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Salesforce Developer Salary in India 2022

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Salesforce Developer Salary in India 2022

Are you willing to be a Salesforce Developer in 2022 and are perplexed whether it will be beneficial for you in upscaling not only your career but your bank balance too? 

You have landed on the right blog! We will tell you everything about the Salesforce Developer Salary in India 2022 to remove all the clouds from your mind and give you clarity of thought. 

What do you think we should pursue a Salesforce developer job in 2022, and what factors affect the salary of Salesforce Developers in India?

Here is all you need to know about Salesforce Developer Salary in India 2022. 

Why be a Salesforce Developer in 2022?

Salesforce Developers get high-paying jobs and are ranked under the top 10 highest-paid Salesforce jobs globally. Their role in building a brand and attracting customers is immense. 

A Salesforce developer is a person who designs how an app would look and function and implements those designs in building the app for the customers to use. This might seem easy, but it takes a critical customer data analysis, in-depth research, and multiple programming to determine the best design. 

A developer manages and maintains a good rapport between the customer and the company. He is also responsible for improving the relationship with clients to improve the company’s sales by being a crucial contributor to the technical team.

We hope you understand why a Salesforce developer is paid a handsome salary per annum. These are why Salesforce Developers are in demand and why you should become one in 2022 before the field gets saturated. 

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Salesforce Developers’ Salary in India 

Become a Salesforce Certified Professional

The average salary of a Salesforce Developer in India ranges from Rs. 5,00,000 per annum to Rs. 25,00,000 per annum. While the entry-level Salesforce Developers with minimal experience earn around 5 lakh per annum or less, the Senior Salesforce and Associate Developers earn 25 lakh and above per annum. 

Several factors influence the salary an individual having Salesforce Developer Certification can earn. Let us now know about 2 significant factors among all of them in detail. 

Here are the factors affecting Salesforce Developers’ Salary in India:

1. Salary Based on Location

One of the most crucial factors that decide the amount of wage a Salesforce Developer will be paid in a year is the job location. India is a diverse country; every state has a different lifestyle and miscellaneous expenses of livelihood. Hence, your LPA will decide which part of the country you are based in, apart from the other factors. 

For example, Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India, has a posh lifestyle, and the average money needs to survive there is Rs. 30,000/- per month. Hence, a Salesforce Developer based in Bangalore gets 26.4% more salary than the national average. 

On the other hand, though known as the satellite capital of Delhi, Noida pays 23.2% less salary than the whole of India to the Salesforce Developers based there. 

Surprisingly, Pune and Mumbai, parts of the same state of Maharashtra, have different salary percentages. Where Pune pays 3.5% more salary, Mumbai pays 4.4% less than the Indian average. Similarly, Hyderabad, Kolkata, New Delhi, and all other states have their distinct range of salaries depending on the credibility of the Salesforce Developers.

2. Salary Based on Company 

The salary you will be compensated with depends mainly on the company you are employed by. The big giants of the IT industry, having more customers and sales than the emerging brands, pays a comparatively higher salary than the other companies, which have fewer customers. Moreover, the responsibilities of a Salesforce Developer are more technical in Fortune 500 companies compared to small enterprises. 

For example, UST Global Inc. ranks first in the highest paying Salesforce Developer jobs with an LPA of 10 lakh. Deloitte India and Cognizant are the companies that pay their Salesforce Developers the second and third highest salaries among all the other companies. Deloitte allots 6.50 lakh per year for a fresh developer, and Cognizant pays 6.12 lakh per year to a beginner with at least 1 year of experience.

Capgemini and HCL Technologies Ltd. come fourth and fifth in the highest paying developer jobs with an annual payment of 5.62 lakh and 5.45 lakh, respectively. Accenture ranks the sixth position that pays 4.16-4.66 lakhs to its Salesforce Developers, depending on their experience. 


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We hope this blog was helpful for you to figure out the Salesforce Developer Salary in India 2022. 

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