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How difficult is Salesforce Platform App Builder certification?

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How difficult is Salesforce Platform App Builder certification?

The Salesforce Platform App Builder credential is designed for individuals who want to demonstrate their abilities and expertise in developing, integrating, and launching custom applications that take advantage of the platform’s excellent personalization capabilities. 

Recent reports predict that the Salesforce market will witness huge growth by 2024. Thus, if you are skilled in the automation of business processes and can create and implement custom applications on the lightning platform, you can try to seize this tremendous opportunity.

Aspirants considering the Salesforce Platform App Builder certification fall into two categories: those with extensive experience and those who are just getting started. Even though the former will undoubtedly have an easier time, the latter can still pass with flying colors.

With adequate preparation, anybody can pass the Salesforce Platform App Builder certification exam on their first attempt. This article discusses some tips and tricks to clear the exam and gives an idea about the difficulty level of the certification exam. 

The Ideal Candidate For The Certification

The certification for Salesforce Platform App Builder is perfect for any professional who has a knack for constructing custom applications and a strong understanding of deployment. The candidate should know how to look beyond programming solutions. In general, the exam is designed for professionals with at least 6 months to a year of experience establishing Lightning Platform applications.

Become a Salesforce Certified Professional

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Precisely, any Salesforce professional can undertake the exam and get certified. It doesn’t matter if you are a developer, consultant, or admin.

Skillsets & Requirements

Some of the valuable skillsets to be a certified Salesforce App Builder are:

  • Understanding the various Salesforce certificate types and how to use them
  • Experience handling and enhancing enterprise-level mobile applications Knowledge of business processes, data management, and process automation.
  • Basic familiarity with the Salesforce Lightning platform
  • Knowledge of social app integration features of mobile apps on the Salesforce platform
  • knowledge in developing business procedures and designing apps

You can check out the extensive app builder study guide to get a clear and detailed idea. 

Structure Of The Exam

  • There will be 60 multiple-choice questions.
  • The total time provided will be 105 minutes.
  • The registration fee is 200 USD and an additional 100 USD per retake.
  • The passing score is 63%.
  • During the test, no hard copy or internet resources can be referred 
  • Exam invigilated on-site at a testing facility or online in a proctored setting.

Effective Exam Tips

Although there is no shortcut to hard work and consistent effort, one can yield the best results by planning and strategizing effectively. You should be scared by the vast syllabus for the exam. Do not worry! It is highly likely that you already know most of these things. The syllabus overlaps with the admin exam. If you’re already working as a consultant or administrator, the chances are that you are well-versed in the topics by now. Now, check out these effective tips mentioned below:

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  • Prepare a cheat sheet with all the essential points written on it. The sheet will prove very useful for revision the day before the exam.
  • It’s mandatory to practice mock questions and exams as much as possible. Make it a daily routine before the day of the exam to practice tests similar to the final exam. Note down the mistakes and evaluate them. 
  • Enrolling in an online course might be a wise option since you will learn the topics from industry experts in the comfort of your home. You can check out saasguru, which has the latest resources curated by industry experts for exam preparation. 
  • There is an option -“mark for review,” which cannot be ignored. If you cannot recall an answer or solve a particular problem, choose this option and return to it later. 
  • Practice real-life scenario-based questions beforehand. The test consists of questions aligned with real-life problems, challenging your decision-making and analytical skills. 
  • Staying connected with like-minded aspirants preparing for the same exam will support you in maintaining your spirits high. There are sizeable online communities, such as slack, where active discussions happen.
  • It can be a wise step to focus on those topics having the most weightage. You will undoubtedly pass this test if you have good knowledge and a foundational grasp of these main areas.
  • Memorizing the eight formula data types is a great thing to do for this particular exam. 

Summing Up 

No exam is difficult if the preparation is perfect. Having reached this point, you must know which steps and strategies to follow. saasguru provides loads of relevant resources which will aid you in passing the exam and obtaining the Salesforce Platform App Builder Certification. Visit the website to learn more. Sign up, Now!

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