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AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner CLF C01 Course

6k+ Satisfied Learners

61 Tasks

3 Mocks

4 Topics

239 Flash Cards

35 Hours

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner CLF C01 Course

6k+ Satisfied Learners

35 Hours

Learning Time

61 Tasks

Study Plan

3 Mock


4 Topic


239 Flash Cards

AWS CLF C01 Course Overview

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner course is intended for anyone who has basic knowledge of the AWS platform. Before taking the exam, we recommend you have six months of exposure to the AWS Cloud, basic understanding of IT services and their uses in the AWS Cloud platform, knowledge of core AWS services, and how cloud impacts your business.

Key Features

Study Plan Content

1 : AWS Cloud and Value Proposition
2 : AWS Cloud Economics
3 : Cloud Architecture Design Principles
1 : AWS Shared Responsibility Model
2 : AWS Cloud Security and Compliance
3 : AWS Access Management Capabilities
4 : Security Support Resources
1 : Deployment and Operations in AWS
2 : AWS Global Infrastructure
3 : Core AWS Services
4 : Technology Support
1: AWS Pricing Model
2: Account Structures for AWS Billing and Pricing
3: Billing Support


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    AWS Practitioner Course (FAQs)

    Everything you need to know about the saasguru

    The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner (AWS CLF C01) exam is created for individuals who can showcase their understanding of AWS cloud independent of the specific technical job role. The AWS CLF C01 exam authenticates that the candidate is well versed with concepts like security best practices, value of AWS cloud, and core AWS services.

    The AWS Cloud Practitioner certification exam is considered one of the easiest and foundational level exams. It is also cloud-beginner friendly because it deals with the basics of the cloud and AWS. The certification exam doesn’t require any technical experience as a prerequisite.

    Beginners with no prior knowledge of AWS can learn AWS cloud practitioner credential. If you are a beginner and looking for a way to build a career around AWS cloud, you can start with the saasguru AWS Cloud Practitioner certification preparation course that covers all the basic concepts to ensure that the learners are well prepared and have adequate knowledge to obtain the AWS Cloud Practitioner certification.

    The two test providers offer AWS Certification tests; Pearson VUE and PSI. Candidates can select from these options based on their location and preference for an online proctor or a testing centre. You must connect with a proctor to finish an online-proctored appointment. Both Pearson VUE and PSI offer online English proctoring. PSI provides online proctoring in Mandarin as well as English, whereas Pearson VUE provides online proctoring in Japanese in addition to English.

    Including the applicable taxes based on the locality of the candidate, the fee for taking the AWS CCP exam is $100. And the Amazon practice exam costs $20.

    In 2019, Amazon announced that the candidates can now appear for the AWS CCP exam from the comfort of their homes. Amazon conducts and monitors the exam through the candidates’ webcams.

    The AWS cloud practitioner certification exam is the easiest of all AWS cert exams because it focuses on the fundamental knowledge of the AWS platform and its services.

    To beginners, it might seem a little overwhelming to start the cert prep, but it is achievable with constant efforts and the right resources.

    The on-demand courses of AWS certified cloud practitioner course help you gain the knowledge and foundations of the AWS cloud, regardless of your role. In the saasguru AWS certified cloud practitioner course, you will be guided through a recommended curriculum created by industry experts. The course provides flashcards, mentoring, assessment tools, and mock exams. After completing the course, you will better know the AWS cloud services, benefits, security, and pricing.

    If we talk about AWS cloud practitioner training cost, it differs depending on the features of the training program. If you opt for a full study program with sufficient and good quality mock exams, personalized study plan, mentoring sessions, and assessment tools, then it would cost a little more than the study plan with only a few mock exams that costs around 1100 INR. The study plans with at least 5 mock exams, mentoring, and flashcards are the best to ace the certification prep.

    Saasguru provides a course for the AWS cloud practitioner exam that covers core topics about the AWS cloud. The course has 35 hours of learning time. After the completion of the course, the learners would be able to ace the questions related to cloud concepts, security, billing and pricing, and other foundational topics.

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