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Salesforce App Builder Interview Questions 2022

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Salesforce App Builder Interview Questions 2022

With job opportunities available all across the world, Salesforce is one of the most sought-after profiles. You can choose from many certifications to steer your career as a Salesforce professional. One of these is the Salesforce App Builder or Salesforce application developer profile. To build a career in Salesforce, you should begin with Salesforce training.

Salesforce App Builder Interview Questions 2022

Salesforce has a market share of more than 40% in Cloud CRM and is a market leader today. The platform is rapidly expanding in the market. As a result, we’ve created this blog to enlighten you on the most common interview questions. 

In this article, we will take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions in the Salesforce app builder interview.

Likely Questions in App Builder Interview

Become a Salesforce Certified Professional

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The cornerstone of interview preparation is studying Salesforce app builder interview questions. If you are applying for a Salesforce Administrator or a Jr.Salesforce Developer job based on your Salesforce app builder training, you will be regarded as an expert in your field if you have figured out how to answer all these questions effectively in an interview. Being aware of Salesforce app builder interview questions gives you a competitive advantage and makes you knowledgeable about the market and its requirements.

Let’s check out some questions you might be asked during an interview for the Salesforce app builder role.

  1. What are the top three attributes you believe would be most useful to you in this position?
  2. What made you decide to apply to [company name]? How well-versed are you in our services?
  3. What’s your understanding of our business?
  4. Describe Salesforce.
  5. How does Salesforce benefit from SaaS?
  6. What are some advantages of Salesforce?
  7. List the key characteristics of Salesforce.
  8. What is a Salesforce dashboard?
  9. What distinguishes SOQL from SOSL?
  10. Tell us about some tools used to import data in Salesforce.
  11. Are and one and the same?
  12. What are the key advantages of Salesforce CRM?
  13.  What is Apex in Salesforce?
  14. What are the most common uses for Lightning App Builder?
  15. Can you explain how to use the Lightning App Builder to build an app from scratch?
  16. How would you create an app for a client using the Lightning App Builder?
  17. What is your preferred feature of the Lightning App builder?
  18. What was the major challenge you encountered when creating apps using Lightning App Builder?
  19. What is a Salesforce custom object?
  20. What is an overview of an Object Relationship?
  21. Is it possible to establish many-to-many self-relationships?
  22. Describe the restrictions associated with lookup, external lookup, and indirect lookup relationships.
  23. What can a user do with a custom object?
  24. What are Self-Relationships?
  25. How many master-detail relationships is it possible for a custom object to have?
  26. What is an Apex Trigger?
  27. How many different kinds of relationships does Salesforce offer?
  28. What is an object in Salesforce?
  29. What distinguishes static from dynamic dashboards?
  30. What do you mean when you say a Salesforce sandbox?
  31. What are the different types of Sandboxes?
  32. What are the different types of apps you can use in Salesforce?
  33. What is the platform?
  34. List out the different types of Apex triggers in Salesforce.
  35. Describe the bucket field in reports.
  36. What are dynamic dashboards, and how do you schedule them?
  37. Describe different types of sandboxes and what a sandbox in Salesforce is.
  38. Describe the various report types that Salesforce offers.
  39. What is Salesforce Lightning?
  40. Give two examples of Salesforce API and its usage.

Preparation is the Key to Success

Salesforce App Builder Interview Questions 2022

Along with the ones mentioned above, the interviewers could ask a lot more. I trust that you now have a clearer idea of what the interviewer might ask. If you wish to get prepared for these questions, do not hesitate to sign up with saasguru. It’s free. 

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