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Salesforce Associate Certification Exam Guide 2022

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New Salesforce Associate Certification Exam Guide 2022 by saasguru

Salesforce Associate Certification Exam Overview

New Salesforce Associate Certification Exam Guide 2022 by saasguru

Considering the massive demand for digital skills and cloud professionals, Salesforce is prepared to deliver professionals who are ready to perform different and new roles.

If we talk about the numbers in the cloud market, the requirement for digital skills will rise by more than 50% by 2025. 

So, intending to give more options and opportunities to the Trailblazers, Salesforce is back with a new certification- The Salesforce Associate Certification.

The blog will guide you through the details and insights of the new job role to help you make an intelligent decision about Salesforce career options.

The Salesforce Associate certification exam is created for Trailblazers as an entry-level certification with knowledge and in-depth understanding of the Salesforce Customer 360 platform. On the other hand, Salesforce professional-level certification is designed for professionals with years of experience, skills, and knowledge in a specific Salesforce role. 

The Salesforce Associate certification does not need maintenance like the other Salesforce certifications. It requires professionals to continue learning and explore Salesforce career paths, jobs, and professional certification options. This credential assists candidates in the Salesforce ecosystem because it authenticates your skills and assists you explore which Salesforce career path you want to pursue. 

Importance of Salesforce Associate Certification

Salesforce aspirants who are just starting their Salesforce journey can expect several benefits from the Salesforce Associate Certification:-

Become a Salesforce Certified Professional

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  • Having an in-depth knowledge of Salesforce is essential for multiple jobs. Now, the candidates are not obligated to be on the admin career path to gain the necessary expertise. The Salesforce Associate Certification fills a gap that was missing.
  • The credential is the perfect initiative for those who desire to go deeper into the Salesforce platform but lack the depth of experience required to earn the Admin certification. The certification exam will help candidates explore Salesforce while they are engaged in a job or studies. The Salesforce Admin cert can seem challenging to some candidates, and this certification is a step in the right direction.

Prerequisites for Taking the Salesforce Associate Certification Exam

The exam is designed for beginners who cannot reach the level of Salesforce Admin. So, there are no prerequisites for taking the Salesforce Associate Certification exam. But as a Certified Salesforce Associate, you should have a basic knowledge of how to solve customer data problems and connect departments using the integrated CRM platform. 

The candidate should also understand user administration, reporting, customization, sharing, and data management at a fundamental level. 

The good thing about this credential is that you don’t need technical expertise. 

Salesforce Associate Certification Ideal Candidate

The Salesforce Associate certification is suitable for professionals with 6 months of experience in Salesforce and who want to showcase their skills in the following fields:-

  • Solve business problems using the CRM platform
  • How to come up with solutions using Salesforce Customer 360
  • Significant Salesforce Platform terms
  • Foundational functionalities in the latest version of Salesforce at a basic level, like, reporting, security, sharing, gathering, and managing the data.

Exam Pattern of Salesforce Associate Certification

The Salesforce Associate Certification is the basic certification for beginners who want to start their career in Salesforce administration and development.

Salesforce Associate Certification 3

The exam consists of 40 questions divided into four sections:

Salesforce Associate Certification 2

1. Salesforce Ecosystem- 32%

  • Given a scenario, describe various resources available to learn and apply in-demand Salesforce skills.
  • Given a use case, identify which Salesforce Customer 360 product offerings could be used.
  • Describe how companies use Salesforce.
  • Differentiate between various job roles and career paths in the Salesforce ecosystem.

2. Navigation- 28%

  • Given a scenario, identify how a user can locate and access necessary information.
  • Given a scenario, identify where Salesforce customization takes place.

3. Data Model- 25%

  • Explain the relationship between the core standard objects (account, contact, lead, opportunity, case).
  • Given a scenario, determine which feature to use to ensure data visibility.
  • Given a scenario, determine which tool to use to ensure data integrity.

4. Reports and Dashboards- 15%

  • Describe reports on Salesforce.
  • Describe dashboards on Salesforce.

You must score at least 62% on a 40-question test to pass the exam in 70 minutes. Exams are administered under the supervision of a proctor either in person at a testing facility or online. 

The registration fee for the Salesforce Associate Certification exam is $75. If you fail the exam, you can retake it for free.

Tips to Prepare for the Salesforce Associate Certification Exam

  1. The exam is designed keeping in mind the knowledge and perspective of a beginner about the Salesforce platform. So, the first step of the certification exam should be to cover the topics from Trailhead. You must be aware of the syllabus and topics of the exam according to their weightage. Keeping the format and importance of each topic in mind, test your knowledge by giving as many practice exams as possible. Analyze your performance in the practice exams and work on the topics accordingly. 
  2. As a beginner, you can feel overwhelmed and alone. That is why we suggest you connect with the Trailblazer Community to connect with other learners. Also, join the saasguru Slack community to interact with seasoned Salesforce professionals and like-minded people to discuss your thoughts and concerns.
  3. To get hands-on experience as a beginner, Trailhead Playground is the perfect platform to take up hands-on challenges. It will help you learn new features and customizations.
  4. Join an online training course to streamline your preparation and study under the guidance of accomplished professionals. Multiple resources are available online. Choose a course based on your time and requirements, and ensure that the course provides topic tests and practice exams. Topic tests are beneficial for beginners because they help strengthen each concept. 

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Summing Up

The Salesforce Associate Certification is a great way to start your career with Salesforce certification. It’s vital for both newbies and experienced administrators who want to stay up to date on the latest product developments. You can also use it as an entry point into other Salesforce certifications, such as Sales Cloud Admin or Account Management Administrator, leading you toward higher-level jobs in the IT or Finance industry. Get ready for the Salesforce Associate Certification; sign up with saasguru, Now!

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