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How Long Does It Take To Learn AWS?

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How Long Does It Take To Learn AWS?

Cloud computing is one of the advancing technologies and will be around in the foreseeable future. Many companies have started adopting cloud computing owing to its numerous benefits. As a result, several job roles are available nowadays for individuals with cloud computing knowledge and skills. 

If you are planning to apply for such roles, it is necessary to know about one of the most popular cloud computing platforms-Amazon Web Services (AWS). This platform serves essential purposes such as database storage, analytics, management, etc. Before you start learning, being curious about the time needed is obvious. Continue reading to find out the answer to your question.

Requirements to Learn AWS

Starting with the best part, you do not need to have any particular skill to learn about AWS. However, some of the below skills might come into use if you know them already.

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  • Some coding knowledge
  • An idea about databases and SQL
  • Basics of cloud computing and networking
  • An understanding of IP addresses

Learning AWS must be a perfect fit for you if you are looking for a job that doesn’t require hardcore technical skills. The basic idea of coding is sufficient, along with the abovementioned skills. Most importantly, the willingness to learn and put in the effort is a mandatory prerequisite. 

The candidate is also expected to have appreciable analytical and problem-solving skills, accompanied by communication skills. 

Impact of Background

Today, anyone from any background can learn AWS, even if they have no prior knowledge or experience with the cloud or IT. Yes, you read that right – being from a non-IT background should not be a problem and must not discourage you from learning AWS. 

Cloud computing is an ever-changing and dynamic area that requires different skill sets over different periods. For example, an approach or skill in-demand today might not have even existed five years ago. Belonging to an IT background may give you an edge, but it is not a prerequisite. 

AWS Certifications

AWS mainly offers six general and five specialist certifications. You’ll most likely have to start with the standard badges. Certifications are split into three training tracks that stress distinct abilities and culminate in the corresponding job roles: Architect, System Administrator or Engineer, and Developer or Engineer. 

For certifying your basic AWS skills, the Cloud practitioner exam is the perfect fit. After passing the exam, you can slowly progress up the hierarchy. 

The Time Needed To Learn AWS

It will take you a few days to fully comprehend AWS to an extent. Following that, you should be able to gain practical experience with the services within a few weeks, and you should be able to do professional work in AWS within a month or two. 

It should be noted that this is a general outline that varies from person to person. A variety of factors influence learning. If you are a beginner or have basic IT experience, it may take around 90–100 hours of consistent effort. For experienced professionals, the number of hours might be less. 

How To Speed Up The Learning Process?

A few tips and tricks can be used if somebody wants to boost the learning process and get results quickly. They are:

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  • Giving AWS Practice Exams: AWS practice exams would surely help structure your training and preparation, maintaining your attention where it should be instead of getting sidetracked or tumbling down several rabbit holes. You can take topic-wise practice tests and mock tests absolutely for free from saasguru and understand the area where you need to focus more on with the help of dashboards, personalized scoreboards, rationale for every answer, 1:1 mentoring sessions, and more. If you prepare well, it takes around 5-6 weeks to learn the concepts of AWS.
  • Online Communities: Why tackle the challenge of learning something like AWS solo? There are numerous online groups of people like you studying cloud computing and AWS. You would be ignorant to disregard or ignore such groups and the benefits they provide because they may help you find good resources while ignoring the trash. Join the saasguru Slack community and get access to talk with seasoned AWS professionals and like-minded people who are preparing for the AWS certification exams. 
  • Connect With Industry Professionals: People already working with AWS are the best ones to give you solid advice. Search them up and get your doubts cleared. Sign up with saasguru and join the AWS certification courses curated by industry experts and get the chance to clear up your doubts with training sessions from expert AWS professionals. 
  • Watching Relevant Videos: Organized by AWS itself, it is an annual event to educate the attendees about services offered by AWS. Also, get access to reliable AWS certification preparation/ latest feature videos. Going through these videos will give you valuable insights. 
  • Reading AWS Whitepapers: These have been the most thorough pieces of work produced by AWS’s skilled professionals. Such whitepapers are the result of much study, research, and development. If you do not have a clear idea about an AWS service, search and read whitepapers related to it. You will gain loads of knowledge since the papers are a must-read for cracking the exams. 

Final Thoughts

The most significant determinant for the time needed to learn AWS is you! Not everyone can learn quickly, and that’s completely fine. So it’s necessary to know one’s powers and weaknesses and work accordingly. 

If you begin today, you will indeed be one step closer to accomplishing your objectives and evolving into a professional. So, do your research, create a schedule and work around this one, and you’ll be an AWS expert very soon.

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