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Salesforce Experience Cloud Tutorial

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Salesforce Experience Cloud Tutorial

Are you a Salesforce Experience Cloud Certification aspirant willing to scale your career as an Experience Cloud expert in Salesforce? Then, this is a blog you must read! This blog will show what Salesforce Experience Cloud is and why you need it.

Experience Cloud is an online social platform that connects businesses, customers, partners, and employees — as well as the data and records they need to do their jobs. With Experience Cloud, companies can better serve customers, close deals faster, and complete tasks in real-time. 

Salesforce Experience Cloud is a highly effective tool for businesses to scale themselves and digitize their actions by creating a virtual world. 

What is Salesforce Experience Cloud? 

Salesforce Experience Cloud is a Salesforce-integrated platform that allows you to create online communities and serve as a point of contact for customers, business partners, or employees.

In other words, your business may create a customized corporate virtual world using Experience Cloud that reflects your brand. Additionally, it allows digitizing company procedures to match the state of contactless alternatives today.

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This has been made possible by combining elements from the Salesforce range of online apps, including Experience Builder, Salesforce CMS, and Mobile Publisher. Businesses may simply produce and provide tailored content with these and deliver it through websites, portals, mobile applications, and stores.

Why Do You Need the Salesforce Experience Cloud?

1. Cutting Down on Churn

Any company adopting a recurring revenue model has to reduce the loss rate of current customers, which may be done by leveraging the customer360 platform of Salesforce Experience Cloud. Engaging with the clients frequently is a specific approach to lower this turnover. Salesforce Experience Cloud provides a gateway so that you may accomplish it successfully. You may expose actions, records, objects, and fields you want your consumers to see and interact with real-time data.

2. Getting Remote Workers on Board

When it comes to motivating employees in a post-pandemic workplace, it is more important than ever. The ability for workers to interact with HR and work together on workflows that don’t require typical CRM capability is one of the benefits of the Salesforce Experience Cloud as a portal.

3. Simplified Application Development

In addition to websites, you can create applications using the Salesforce platform. An internal application can be simply created for whatever needs you have, and you may provide other groups access to specific capabilities to make it external facing.

4. Support and Advocacy Cases

The Salesforce Experience Cloud may function as a platform for self-service customer assistance. Users of the site may search for solutions to issues and use it as a knowledge base to get answers from other community members. Additionally, you will see a noticeable boost in service metrics, including first contact resolution rates, phone volume, average handling time, and chat volumes.

5. Establishing Commerce Channels

Salesforce Experience Cloud’s benefits can replace traditional commerce channels for all retail enterprises. Consumers can sell and conduct business with customers online using their respective commerce portals.

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6. Data Expansion for CRM

You may display all of the data in the Salesforce CRM to various users by using the Salesforce Experience Cloud. Security and scalability are guaranteed by the partners, clients, and staff. Additionally, you may choose the sort of information to provide to each category of community user. It can be done using a community license, which is far less expensive than a Salesforce license.

7. Enhancing the User Experience

Users may enjoy a more fluid experience thanks to Experience Cloud. However, providing linked digital knowledge also falls under the current trends in customer relationship management.

Summing Up

You can create communities to develop deeper relationships with customers or to provide better service by allowing customers to find information and assist one another online. 

Delivering fast and personalized digital experiences, excellent client engagement, practical analysis, and optimization, as well as enhanced security and simple data integration, are all critical features of Experience Cloud. 

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