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Is Salesforce Experience Cloud the same as Communities?

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Is Salesforce Experience Cloud the same as Communities

The Salesforce ecosystem is constantly evolving. The introduction of the Salesforce Experience Cloud is not an exception that aids in providing connected digital experiences for consumers quite fast. 

As a recent update from Salesforce, the platform announced that the Community Cloud will now be known as the Salesforce Experience Cloud. The community cloud was a hybrid form of private cloud. However, the IT industry requires a much broader platform to recognize the unique needs of the consumers and reflect the potential of Salesforce in creating superior digital experiences.

Salesforce Experience Cloud is a digital experience platform that allows the organization to develop digital experiences for its partners, consumers, and employees on a large scale. The platform integrates the features and characteristics of Salesforce CRM, Experience Builder, and CMS with the advantage of efficient apps. Organizations can now quickly develop and work on websites, portals, and personalized content. Now it is all just a click away.

You must now be excited to know why Salesforce decided to rename Salesforce Community Cloud to Salesforce Experience Cloud. 

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What does the renaming of Salesforce Community as Salesforce Experience mean?

Salesforce wants to change and enhance people’s lives and transform businesses. Salesforce always believed in building a community of experts, but now it is moving its motto to develop and build Community Experiences. The following points will help you understand why Salesforce renamed Salesforce Community as the Salesforce Experience.

  1. Salesforce renaming is its way to show and validate the data-powered digital experiences that provide collaboration, automation, and real business value. 
  2. It is an indication that Salesforce has moved away from the motto of “Clicks, or Code” to “Clicks, not Code.” It means that the organization understands the importance of unlocking business value through customization and development.
  3. The move to rename Salesforce Community to Salesforce Experience indicates an action into the future. The Community Cloud provided Salesforce customers a chance of Salesforce-powered relationships with its users. Whereas the Experience Cloud is developed with the addition of Mobile Publisher and CMS. It gives more flexibility and efficiency to the user journey by integrating data and content of the platform to bring meaningful solutions. 

How is the Salesforce Experience different from the Salesforce Community?

With the renaming of Salesforce Community as Salesforce Experience, you can see changes and improvements in the tools used to design the sites. 

The Site that you used to develop using the Salesforce Community is now called the Site built using the Experience Cloud using either Visualforce or Experience Builder. You can notice the most significant difference between the two when using the terminology. Instead of referring to it as the Community where people interacted, it is now known as the Site

The other components in the Digital Experiences menu are also changed and simplified. So, Salesforce has replaced Community with the Experience Cloud Site in Experience Builder, Experience Workspaces, and other areas. 

The Experience Cloud provides a way to build communities and portals, forums, sites, and mobile apps to handle the organization’s content. The Experience Cloud is an evolution of the Community Cloud. 

In Conclusion

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The information about the transition from Community to Experience Cloud is crucial before starting the journey as an Experience Cloud Consultant. Whether you are an existing user or a beginner, now you know the significant difference between the Salesforce Community and Salesforce Experience Cloud. 

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