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Salesforce Admin, App Builder and PD1 certified


160 Hours

Over 12 Weeks
Includes Soft Skills
Agile Project Delivery


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Hands – On

Capstone Project Salesforce Labs Jira and Confluence

Job Ready

Linkedln Profile Resume Building Portfolio Management Interview Prep

Admin Functional Consultant

160 Hours


Hands - On

Job Ready


Admin Functional Consultant

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Supercharge Your Skillset​

Will focus on building 4 Core Skills

Salesforce Skills

Deep knowledge of Salesforce
Hands on application
Certifications in Salesforce

Capstone Project

Requirement Analysis
Solution Designing
Build and Showcase

Consulting Skills

Digital Transformation Business Case Fundamentals Agile Delivery Approach

Soft Skills Training

Personal Branding Communication Interview success

Meet our Gurus

Program Pedagogy

Business Interaction

Get real life experience of interacting with business users through our mock customer teams made up of industry gurus.


Capture the requirements and design the solution using relevant tools like Jira and Confluence.


Build and perfect your showcase project with hands-on support and feedback from experienced developers.

Project Lifecycle

Get hands on with Agile project delivery lifecycle and participating/ running key ceremonies in an agile delivery lifecycle.

Learn Through a

Unique & Application Oriented Approach

1-1 Mentoring

Dedicated mentor from the industry through the program right from course to placement

Industry Leaders

A faculty made of not theoretical trainers but accomplished Salesforce professionals.

Deep Interaction

Collaborate 24x7 in real-time with the gurus through our purpose-built leaning platform.

Program Curriculum

Unique & Application Oriented Approach

  • CRM Introduction and Essentials
  • PaaS & SaaS Models
  • Salesforce Overview
  • Salesforce Architecture
  • Salesforce Admin Certification Overview
  • Understand Salesforce Admin Role and Responsibilities.
  • Day in life of a Salesforce Admin
  • Company Information
  • Fiscal Year
  • Currency Management
  • Business Hours and Holidays
  • Manage Users
  • Salesforce Licensing
  • Organization and Data Access Overview
  • Login Hours, IP Restrictions, and Session Settings
  • Password Policies
  • Salesforce Auditing
  • Salesforce Identity and MFA
  • Standard and Custom Objects
  • Standard and Custom Fields
  • Object Relationships
  • Formula and Roll-up Summary Fields
  • Salesforce Lightning Apps and Tabs
  • Home Page Customization
  • Page Layouts and Record Types
  • Business Processes and Path
  • App Builder overview and Dynamic Forms
  • List Views
  • UI Settings and Search Results
  • Lightning Actions – object and global
  • Profiles and Permission Sets
  • Object and Field Level Security
  • OWD Settings
  • Role Hierarchy
  • Sharing Rules
  • Manual Sharing
  • Standard Sales Process and Objects Overview
  • Sale Productivity Features
  • Team Selling and Sharing Impact
  • Einstein Lead & Opportunity Scoring
  • Standard Service Process and Objects Overview
  • Service Console
  • Case Automations
  • Service Channels
  • Salesforce Reports, Custom Reports and Report Types
  • Report Builder Features
  • Salesforce Dashboards, Features and Components
  • Reports and Dashboards Sharing
  • Data Import Tools and Considerations
  • Data Export Tools and Considerations
  • Data Quality Tools and Considerations
  • Validation Rules
  • Duplicate and Matching Rules
  • Order of Execution
  • Workflows
  • Process Builder
  • Approval Process
  • Salesforce Flows
  • Which Automation Tool to Use?
  • Order of Execution
  • Flow Basics
  • Flow Builder
  • Flow Types
  • Flow Testing , Debugging and Deployment
  • Advance Flows
  • User Interface Customizations
  • Custom Buttons, Links and Actions
  • Declarative Options for LWC
  • Custom Lightning Components
  • Application Lifecycle
  • Changeset Deployment
  • Unmanaged and Managed Packages
  • Deployment Plan
  • QNA Session
  • Project Management Methodologies
  • Jira and Confluence Overview Session
  • Capstone Project Execution Overview
  • Requirement Analysis Workshop Session
  • Requirements Gathering with Mock Customer
  • Feedback and Assessment of User Stories
  • Solution Design Techniques Session
  • Feedback and Assessment of Solution Design
  • Demo Best Practices Session and Build Support
  • Project Playback with Mock Customer
  • CRM Introduction and Essentials
  • PaaS & SaaS Models
  • Salesforce Overview
  • Understand the Salesforce Architecture – Multi Tenant, MVC, Metadata
  • Get Started with the Salesforce Platform
  • Understand Salesforce Developer Role and Responsibilities.
  • Day in life of a Salesforce Developer
  • Standard and Custom Objects
  • Standard and Custom Fields
  • Object Relationships
  • Formula and Roll-up Summary Fields
  • Declarative Automations Overview
  • Programmatic Automations Overview – Apex Trigger
  • Which automation tool should you choose?
  • Flow Basics
  • Flow Elements and Resources
  • Flow Distribution, Testing & Deployment
  • Flows Debugging
  • Apex development process
  • Working with SOQL, SOSL and DML Statements
  • Collection Types
  • Variables, Data Types and Methods
  • Control Flow Statements
  • Apex Transactions & Governor limits
  • Exception Handling
  • Creating and Viewing Triggers
  • Trigger Context & Context Variables
  • Understanding Trigger Events
  • Handling Recursion in Triggers
  • Bulkified Triggers
  • Trigger Exceptions Handling
  • Trigger Best Practices
  • Salesforce Order of Execution
  • Lightning Web Component – Structure
  • Benefits of Web Component over Aura Framework
  • LWC File Structure
  • Lightning Component Library
  • Set Up Your Development Environment
  • CSS, Composition, Fields, Properties, and Attributes
  • Component Lifecycle
  • Salesforce Lightning Platform APIs
  • When to use which API?
  • Platform Events Overview
  • Change Data Capture Overview
  • Understand Apex Testing Framework
  • Execute Unit Tests
  • Benefits of Unit Testing
  • Anonymous Blocks
  • Debugging using Debug logs
  • Handling Exceptions in Apex
  • What are some of the development tools used in Salesforce?
  • Salesforce Extensions for Visual Studio code
  • Developer console
  • Visualforce development mode footer
  • Code editor
  • Tools for Testing
  • Salesforce CLI and Scratch Orgs
  • Salesforce Extension for VSCODE
  • Application Lifecycle
  • Changeset Deployment
  • Unmanaged and Managed Packages
  • Deployment Plan
  • QNA Session
  • Project Management Methodologies
  • Jira Session
  • Capstone Project Introduction and Execution Overview
  • Requirement Analysis Session Mural Execution Questions Preparation
  • Conduct Mock Customer Interview for Requirements. Fill Mural
  • Review user stories and provide feedback
  • Conduct a session on Solution Design techniques
  • Review Solution design and provide feedback
  • Conduct a breakout session to assess and support the build Conduct a demo best practices session
  • Final Playback of the build with mock customers
  • LinkedIn Profile Update
  • Resume Review
  • 3 Mock Interviews
Ready to join Salesforce Bootcamp

Job readiness and placement

Unique & Application Oriented Approach

Develop Showcase Project

For freshers, having a showcase project increase interview success by 70%

Portfolio & Resume Prep

Build your interactive portfolio using tools like Canva, Zety, VisualCV etc. along with a revamped resume and LinkedIn profile

Interview Preparation

Get prepared with 5x 1-1 practise interview and feedback sessions

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Happy clients feedbacks

If you want to pass your Salesforce certification, I will recommend you saasguru. It helped me enormously to get ready for the exam

Sara B Sony Professional Solutions Europe, United Kingdom

Thanks saasguru for such an amazing certification preparation plan and mock examinations. Kudos to you saasguru

Vrunda Patel Revolent Group, Greater Toronto Area, Canada

Finally..Salesforce Certified Administrator Thank you saasguru for providing amazing guidance and study material which help me in clearing the examination in my very first attempt.

Sarthak Agarwal Cognizant, India

Thank you saasguru for the certification preparation plan and mock examinations

Sandesh Ghimire Revolent Group, Greater Toronto Area, Canada

Thanks saasguru for preparing me for the Salesforce Admin Exam!

Jasdip Sohi Revolent Group, Greater Toronto Area, Canada

Happy to have this in the bag. Thanks to Amit Choudhary and the team saasguru and the awesome platform they have built to help guys studying for certs, worth checking out

Dan Edwards Vera Solutions, South Africa

Happy to report that I completed the Salesforce Cert goal! Thank you saasguru for their study material

Eric Sebastian Self Employed, Virginia USA

I am proud to announce that I am now a Salesforce Certified System Administrator. Thank you for the excellent study material saasguru

Stefan Gavric Vivant, Bosnia and Herzegovina

The team at saasguru thank you for the excellent study materials and revision test

Edith Kemboi Asset Compliance Inc, Kenya

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    INR 37,500 (+GST)

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    Qualified learners will be offered a career loan by saasguru*

    Loan Repayment

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    Frequently asked questions

    Everything you need to know about the saasguru

    The saasguru Salesforce Admin Bootcamp is a skill and placement-focused Bootcamp where learners will get a chance to learn from industry experts who are accomplished Salesforce professionals. Through the Bootcamp, learners can take their cert preparation beyond certification by getting hands-on experience. They will have the opportunity to prepare their own showcase project.

    The candidates will learn from a panel of theoretical trainers who are accomplished Salesforce professionals and have experience designing courses and content for IBM, Microsoft, AWS, etc. They are certified and experienced to guide you in building your professional profile and resume and prepare you for the Salesforce ecosystem.

    The saasguru Salesforce Admin Bootcamp fees cover the delivery of three core Salesforce skills- Hands-on Application, Working on a Salesforce project, and personal branding. The fees cover everything from teaching about communication and soft skills to 1:1 mentoring sessions for clearing your doubts.

    The Bootcamp focuses on job readiness and placement. It will help you get your dream job in the Salesforce ecosystem as an Admin.

    Saasguru platform is confident that through this Bootcamp Salesforce training and consulting experience, you will get a well-paying job in the Salesforce ecosystem. saasguru will provide placement assistance to the learners by helping them create a professional resume, updated LinkedIn profile, and 3 mock practice interviews.

    Yes, through the Bootcamp, you will receive training for in-demand skills and knowledge and a certificate of three months of work experience. The certificate will help you land a Salesforce job because the recruiters always appreciate the work experience.

    saasguru is a global start-up founded in 2020 by some of the most reputed people in the Salesforce ecosystem with a proven track record of success. Please refer to the bio of our Founders, Amit Choudhary and Atif Saad. saasguru is also backed by the largest and most successful APAC and global Venture Capital firms like Square Peg Capital, Black Nova VC, and Antler.

    Study Now Pay Later is a unique initiative of saasguru, where the learners can commence the Bootcamp training by paying only a application fee of INR 10,000 (+ GST) . Candidate will pay the remaining  INR 6,875 (+ GST) in 4 equal instalments over 4 months.

    To begin your Salesforce training through the Bootcamp, you will need to pay a application fee of  INR 10,000(+ GST). 

    If you join the saasguru Salesforce  Bootcamp, you won’t have to go anywhere as you can learn from the comfort of your home. The classes will be held online, and so will the live 1:1 mentoring sessions.

    Anyone with a computer and an internet connection anywhere in the world can get trained on Salesforce admin, App builder and Development through our online learning Bootcamp specially designed to teach new students or people wanting to take up Salesforce as a career. You do not need a technical background or knowledge of Salesforce technology to begin learning through this Bootcamp.

    You can book your place by paying  INR 10,000(+ GST), and you will be enrolled in the Bootcamp program.

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