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Salesforce Connect: An Overview 2022

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Salesforce Connect : An Overview 2022

If you have kept track of the history of cloud computing programming, then you might already know how complicated it was to access data from one app to another in the old days. Remember when we had to move the data or run a complex integration between apps?

But those days are gone, and with improvement in science and technology and the revolution brought by the Salesforce ecosystem in the technical field, we now have Salesforce Connect as the messiah!

To give you a brief introduction to the overall idea, Salesforce Connect is a tool that lets you access and helps you share data across systems without going through elaborate and complex procedures. You have landed on the right blog if you have confusion regarding Salesforce Connect and its aim and objectives.

In today’s blog, as you have already understood by the title, we will give you an overview of Salesforce Connect, including brief information about everything you need to know about the tool.

What is Salesforce Connect?

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Salesforce Connect is a Salesforce feature that allows you to connect your Salesforce account to other applications. You can use it to connect your Salesforce account with applications like Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel, to name a few. Along with these portals, you also get the privilege to connect your social media platforms, including Slack with Salesforce Connect.

With Salesforce Connect, you can access your data directly inside another app without moving it or building an integration. This means that your teams can use the tools they want while staying connected because everyone is working off the same set of up-to-date information.

What are the benefits of using Salesforce Connect?

As we already told you, Salesforce Connect is a cloud-based integration tool that facilitates sharing of data between Salesforce and other applications. Salesforce Connect makes it easy to integrate data from Salesforce with other cloud applications. Hence, the user can enjoy a list of benefits with Salesforce Connect.

Users can easily connect their CRM data to the apps without writing any code or managing an additional database. They can do so with confidence that their information is secure. All due credit goes to Salesforce’s high-level security standards that users’ privacy has been made a priority.

It is also regarded as a simple procedure as you need absolutely no developers to process it.

The flexibility of Salesforce Connect deserves special mention. With Salesforce Connect, you can build apps for any system with an available connector like Microsoft Dynamics 365.

As it runs on the Salesforce Platform, a secure private network, your apps are more reliable than they would be if they were running on other public Cloud Platforms.

How does Salesforce Connect work?

Salesforce Connect is a data integration tool that connects multiple systems. It can be used to connect to other cloud services, other applications, or even other Salesforce instances through pre-built connectors, which are integrated and tested directly into the platform.

This setup aims to ensure that you can set up your integration in minutes without any coding required.

Salesforce Connect supports one-time data integrations where you want to move a lot of information at once, such as an entire production database down to individual records or even single fields.

How much does Salesforce Connect cost?

You can try out Salesforce Connect for free and get started with your first 15 records in only a few minutes. There are no setup or implementation fees, and the service is available on an annual subscription basis. Your monthly payment is based on the number of records you send and receive, which will continue to grow with your business.

You can use the free plan to manage up to five leads simultaneously. If your team needs more than this level of access, upgrade to either Pro or Premium plans.

With Salesforce cloud computing, data in one system can be accessible. You don’t have to move data or run a complex integration between systems. Instead, you create an app that can read and write from any platform for which a connector exists.

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We hope this overview of the Salesforce Connect tool has helped you understand why it’s an excellent option for your business or organisation. If you have any questions, we are just one sign-up away from helping you solve your problem. You can also join our slack channel, where you can directly communicate with our gurus and seasoned Salesforce professionals 24×7.

Good luck! Hope to see you inside soon.

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