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Is Cloud Computing a Good Career?

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Is Cloud Computing a Good Career?

Until recently, the IT industry trend was to hire engineering graduates and put them up on typical jobs like data entry. It still prevails, but the ambitious ones have moved one step further toward their career growth by taking up specializations like cloud computing and data science. Youngsters today realize the potential of certificates and career paths which can lead them away from working on low-paying cliché jobs.

Due to the recent hype in cloud services, you might already know that the top cloud computing platforms are AWS, Microsoft Azure, Salesforce, and Google Cloud. We are familiar with cloud services, and everyone is using them. Google Drive is a good example. But how good is Cloud Computing as a career option?

Why is Cloud Computing a Good Career Choice?

1. Choose Your Career 

There are numerous career pathways in Cloud Computing, from Administration to coding and sales. You can pick up your desired job role and eventually do what you love rather than sticking to mundane IT processes. You can even switch between cloud providers and career roles without colossal effort.

2. Higher pay

The average salary of a cloud engineer in the US is $106,000 annually. In India, the pay scale starts at ₹ 2 lakh per annum, going up to the highest pay of ₹ 46 lakh reported on Glassdoor. The pay scale depends upon several factors, including the job role, experience, location, and skill set.

3. Better Job Satisfaction

Monotonous daily schedules make you despise your job. New projects and challenges add some juice to your profession. With cloud computing, you might even be handling new projects every day. Wouldn’t that be your description of an exciting dream job?

4. Career Growth 

You can start your Cloud career by starting with the fundamentals and acquiring higher certifications based on the job role of your choice. It is an expanding field, and constant advancements are being made in cloud technology. An evolving technology always opens a better scope for career growth.

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5. High Demand 

There is an increasing need for trained and certified cloud professionals. Businesses are switching to a full fledged cloud model and need experienced hands on their data processing. According to statistics, nearly 90% of major global companies have moved to cloud storage. The Covid-19 pandemic has forced many businesses to go for Cloud platforms to enable easy handling of operations with the remote working ecosystem. 

Reasons for the Rise of Cloud Computing

1. Flexible Workplaces

Remote and hybrid work culture was a significant call for companies to embrace cloud storage. Companies that have yet to modernize to cloud systems find it challenging to stay in the market competition.

2. Endless Storage 

Businesses operate on vast amounts of data. Secure and reliable storage becomes challenging. Cloud storage is more accessible as enterprises can scale up the space usage depending on the data volume without maintaining the servers.

3. Improved Internet 

With new technology and progress in IoT, internet speed and quality is bound to improve in the coming years. This will benefit the Cloud industry. Storing and processing data will be easier with the linking of IoT and Cloud Computing.

4. Formulation of Better Software 

Companies use numerous software and applications for their operations, including many outdated ones. Cloud computing will improve them in terms of functionality and security.

Top Tips to Venture Into Cloud Computing Career

1. Get a Computer Science Qualification 

It is optional to have an IT degree, but if you are not graduated, then go for an IT-based one. A related degree on your resume can show your foundation.

2. Learn Cloud Computing 

If you are new to cloud computing, join a fundamentals course. There are several online course providers, so choose skeptically after adequately analyzing the reviews and course structure.  

3. Pile up the Certification 

Your way to cloud computing jobs begins with certifications. Cloud providers like AWS, Salesforce, Google, and Microsoft Azure have their certification pathways. It gives you the verification of being skilled to work on the specific job profile.

4. Work on the Cloud Platform 

To pass the certification exam, you need to have hands-on experience. You can create an account with the cloud service provider and work on the backend. There are also simulator interfaces provided by course providers that can help you understand the working.

5. Internship and Projects 

Once you have gained your first certificate, move on to create portfolio projects and land a job as an intern or volunteer. Gaining experience is the key word to excel in your cloud computing career.

6. Network and References 

Social media, community gatherings, trade events, seminars, and conferences are the best place to build your network. Open up, share your knowledge and let people understand your skills. They are excellent references in your career.

Future of Cloud Computing

Developed countries like the United States have quickly adopted Cloud technology. It is expected to grow at a rate of 10% yearly reaching its pinnacle by 2025. The Asia-Pacific region is projected to become the pioneer in cloud computing by 2025-2030. A recent study by Grand View Research in February 2022 estimated a $1.6 trillion revenue by 2030 in the cloud sector.

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Summing Up

The potential for expansion is enormous in the cloud computing field. With the luring offerings by companies, more businesses will slide into cloud data storage and management. 

With this, the world will witness a tremendous job market opening for cloud engineers. It is not just the IT sector; banking, insurance, retail, medical, and even consumer industries are moving to cloud products to improve their business. 

If you already hold a job in any of these sectors, you can enhance your career with cloud certifications and experience. The path is laid, and you have to use it skillfully. 

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