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Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant Certification Course

500+ Satisfied Learners

79 Tasks

3 Mock

10 Topic

351 Flash Cards

22 Hours

Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant Certification Course

500+ Satisfied Learners

22 Hours

Learning Time

79 Tasks

Study Plan

3 Mock


10 Topic


351 Flash Cards

Sales Cloud Consultant Course Overview

The Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant credential is designed for those who have experience implementing Sales Cloud solutions in a customer-facing role. Candidates should be able to successfully design and implement Sales Cloud solutions that are maintainable and scalable and contribute to long-term customer success. The Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant Certification Course is for you to help prepare for the Sales Cloud Consultant exam and increase your chances of passing the exam on the first attempt.

Key Features

Study Plan Content

1:  Sales Metrics and Business Challenges
2: Common Sales Processes
3: Sales Cloud Features
1:  Successful Project Consulting and Delivery
2: Sales Deployment Considerations
3: Measure Project Success
1:  End-to-End Sales Process
2: Solution Design Considerations
3: Team Selling
4: Enterprise Territory Management
5: Forecasting
6: Sales Cloud Core Design Considerations
7: Multi Currency Management
1:  Campaigns and Sales Process
2: Lead Qualification
3: Lead Quality
1:  Account & Contacts Ownership and Related Access
2: Accounts, Person Accounts, Contacts, and Opportunities Access
3: Account Hierarchy
1:  Sales Processes
2: Forecast Category
1:  Email Productivity Tools
2: Collaboration Tools
3: Sales Cloud Productivity Tools
1:  Analyze and Prioritize Requirements
2: Consulting Project Lifecycle
1: Sales Metrics, Reports & Dashboards
1:  Sales Cloud Integration Considerations
2: Data Migration Considerations
3: Large Data Volumes
4: Data Exchange between Salesforce organizations


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If you want to pass your Salesforce certification, I will recommend you saasguru. It helped me enormously to get ready for the exam

Sara B Sony Professional Solutions Europe, United Kingdom

Thanks saasguru for such an amazing certification preparation plan and mock examinations. Kudos to you saasguru

Vrunda Patel Revolent Group, Greater Toronto Area, Canada

Finally..Salesforce Certified Administrator Thank you saasguru for providing amazing guidance and study material which help me in clearing the examination in my very first attempt.

Sarthak Agarwal Cognizant, India

Thank you saasguru for the certification preparation plan and mock examinations

Sandesh Ghimire Revolent Group, Greater Toronto Area, Canada

Thanks saasguru for preparing me for the Salesforce Admin Exam!

Jasdip Sohi Revolent Group, Greater Toronto Area, Canada

Happy to have this in the bag. Thanks to Amit Choudhary and the team saasguru and the awesome platform they have built to help guys studying for certs, worth checking out

Dan Edwards Vera Solutions, South Africa

Happy to report that I completed the Salesforce Cert goal! Thank you saasguru for their study material

Eric Sebastian Self Employed, Virginia USA

I am proud to announce that I am now a Salesforce Certified System Administrator. Thank you for the excellent study material saasguru

Stefan Gavric Vivant, Bosnia and Herzegovina

The team at saasguru thank you for the excellent study materials and revision test

Edith Kemboi Asset Compliance Inc, Kenya
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    Salesforce Sales Cloud Certification Course (FAQs)

    Everything you need to know about the saasguru

    The Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant certification is for professionals who have implemented Sales Cloud products in a customer-facing position. Candidates should build and implement scalable and maintainable Sales Cloud solutions that result in long-term customer success.

    Follow the exam guide and thoroughly prepare for the Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant Cert exam. Candidates should check the modules and materials covered in the course and use the Trailhead modules and mock examinations to help them prepare. Give the exam once you understand all of the essential concepts.

    The first attempt at the Sales Cloud Consultant Certification costs $200, and the retake costs $100.

    Although the Sales Cloud Consultant Certification is not an easy exam, candidates can clear it in the first attempt. The difficulty level depends on the learner’s study materials, ability to grasp topics, and confidence. Of course, choosing an appropriate online learning platform is a massive help in preparing for the Sales Cloud Consultant certification.

    You can pass the Cloud Sales Exam by keeping updated with the latest exam syllabus through trailhead. You may also engage with several other learners and experts by joining Slack communities. Attempting as many mock tests as possible is also beneficial as it will give you an idea of how the exam would be and build your confidence.

    The saasguru Salesforce sales cloud consultant certification course contains exam topics, including sales practices, implementation strategies, lead management, data management, etc. The training will teach you the essentials of Salesforce sales cloud consulting. Learners also enjoy free access to the community and are mentored by industry experts.

    Prices are usually determined by the features of the course you select. The ideal way to ace the certification prep is to use study plans that include at least five mock examinations, mentorship, and flashcards. A complete study program with enough high-quality mock tests, tailored study plans, mentorship sessions, and assessment tools will cost somewhat more than a study plan with only a few mock exams, which will cost roughly 1100 INR.

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