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Online Proctoring – Complete Your Salesforce Exam Remotely

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Online Proctoring - Complete Your Salesforce Exam Remotely

In the digital era, where everyone and every organization is shifting its data, work, and management online, Online Proctoring is the hottest topic for tech savvies.

Aspirants wanting to build a career in Salesforce are from different regions of the world. And thanks to the internet, almost everything is accessible from the comfort of your home. There’s no rush to find coaching centers, buy good books, and cover a vast distance to attend an exam or a lecture.

Having said that, the guide will help you understand everything about Online Proctoring while you prepare for your Salesforce certification exam.

What is Online Proctoring?

Online Proctoring allows you to give the Salesforce certification exam remotely from your setup instead of going into an examination center. Online proctored exams are designed on Kryterion’s Sentinel Secure Software, which assists in monitoring the exam by a proctor through a webcam. The guide will provide the necessary information for your testing environment and Mac computer. 

What are the Steps to Take Before Scheduling Your Exam?

There are some steps you need to take care of; otherwise, you may not be able to launch your exam on time, and you might have to pay a cancellation fee or reschedule it. 

Become a Salesforce Certified Professional

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  1. Once you install the Sentinel Secure Software to prepare your biometric profile and start your exam, you cannot use any application or files on your system.
  2. So, it is advised that you take out a hard copy of essential instructions or read them on a different device. 
  3. When the exam starts, you must remove the study material and all other relevant material from your testing area. 
  4. To ensure the successful launch of the Online exam, Salesforce will release an exam pre-check procedure. The process will have to be completed before starting an online-proctored exam. Exam pre-checks will include the following steps:-

a. Authenticate your profile with a government-issued photo ID (it should match the name on your account). You can change the name on your Webassessor account with the help of Trailhead. 

b. Complete the room check before starting the exam. 

 Dedicating at least 10-15 minutes to finish this process and start your exam is advisable. The new process will not impact the time you have to submit the exam. 

Steps to Follow to Ensure a Safe Testing Environment

To ensure that the testing environment is secure, your surrounding area should fulfill the following requirements:-

  1. The testing environment should be well-lit, quiet, and isolated from any other activity.
  2. It should be cluttered-free and have only equipment and things approved in the Online Proctoring Guide. Ensure to turn around or cover the extra monitors and other electronic devices.
  3. Only the candidate is allowed in the testing environment. 

How to Take Notes During the Online Proctored Exam?

Like the offline exam experience, virtual notes will be available for the candidates. They will be able to take notes while attending the online proctored exam. 

On starting the exam, the notes option will be available automatically on the right side of the screen. You can select to use it or minimize it. You won’t be able to save the notes after submitting the exam or if the exam is relaunched or paused for any reason. You cannot copy and paste the notes from or into the notes section.

Online Proctoring Exam Policy

Salesforce Certification Program Candidates should:-

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  1. Stick to the proctor’s requests during the certification exam
  2. Stay in the camera view during the exam
  3. Ensure that the testing environment is created as per the ‘Testing Environment’ section of Salesforce
  4. Candidates are prohibited from whispering or shouting the exam content aloud while attending the exam.
  5. Candidates cannot leave the testing environment before the time is up.
  6. Turning off the camera is strictly prohibited.
  7. Wearing earphones, smartwatches, and headphones are not allowed.
  8. Candidates are forbidden from eating, drinking, or smoking during the exam.
  9. Wearing anything that covers the face is not permitted.

Summing Up

As a recent update from Salesforce, the online proctored exam now requires an ID check, and the first name should match the first name on the ID of the candidate.

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