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How to Prepare for ServiceNow Admin Certification?

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How to Prepare for ServiceNow Admin Certification?

The ServiceNow Admin Certification assesses your skills and knowledge on how to manage, configure and implement the ServiceNow platform. It also offers the groundwork for anything you need to learn about ServiceNow before moving on to more advanced courses or certifications. Passing this Certification test establishes a set of skills necessary to progress through the ServiceNow Certification routes

Customers and partners who collaborate with and use ServiceNow products or services can choose from three certification paths: 

  • The Certified Systems Administrator (CSA)
  • Certified Implementation Specialists (CIS)
  • Certified Application Developer (CAD)

Through the courses available for each path, you can also acquire product-specific certification.

Clients, partner organizations, and sales professionals who would like to be ServiceNow Certified Administrators can take the ServiceNow Admin Certification exam.

Become a Servicenow Certified Professional

Exam Prerequisites and Knowledge Recommendations

  • Pay special attention to the ServiceNow Fundamentals course and ensure that you have at least six months of hands-on ServiceNow experience.
  • Any candidate with industrial experience and expertise in database concepts and system management will benefit from this certification.
  • In addition, the candidate must know IT Help Desk operations, including incident, problem, and change workflows.
  • Finally, candidates should have a thorough understanding of industry terminologies, acronyms, and initialisms.

Listed below are tips on how to prepare for the ServiceNow Admin Certification.

1. Prepare for the ServiceNow Admin Certification with a Trusted Source

The materials supplied by saasguru are meant to let students learn the program at their own pace and enable them to begin their certification in the most effective way. This program also includes a tailored study plan with micro-learning modules and a well-thought-out breakdown of the recommended schedule, which will assist the student in quickly covering all relevant and significant information.

saasguru has teamed with industry-leading gurus who have mastered numerous industry certifications to generate relevant and authentic mock exams and practice exams. This practice exam prepares the examinee for the real exam by explaining how the exam is constructed and phrased. The produced questions include correct and incorrect answers and reference links to help students feel confident when taking the actual exams.

You can familiarise yourself with the ServiceNow Certified Administrator program’s syllabus and new test structure to make your learning experience smoother.

2. Know What to Anticipate

The ServiceNow Admin Certification exam is a multiple-choice question test. It consists of 60 questions, and passing requires a score of 70% or above. Because some questions have multiple correct solutions, you’ll want to double-check them all because a partial response is incorrect. You’ll get 90 minutes to complete the exam, which should be more than enough if you handle it correctly.

Click here for the ultimate ServiceNow CSA exam guide – explore the updated admin syllabus, exam pattern, exam cost, registration & preparation tips.

3. Attend the ServiceNow Fundamentals Training

Participants in the ServiceNow Fundamentals learn about various topics and interact with a variety of applications by exploring the ServiceNow platform and applying what they’ve learned. Each course module includes extensive hands-on tasks to reinforce lecture themes and also provide practical experience. Exercises are carried out in a private, dedicated training environment.

Throughout the course, there are many instructor-led training sessions such as knowledge checks, topic reviews, and open discussions. Participants can put their newly learned knowledge to the test while also benefiting from real-world business problems presented by their peers.

4. Don’t be Impatient.

Take your time and try to learn everything there is to know about the ServiceNow platform, including the fundamental table names, the workflow mechanism and how it works, the Access Control Lists (ACL), and the Now Platform’s behaviour. And only then consider achieving the ServiceNow Admin Certification.

5. Take a Practice Exam and Review your Flashcards

When studying for the ServiceNow Admin Certification, flashcards are quite helpful. It’s a quick method to refresh your memory. Learners can use flashcards to engage in information and help them grasp the study material. Furthermore, flashcards are specifically designed to strengthen and encourage active recall, resulting in developing a better neural link in the brain, making it a powerful memory aid.

The ServiceNow Certified Administrator program by saasguru offers a tailored study plan and flashcards prepared by a team of expert gurus who are well- versed in the important areas when it comes to preparing for any certification exam.

Practice tests will improve your time management skills and allow you to assess how well prepared you are.


Get your ServiceNow Certifications on the first go

Start preparing yourself and understand the content before appearing for the exam, and you’ll discover that it was much easier than you anticipated. Don’t get too worked up about it; take your process and improve your learning until you’re sure that you can win.

Sign up with saasguru to get started on your ServiceNow Certified Administrator preparation and pass the exam on the first try.

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