to know whether employees need to improve their domain knowledge, specialised skills, or both. What would be a desirable and efficient timetable for them to feel comfortable with? How much time and money are you willing to invest in your employees’ ability to acquire these new abilities? Will everyone get access to the training or just a select few?

If you aim to make an impact on employees beyond learning, then get ready to upskill and certify your teams with saasguru. We enable professionals with certifications in cloud software and help employees build amazing careers around their skills. The vision here is to create a community of employers, gurus, and employees who are learners contributing to each others’ success. We provide business features that help you create and manage talent onboarding, evaluation, upskilling, and certification. It provides Custom Programs where you can create your own pathway for learning, Performance Insight to identify the learning progress in real-time, and Trainer Marketplace, where you can utilise the expertise of instructors for mentors for personalised sessions.

Benefits of Upskilling Your Employees

Technology is continuously evolving. It has created several opportunities for commercial growth. Over time technology has offered numerous opportunities, and outdated technology must upgrade.

Similarly, the organisations are also responsible for setting up employee training and development that focuses on staff upskilling to keep the employees updated with technological advancements.

Let’s get to the benefits of staff upskilling.

Salesforce Training

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1. Improve Employee Retention

When an organisation gives importance to guiding employees to acquire new skills that are in demand and help achieve career growth within your company can increase engagement and retention. Employees who receive upskilling do their jobs more effectively and are better equipped to handle challenges. Better work outcomes and bigger profits are always indicators of improved productivity.

2. Cost Savings

Upskilling can result in considerable cost savings for a firm because it costs around a third of an employee’s yearly compensation to replace one who departs. Building a confident team, training them to face any challenges, and making them capable of achieving fruitful solutions can make a big difference for your organisation. Organisations worldwide are trying to create confident teams because it leads directly or indirectly to saving the budget.

3. Embrace Technological Advancements

Newest technologies should never make employees nervous. Lack of skills might lead to job insecurity. If employees are properly equipped to deal with the drive of new technology, they need not fear losing competence in their jobs. Employees who are properly trained won’t experience job insecurity. Instead, each new technological advancement will give them a sense of increased authority. Planning upskilling training sessions following each technological introduction is crucial to fostering this sense of empowerment.

4. Engaging Team and Workspace

Employee upskilling greatly enhances employee engagement. The organisation has to make sure that workers receive what they are seeking. The greatest way to ensure employees have access to the right learning opportunities is through upskilling. It goes beyond simply closing the skills gap. The personnel is given the right motivation to perform better. The ability to contribute more can be increased by upskilling. The employee training and development model must be created by the training manager in a way that guarantees thorough learning opportunities.

5. Happy Customers

Every firm prioritises customer happiness. Keeping clients satisfied guarantees business growth. To increase customer happiness, businesses require employees with the appropriate communication and behavioural skills. Employee development and training programs will prepare staff members to handle consumers easily. Upskilling guarantees that the staff can independently handle the client’s requirements, from providing improved insight to making specific suggestions. Companies must teach their personnel to manage consumers better since happy customers are the real promoters of your brand.

Summing Up

Upskilling your employees with a customised and personalised program can make a real difference for your company. Choose the pathway that can promise better results and a flexible learning experience.

saasguru has its own Salesforce corporate training programs that are customisable according to your business needs. Through an upskill program, we promise better ROI for your business. You can choose a session with an expert and discuss the whole idea and concept of making your organisational growth far better than now.

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