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Salesforce Online Training In Chennai

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Salesforce Online Training In Chennai

Salesforce Online Training

The Salesforce certification training in Chennai provides a comprehensive plan for learning and mastering Salesforce skills. The institutes that provide online and offline Salesforce training in Chennai are well equipped to deliver the best quality content, that too, with the help of industry professionals who have hands-on experience in Salesforce and in creating certification courses.

The Salesforce training is integral to the candidate’s certification process because it provides an overview of the Salesforce platform and prepares you for your dream job. 

Course Highlights

The Salesforce training courses cover foundational concepts of the Salesforce platform outlined in the Salesforce exam guide. The courses are created for beginners and experienced professionals who want to move up the ladder in the Salesforce ecosystem. Depending on the interest and preference, the candidate can enroll in the courses best suited for their career and certification preparation. 

The training course follows an easy and structured approach where the learners are provided with the study material, mock exams, flashcards, and revision modules. 

Salesforce Certification Preparation Programs We Offer

The saasguru Salesforce training programs bridge the gap between learning and certification. The courses are created by gurus who are well-versed in Salesforce and other CRM technologies and are busy creating courses for AWS, IBM, Microsoft, etc., along with Salesforce.

The courses follow a learner-friendly approach and offer many options ranging from Salesforce Administrator training to the Salesforce Platform App Builder. 

1. Salesforce Administrator Training

The Salesforce Admin Training program focuses on individuals keen to learn Salesforce skills necessary to support their organizations with more features and capabilities. The training course covers essential concepts like Configuration and Setup, Sales and Marketing Applications, Productivity and Collaboration, etc. 

The candidates will have access to the Slack community, program upgrades, and mentoring sessions. 

2. Salesforce Platform Developer 1 Training

The Salesforce Platform Developer 1 Training course is created for professionals who know about deploying and developing custom applications and business logic on the Lightning platform. The candidate must have a solid understanding of Apex and Visualforce, so the training program focuses on teaching programming knowledge and other essential concepts. 

The learner gets well acquainted with the technical aspects by solving topic tests on the platform and revising the concepts through flashcards.

3. Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant Training

The Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant Training program is designed for individuals who have experience implementing Sales Cloud Solutions and can develop scalable and maintainable Sales Cloud Solutions that lead to long-term customer satisfaction. 

The program is curated to ensure that learners are well-versed in Sales Processes, Lead Management, Implementation Strategies, etc. 

4. Salesforce Service Cloud Consultant Training

The Salesforce Service Cloud Consultant Training focuses on professionals who have prior knowledge of the implementation of the Service Cloud Solutions. The aspirant must know how to build and design Service Cloud solutions that are maintainable, scalable, and meet customer requirements. The course will help you prepare for the certification exam and obtain the certification on your first attempt. 

5. Salesforce Experience Cloud Consultant Training

The Salesforce Experience Cloud Consultant Training program is created for those who can showcase their skills in configuring, designing, and implementing Experience Cloud solutions on the Lightning platform. The course prepares the candidate to deal with questions ranging from scenario-based to tricky MCQs and organizes their preparation. 

6. Salesforce Platform App Builder Training

The Salesforce Platform App Builder training course is prepared for professionals who know how to build, design, and deploy custom apps on the Lightning platform. This certification suits professional who want to develop apps using clicks instead of code. So, the course covers everything required to understand the declarative capabilities of the lightning platform. 

Salesforce Bootcamp

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Job Opportunities After Completing the Salesforce Training

Once you complete the Salesforce training and earn the certification, there will be a lot of opportunities waiting for you in Chennai and all over the world. The Salesforce platform is expanding its base globally, and organizations are opening doors to Salesforce professionals to manage their customer data in the cloud. 

Depending on your background and the certifications you hold, you can start your Salesforce career as an Admin and later get the higher-level certifications to be in the role of Advanced Admin, Developer, Consultant, or Architect. 

Why Salesforce Online Training at saasguru?

The saasguru platform is packed with smart tech learning content and material. The platform not only focuses on delivering the crucial knowledge for the certification preparation but also ensures that the candidates test their readiness with the help of topic tests, mock exams, and practice tests. 

The study modules and courses are created by industry experts who also prepare content for companies like IBM, Microsoft, AWS, etc. So, you can trust the quality and authenticity of the content and the courses and focus on revising them with the help of quizzes and practice tests. 

To make sure that the learner is connected with the community and fellow learners, the saasguru Slack Community is there to keep you motivated and clear your doubts. Not to forget the mentoring sessions you can schedule anytime you feel lost or confused. 

The quality of practice tests matters a lot because in the era of the tech world where there’s plenty of material available everywhere, saasguru promises tested and good quality practice tests provided with explanation. And the difficulty level of the practice exams is the same as the actual exam. The learners can mark questions for review and revision and get their exam readiness score which helps them analyze their progress. 

To Sum Up

If you dream of a Salesforce job and living in Chennai, browse courses on saasguru based on your interest and start your Salesforce training online from the comfort of your home. As a learner, you will get a complete package of mock exams and modules while focusing on giving your best. Sign Up now!

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