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How Tough are AWS Certs?

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how tough are aws cert

AWS is a massive platform that necessitates a comprehensive understanding of the deployment process and cloud management. Over 100 distinct services were offered by AWS, and more were being added on a regular basis.

You must first grasp the foundations before you can master any AWS service. It’s crucial to know what VPCs, zones, AZs, and security groups are if you are planning to set your foot on AWS. Let’s go over each AWS certification grade, compare several perspectives, and attempt to give you an accurate representation of how hard AWS tests are.

The Easiest  AWS Certification РAWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

The AWS CCP exam is the simplest of all AWS exams since it is the least technical and the foundational level AWS certification exam. The AWS CCP exam provides a high-level overview of AWS. It does not go into specifics regarding any services. Instead, it gives a high-level understanding of how AWS is organised. This is also the ideal Cloud certification for novices or anybody interested in learning about the AWS cloud platform and Cloud computing.

If you wish to advance to Associate-level or specialty certification, you must first get this certification, which provides you with a comprehensive grasp of AWS cloud services like account administration and security, among other things. This is a reasonably simple exam that you can actually pass easily with a few weeks of training and preparation. If you’re looking for a suggestion, join the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner training course by saasguru.

The Toughest AWS Certification – AWS Architect Professional

This question is hard to answer, not just because the difficulty is influenced by various aspects but also because it is determined by how hard you study. Any exam done without adequate preparation is unlikely to be successful. The greatest cloud certification in 2022 is AWS Architect Professional. It is also regarded as the most demanding AWS cloud certification, necessitating extensive knowledge and comprehension of the AWS cloud platform.

AWS Architect certification is in high demand since there is always a shortage of AWS competence, and it is strongly recommended to seasoned cloud experts. This certification teaches you how to design and deploy scalable web applications on Amazon Web Services (AWS) servers, as well as how to select the optimal services and bandwidth for your app. In terms of preparation, you may need to research AWS papers, manuals, and courses. However, starting this course with saasguru will be beneficial.

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Tips to Ace AWS Certification Exam

1. Online Video Training

The best method to begin your journey toward AWS Certifications Exams is by studying with the help of online videos that are instructor-led and provide a fundamental grasp of the technology.

In fact, one of the greatest methods to acquire the essentials for your AWS certification is through online video-based training. While watching the videos, your experienced tutor will not only walk you through the technology but will also point out helpful tactics for clearing the exam.

2. Practice Tests

The second important step is to utilize practice questions to assess your understanding of the subject area and learn how to respond to test questions. Avoid dumps and instead focus on the top AWS Practice Questions based on the most recent AWS exam outline and topic.

saasguru prepares you for the type and complexity of the AWS exam and helps you identify areas of weakness that require more study.

3. Personalised Learning Pathway

This is among the most crucial AWS study tips since you will not attain your goals unless you have a strategy and follow it. Breaking down a large objective into digestible and doable steps is the best method to achieve it. To begin, determine how much spare time you can devote to learning on a regular basis. Then, taking into account your daily study time, estimate how long it will take you to finish the course. Set a deadline for yourself to be well prepared for your exam.

Act accordingly and make an effort to follow through on your goal without creating excuses. Make flashcards and exam-specific training notes or cheat-sheets to make revision easy.

4. Enrol Into A Genuine Online Platform

All the self-study and practicing exam questions will prove helpful only if you have a thorough understanding of the concepts discussed under each credential.

Sign up with saasguru for the AWS Certification courses and get the best content curated by the industry experts along with 1:1 mentorship, live classes, mock tests, access to the Slack community, and many more.

5. Allot Study Time

Determine and stick to a schedule for the days when you will study. Even if you’re an early bird who prefers studying in the morning or a night owl who enjoys learning while everyone else is asleep, work with your natural tendency.

If you arrange your study sessions when you’re at your best, you’ll find that they’re more effective and easier to stick up to. Make studying a part of your everyday routine and provide enough time to grasp and comprehend the AWS fundamentals.

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Summing Up

Every level of AWS certification might be difficult. These qualifications have a lot of market value. Retaining any of them verifies a certain amount of platform experience, which may be really beneficial to your job. As AWS continues to dominate the cloud platform industry, the need for skilled professionals will rise. 

Any AWS certification’s acknowledged toughness is entirely relative and is dependent on your unique AWS knowledge and expertise. So get ready to train and strive for AWS-certified excellence with saasguru.

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