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Is ServiceNow Certification Worth it?

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Is ServiceNow Certification Worth it?

If you are serious about building your career around ServiceNow, you must wonder about ServiceNow Certification’s worth.

ServiceNow provides dedicated technical management services for its operations. ServiceNow is now expanding its base in part of health care by targeting the hospitals utilizing cloud-based IT support. So, it is a leading and fast developing IT platform. Currently, ServiceNow is being used by approximately 4,000 enterprises globally in digital innovation.

The ServiceNow certification allows you to step up as an Implementation Specialist if you want. The certification also proves that you have the required skills and knowledge to maintain and implement the ServiceNow system. You become more attractive and knowledgeable to the recruiters and future employers.

Become a Servicenow Certified Professional

Consider reasons why you should consider ServiceNow certification and see if it is worth it.

Learn the general skills to consider before taking the ServiceNow certification, and then you shall be able to understand if ServiceNow certification actually makes a change. 

Skills to consider before taking the ServiceNow Certification

You need to consider some general prerequisite skills before taking ServiceNow certification. 

  1. Familiar with JavaScript
  2. Basic ServiceNow training
  3. Understanding of the service portal concepts
  4. Basic knowledge of AngularJS and Windows Administration
  5. Learning about the usage of POSTMAN/SOAP UI tool
  6. Understanding of system management and database concepts
  7. Experience of change workflows, problems, and incidents

The Worth of ServiceNow Certification

The ServiceNow Certification shows that you have the required knowledge and skills to manage, implement, troubleshoot, and maintain the ServiceNow platform. It evaluates your command over the database concepts, IT Help Desk, and system management. The ServiceNow certification provides intense training that proves that this credential is worth it because it allows the employees to master their managerial techniques and other assets. So, you can see that the certification is challenging.

With the evolving nature of ServiceNow and the challenging certification, it becomes crucial to learn why ServiceNow certification is necessary if you have set your mind towards ServiceNow. 

Reasons why ServiceNow certification is worth it:-

  1. Once you are ServiceNow certified, you can get industry recognition, greater productivity, competitive differentiation, increased customer satisfaction, and validation for your educational investment.
  2. According to the ServiceNow Community research, approximately 68% of professionals agreed that their certification positively impacted their careers. Professionals who were ServiceNow-certified escalated promotions by 3 to 12 months. The community survey also mentions that the certified professionals said the certification positively impacted their salary.
  3. The training and the ServiceNow certification allow professionals to take advanced managerial positions in various industries and sectors because they are knowledgeable and well-qualified.
  4. The worth of ServiceNow certification also depends on your level of experience with the ServiceNow platform. If you have been working on the ServiceNow system for six months or more, it is worth taking the exam. Not only does it validate your skills and knowledge, but it will also allow you to take higher-paid jobs. You will attract recruiters from valuable companies. The employers will know your dedication to the platform and care about your professional development with the certification.
  5. The certification also increases the productivity of employees. The ServiceNow certified professionals are more productive than the non-certified ones. They were believed to be more effective in implementing, developing, and administering the platform.
  6. If you are ServiceNow certified, you will contribute more by taking up more projects. The ServiceNow certification prepares you for more challenging projects.
  7. Professionals are always ready to do hard work, but the certification will teach you smart work. Working smartly will help your organization control IT costs, scale support more efficiently, and deliver superior experiences.
  8. The ServiceNow certification also makes you more influential because you get equipped with the most high-valued skills and perform high-value tasks in the organization. It maximizes your influence in the organization.

You can decide if the ServiceNow certification is worth it for you for all these reasons. Because of greater recognition and more influence, the ServiceNow-certification professionals are more likely to have a longer tenure in their organization. So, it is clear that the ServiceNow certification helps your career growth. 


Get your ServiceNow Certifications on the first go

ServiceNow certified professionals are ready to make the most of the platform and organization and contribute to the company’s success. They are better equipped to perform the essential activities, indicating both greater efficiency and greater capability. So, now that you know the worth of the ServiceNow certification, as a next step, enroll in a ServiceNow cert course and move a step ahead in your career. 

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