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How Slack Canvas Will Transform Your Digital HQ?

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How Slack Canvas Will Transform Your Digital HQ?

One of the most popular announcements at Dreamforce 22′ is regarding Slack introducing Slack Canvas. Slack Canvas is a new platform where employees can organize, create, and share crucial information. 

Suppose organizations integrate Salesforce Customer 360 and the new Slack Platform. In that case, Canvases provide real-time communication, helping teams bring the data that the organization requires from the data system and automate essential workflows with forms and buttons. 

It is the brand’s new way to help organizations stay organized, productive, and aligned in Slack. As per Ali Rayl, Senior Vice President of Product Management at Slack, the vision and features of Slack Canvas will be available next year. 

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Understanding Everything About Slack Canvas

  • Slack Canvas is where information is captured and shared with the team when the work is in progress between Slack digital Headquarters and your organization. 
  • It is the platform where all your team’s crucial information and resources are captured and put together. Some of that information is already in Slack, like profiles of your co-workers, apps, workflows, and messages. Other parts of the data are stored in different apps and tools the organization regularly uses, whether in another software or developed in-house.
  • One of the fantastic features of Canvas is that any professional, whether in marketing, sales, or design, can develop a canvas that suits their team’s needs. It can include campaign planning, updating sales accounts, project planning, etc. Canvases will help organizations put all the rich data and content together- so teams don’t have to waste time searching and can focus on moving forward. 
  • Since they established their platform, Canvas has been on the list of objectives of Slack. Slack constantly desired a platform for a static and persistent flow of information because data is the most crucial part of the customer experience. Slack wanted a platform to help teams work smarter, better, and faster. 

How Canvas Enhances the Digital HQ?

The pandemic has changed our perspective on data. Every business conducts its plan based on digital technology. It made us realize that we have always had a digital headquarters to store every information of dozens of services. Organizations realized that the concept of an actual physical headquarter is a mirage.

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It is no secret now that the digital infrastructure is the supporting pillar upholding all the companies, and Slack, as the digital HQ, is key to it. Canvases improve real-time collaboration in Slack channels by providing a platform to organize, strategize, and exchange information of every kind that makes the team more efficient and productive.

With Slack Canvas, anybody can connect their dashboard records in one place, providing an interactive view of the data to the teams. 

Slack Canvas will Integrate Tools and Apps

The slack platform wants to ensure that Slack Canvas is capable of utilizing the full power of Slack. The app directory of Slack has more than 2,500 apps and many custom apps developed to satisfy business needs with the help of a workflow builder. 

So, the objective is that if the app works in Slack, it will eventually run in Canvases.

Slack Canvas increases productivity by providing features like Slack huddles capabilities involving multi-person sharing, videos, message threads, and more. The New Slack platform increases time-to-value for automation.

Slack Canvas Accelerates Team Selling

Slack Canvas will support the sales teams to accelerate productivity and effectiveness and grab more deals by analyzing key customer insights. Each account channel has a specific canvas that stores crucial information the entire account team requires to update and use. 

User benefits:-

  • Exchanging crucial files, like team contacts, executive briefing docs, and account plans. 
  • Developing a list of essential channels that requires reference to assist their account
  • Executing common workflows, like raising a customer issue to the tech team or updating requests
  • Viewing opportunity data, the usage, and time spent from Salesforce Sales Cloud. 

Slack Canvas Streamline Service Agent Onboarding

In Slack Canvas, managers can create a checklist of tasks for new service agents to finish within a week, like becoming a member of various channels with the click of a button, reading files, and watching training videos. Managers can also integrate automated workflows to achieve tasks without leaving Canvas.

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Once the new agent picks up the speed, he can embed the data from the Salesforce Sales Cloud to Tableau dashboards to view the customer opinions from various channels.

Drive Better Campaigns with Slack Canvas

Slack helps marketing companies provide end-to-end data-driven campaigns to their partners and teams. Marketing companies can pair a Canvas to a Slack Connect project; members can customize every campaign step by overviewing all files, content, and data. It helps companies run the campaigns strategically, and every step of the campaign would be based on customer insights. So, Slack Canvas will boost the campaign performance by increasing customer engagement based on the data insights.

Summing Up

With new tools and innovation, Salesforce is becoming popular and providing solutions to business issues related to data management and sharing. 

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