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How to Become AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner in 2022?

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The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification assists organizations in finding and developing employees with critical cloud deployment knowledge and experience. The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner credential proves that the candidate has a detailed knowledge of AWS basics in the cloud.

The certification is also the first of a series of AWS certifications. It provides a good overview of a wide range of AWS services, including several of the most important ones like EC2 and S3. As a result, if you’re new to cloud computing, studying for this exam will lay an excellent basis for further AWS research.

Who is eligible to take the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam?

This certification is valuable to people who work in technological, organisational, sales, purchasing, or financial roles with the AWS Cloud.

Before taking this exam, you should be aware of the following:

    • AWS Cloud experience for six months
    • A thorough analysis of IT solutions and their use on the AWS Cloud platform.
    • A detailed overview of  AWS and use cases, billing and pricing systems, security ideas, and how the cloud affects your organisation.

Clear Your AWS Certification in One Go!

Preparing for any certification can be daunting, even if it’s an introductory course like the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner. A few pointers on how to become an AWS CCP are discussed below. 

1. Build a Strong Foundation

If you want to equip yourself with the appropriate learning materials as quickly as possible to spend your study time on your weaker areas, the best option is taking an online AWS exam prep course. These courses are well-structured, and they go into just enough detail to give you a good understanding of the AWS ecosystem without overwhelming you.

saasguru is a trusted learning platform that offers hands-on training programs. The course is created using a learner-first strategy and four topic tests, flashcards, and many more, and it’s guaranteed to enhance your knowledge and skills on AWS in less than two weeks!

2. Documentation and Mock Exams

It would be best if you first comprehend the exam outline, and then you will have a clear understanding of the primary services provided by AWS. Mock tests are standard in online courses. Attempt at least one exam, and don’t be discouraged if you don’t get a good grade. The goal is to determine which areas require more attention.

3. AWS Whitepapers

Many of the mock exam questions are based on whitepapers, and their importance cannot be emphasized enough. Whitepapers from Amazon Web Services (AWS) are an excellent source of information on security, design, and economics. AWS whitepapers are intended to educate candidates on a specific issue and expedite the implementation of a methodology.

4. Get Familiarised with the Exam Outline 

To get a good result on the certification exam, you must understand all of the principles and concepts. Get to know a well-structured and up-to-date exam guide that will help you through the entire process. Studying the syllabus is also essential because the importance of each component in this certification exam is critical.

AWS Exam Format

5. Complete the Registration Process

Registration for any certification exam is one of the most important phases in the preparation process. When you start by first registering, you have a specific date and time to appear for the final exam and this creates awareness and focus during your preparation. 

It creates a sense of urgency and makes an individual goal oriented, thus resulting in better preparation and it increases your chances of passing the certification exam in the first attempt.


Become an AWS certified Professional

To become a successful AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner and take your career to the next level, you must prepare adequately for the exam using the relevant materials. Due to rising competition and demand, passing the exam has become vital. 

As a result, the exam is meant to weed out the best candidates, resulting in more in-depth evaluations. Give it your all and keep improving by practicing regularly and consulting dependable resources to help you plan more successfully.

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