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How to Kick Start a Career in Salesforce?

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How to Kick Start a Career in Salesforce?

It is no secret that the Salesforce ecosystem has changed and touched the lives of many people who have been wanting to build a career in the cloud computing industry and work on CRM.

The Salesforce platform is an amazing resource for companies and an excellent career option for Salesforce professionals.

Organizations and companies are looking for professionals who can work in the cloud and manage their customer data effectively. So if you are wondering about the scope of Salesforce jobs- believe us when we say every Organization’s door is open for you. You need to take the first step in the right direction, and everything will fall into place.

This guide is all about how to build a career in Salesforce and how to design a strategy suitable for you.

Facts to Know Before You Start Your Salesforce Career

One of the most important and relieving facts about Salesforce is that you don’t need to be from a technical background to begin your career in Salesforce. And it is okay if you are not familiar with coding and programming languages. Even if you don’t have any technical background, you must know that technology is more than designing websites, coding, and solving bugs. You can start learning Salesforce at any age.

You don’t need to invest your time and energy searching for reliable resources for beginners. Salesforce has its own learning platform called Trailhead. To clear your concepts and get a better understanding of the platform, Trailhead is the best resource for you.

If you are looking to build a career in Salesforce in the development field, you will be excited to know that many applications in Salesforce are either “click development” or “click configuration.”

The door of the Salesforce platform is open for everyone looking to build a career in the ecosystem. Salesforce gives you the opportunity to work in different fields within the ecosystem by earning the Salesforce certifications.

Become a Salesforce Certified Professional

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Some of the in-demand Salesforce profiles are mentioned below:-

1. Salesforce Administrator

Do you love helping customers get the most out of technology? You need a very general skill set to be a Salesforce Admin. It is all about Communication, Stakeholder Engagement, Project Management, Business Analysis, and End-User Enablement.

When it comes to technical skills, you need to understand the Salesforce Platform, Business Process, Data Management, Formulas & Validation, etc.

The average salary is $91,000 (US data), with a 400% annual growth rate.

2. Salesforce Developer

Do you love to code and fix tricky code problems? You must be familiar with JavaScript, Lightning Web Components, Application Lifecycle Management, Object-Oriented Programming, System Integration, Apex, SOQL, and Web Services. If your best friend is JavaScript and Apex, then Salesforce Developer careers are the most suitable for you.

3. Salesforce Architect

Do you always think of the big-picture and dive deep into solving problems? Salesforce Architects are the most demanded digital advisors and trusted team leaders in the organization. Skillset needed- API Integration, Application Design, Object-oriented development, Business Process, Data Management, knowledge of web applications, and system architecture.

4. Business Analyst and Marketing Careers

It is suitable for critical thinkers with an aptitude for technology. To be ideal for this job profile, you must be familiar with Business and Data Analysis, Python, and Data Management.

5. Sales and Service Careers

If you know how to speed up the deal cycle and effectively find new opportunities for upselling, then you must consider a career in the Salesforce Sales department.

If you love helping your customers succeed, then Service Career in Salesforce is suitable for you. You must know budgeting and scheduling for this job.

6. Salesforce Consultant Careers

It is for those who love to handle complicated business problems and solve them through business improvements.

Project Management and Business Development are the basic skills needed for this career option.

7. Salesforce Designer

Design is the main component across most Salesforce roles.

You will work to optimize flows, interactions, and visual interfaces.

It is also crucial to learn the benefits of getting the Salesforce certification to kick start your career.

What are the Benefits of Salesforce Certification?

Companies are getting on board with Salesforce to ensure smooth work and establishment of their business. The growing use of Salesforce among organizations has increased the demand for certified Salesforce professionals.

  1. The cloud computing industry and the Salesforce ecosystem are both evolving rapidly. Obtaining a Salesforce certification increases your knowledge base. Certification will allow you to stay updated with the latest technological advancements. And the certifications also provide you an intimate knowledge of the platform.
  2. Certifications are proof of your expertise instead of a plain paragraph in your resume. It authenticates your skill and knowledge. Being certified communicates that you are suitable and competent for the job.
  3. The Salesforce certifications are the perfect way to grow your career opportunities. Qualifying Salesforce certifications will help you get jobs, promotions, and higher salaries.
  4. If you are already working in a company and want that organization to optimize and organize their Salesforce, become a star performer and obtain the certification. Your certification will help you and the organization in which you will be working to grow and utilize the true potential of cloud computing.

Tips to Climb the Ladder of Salesforce

Consider the following tips to start your Salesforce journey:-

1. Training

You need to have some hands-on experience and training before entering the Salesforce world. Trailhead is a fantastic learning platform to combine your knowledge with hands-on experience. Earn some badges and then aim for superbadges to land a Salesforce job. Superbadges is the closest you can get to real-world projects.

You can also join an online course on saasguru. The platform helps you with courses prepared by industry experts.

2. Experience

One of the things that recruiters always look for is some experience. Some work experience on your resume carries the most weight when making a hiring decision. You can start getting experience by working for some non-profit organizations with access to Salesforce. You can volunteer in such organizations while simultaneously studying for the certification exam.

3. Certification

You must have already decided to obtain the Salesforce Admin certification to secure your first Salesforce job. The certification will give confidence to your recruiter that you are capable. Once you earn the Salesforce Admin certification, you can aim for advanced certifications to get a higher-paid Salesforce job.

Kick Start Your Career in Salesforce

If you have recently discovered various career options and certification paths provided by Salesforce, you must be wondering which way to choose first and from where to begin the certification journey.

Get your Salesforce Certifications on the first go

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As a beginner, you must always start with the Salesforce Certified Admin career path with the help of the Salesforce official guide and a training course. But if you are from a technical background and your long-term goal is programming, then the certification of Salesforce Platform Developer 1 is the most suitable for you. But it will be beneficial for you to pass other certifications like the Salesforce Admin and Platform App Builder before sitting for the Salesforce Platform Developer.

The Salesforce Platform Developer 1 certification exam is created for professionals who have gained more than one year of experience as a developer and at least six months of experience with the Lightning Platform.

So, with ample training, certification, and some experience, you have initiated your career in Salesforce. You can also interact frequently with the Salesforce community. A tight-knit community of Salesforce professionals will help you gain perspective as a beginner. Join the saasguru Slack Community, a reliable platform to get connected with fellow professionals. Good Luck!

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