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Salesforce Experience Cloud Consultant Preparation Tips 2022

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Salesforce Experience Cloud Consultant Preparation Tips 2022

Are you preparing to sit for the Experience Cloud Consultant exam in 2022? Then you must be looking for some over-the-top tips to help you get through the certification exam. 

The cloud computing field has been expanding rapidly with its uses and applications. The Experience Cloud program helps organizations work and collaborate on the same platform if their interests and commitments are the same and comparable. Given the swift pace of the cloud computing market, every company and organization needs an experienced, knowledgeable, and certified Experience Cloud Consultant. 

The most important step towards preparing for the Salesforce Experience Cloud Consultant certification exam is getting familiar with the Salesforce Experience Cloud Consultant exam syllabus

Before moving on to some clever tips and tricks, it is essential to understand the role of Salesforce Experience Cloud Consultant and what the professionals do. 

The Role of a Salesforce Experience Cloud Consultant

Become a Salesforce Certified Professional

The Salesforce Experience Cloud Consultants are professionals who know about consulting and implementing the applications of the Salesforce community. The Experience Cloud Consultant is also responsible for fulfilling customers’ business requirements to ensure long-term customer satisfaction. The certification is designed for anyone interested in showcasing their skills in the community cloud. 

The role involves consultative and facilitation skills at a technical level. The cert exam will test your knowledge regarding the implementation strategies, security, and sharing. So, as a competent Consultant, you must also know how to troubleshoot and solve platform issues.  

As a Salesforce Experience Cloud Consultant, you will be able to manage membership, deploy communities, employ build options, describe the capabilities of Experience Workspaces, execute the security model of a use case, and configure knowledge. 

Having read about the role of a Salesforce Experience Cloud Consultant, we shall now learn some tips to prepare for the certification exam. 

Experience Cloud Consultant Preparation Tips 

We will look into some tips and resources for your preparation. Some clever tricks will help you clear your theoretical knowledge, and you will be able to pass the examination smoothly.

1. Salesforce Official Site is your Best Friend

The Salesforce site gives you a list of training programs and resources that you must consider for the preparation. The official study guide contains the syllabus, job description, and it also emphasizes on-hand training and experience. The site has everything you need to get started. 

2. Check the Prerequisites and Other Crucial Information

To appear for the Salesforce Experience Cloud Consultant, you must first obtain the Salesforce Administrator certification. The admin certification is curated for professionals experienced in Salesforce and is now looking for an opportunity to work with new features and capabilities.

While preparing for the Experience Cloud Consultant certification, you must always keep the exam pattern, the number of questions, time allotted, and syllabus in mind. Doing so will help you prepare intelligently for the cert exam. 

3. Make a Study Plan and Join an Online Course

Making a study plan and strategy will help you organize your preparation journey. You will clearly understand how much time you have and how you should devote it. 

Joining an online training course will give you an idea of how to prioritize the syllabus topics. The mock exams and regular practice tests will prepare you for the main exam. 

4. Take Mock Exams and Practice Exams 

Studying with the help of books and study material is one thing, and testing and applying the knowledge is another thing. Mock tests are the best way to improve your weak topics, and it also gives you clarity about the theoretical knowledge. Practice exams provide you with confidence. You cannot know your readiness level unless you attempt enough mock exams and realize your strong and weak points. 

5. Take the Help of Previous Years’ Question Papers and Sample Papers

Going through the previous years’ questions will tell you about the topics that cover a large part of the exam, and it will also help you understand what type of topics should be given less importance. It is called clever work. Hard work is essential, but it is equally necessary to put that hard work in the right place. So, go through the previous years’ papers, write down the important topics and their weightage and prepare accordingly. 

Follow these five smart tips, and they will get you through the Experience Cloud Consultant certification exam. The most crucial tip is going through the syllabus and joining the online training program to streamline your preparation.

In Conclusion

Get your Salesforce Certifications on the first go

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