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Mason Frank’s Report Analysis of Salesforce Hiring Trends 2022

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Being a hot technology that is high in demand, Salesforce has been attracting professionals a lot lately. Salesforce aims to produce $859 billion in revenue and 3.3 million employment by 2022! According to some well-researched reports, many people are trying their hands on Salesforce, learning how to use it, and seeking jobs.

Become a Salesforce Certified Professional

So, if you are in a dilemma about whether to work with the Salesforce ecosystem or get a certification in Salesforce, here’s a chance to think seriously. The Mason Frank Careers and Hiring Guide 2021-22 by AFury bestows an ultimate guide to the latest careers and hiring trends in the Salesforce ecosystem – Mason Frank is the world’s leading Salesforce recruitment firm, having worked with over 6,000 companies in 87 countries to provide the top talent in the Salesforce ecosystem.

The Mason Frank report based on the survey information from 2,139 Salesforce professionals worldwide between August and October 2021 clearly states that the Salesforce certifications help professionals stand out in a competitive job market. Also, the demand for certified professionals soars high as it provides a quantifiable benchmark for employers to evaluate and compare skills. The report clearly gives a deep insight into the latest trends and sentiments from the Salesforce community across the globe. 

Do you still believe that advancing your Salesforce career is a challenging task that you will fail to complete? Do not worry! Proper training and certification preparation with a learners-first approach surely helps the aspirants upskill their knowledge.

The great thing about Salesforce is that you don’t need to know any programming languages when you start. Even if you have zero knowledge about Salesforce, you just need the skill, aptitude, and strong passion for the platform. And that’s why Mason Frank’s report proposes that more than half (52%) of respondents gained a certification, that too, during the pandemic and upskilled their knowledge and advanced their profession without a second thought. And they were not wrong as they confirmed the increase of the pay scale once they were certified. The employers are not reluctant to pay either, as they are investing in people who have the skill and updated knowledge of the best CRM available today in the market. 

Those that reported earning a salary increase post-certification received an average raise of 26%. And the crucial thing is that the employers are ready to contribute towards the cost of certifications in full as they genuinely agree that a certification enhances one’s skill to handle complex tasks easily, which automatically assures the best ROI. Read more on How Do Certifications Help Advance Your Career?

Survey participants were also asked to rate factors most likely to generate higher earning potential, and the years of technical experience with Salesforce topped the list as the most influential factor, the years of experience working for a partner organization being the weakest factor, and the Salesforce certification ranked one of the key factors in the list, to everyone’s surprise.  

Mason Frank’s report 2021-22 is so comprehensive that they have analysed the potential of Salesforce too and how satisfied the partner employees are. And according to their report, professionals might consider switching to salesforce partners for various reasons, including increased earning potential, the opportunity to enhance their Salesforce knowledge and skills, and more significant professional development opportunities.

Now, it is pretty clear that the growth rate of Salesforce is soaring high… Is it really necessary for you to wait thinking about switching your career towards Salesforce? As per the data collected by Mason Frank International, 75% of professionals believe that their employer champions equal rights when it comes to the Salesforce ecosystem. 

The report also has included a detailed list of Salesforce salaries that help the Salesforce professionals discover what others with similar experience and skill sets are making right now, allowing them to understand their market value better. Employers or recruiting managers also receive the data they need to benchmark, allowing them to plan budgets for the coming fiscal year.

Get your Salesforce Certifications on the first go

Salesforce is a popular product that has caused quite a stir in the tech world. And it’s super important that you take the initiative to choose the best platform for your training. Whether you’re looking for a learner-centric platform with certification tips, 1:1 mentoring, or recent updates on the latest product features and the way to achieve updated knowledge regarding the Salesforce platform, saasguru will be an ideal resource. Whether you are a seasoned professional who needs to upskill or a fresher who wishes to start their career with Salesforce, our expert panel of gurus is always ready to provide you with all the knowledge you require to proceed further.

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