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Salesforce Platform
Developer 1 Certification Exam Prep

4.5k Satisfied Learners

66 Tasks

6 Mock

5 Topic

242 Flash Cards

59 Hours

Salesforce Platform Developer 1
Certification Exam Prep

4.5k Satisfied Learners

59 Hours

Learning Time

66 Tasks

Study Plan

6 Mock


5 Topic


242 Flash Cards

Course Overview

The Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I credential is designed for those who understand how to develop and deploy custom business logic and custom interfaces using the programmatic capabilities of the Lightning Platform. In addition, they know when to use declarative versus programmatic methods and can extend the Lightning Platform using Apex and Visualforce. This course is for you to help prepare for the Salesforce Platform Developer I exam and increase your chances of passing the exam on the first attempt.

Key Features

Study Plan Content

1:  Platform Basics: Multi tenant, MVC, Metadata etc.
2: Programmatic Customizations
3: Declarative vs. Programmatic Customization
1:  Object Model
2: Object Relationships & Schema Builder
3: Data Management
4: Formula and Roll-Up Summary fields
1:  Declarative Automations
2: Apex Triggers
3: Variables, Data Types and Methods
4: Control Flow Statements
5: Understand Asynchronous Processing
6: Working with SOQL, SOSL and DML Statements
7: Apex Transactions & Governor limits
8: Order of Execution
9: Security Vulnerabilities
10: Exception Handling
11:  Platform Events
12: Declarative Automations and Apex
1:  Data Security Vulnerabilities
2: Visualforce Pages
3: Visualforce and Lightning Platform
4: Lightning Web Components
5: User Interface Components - Lightning, Flow and VF
6: LWC and Aura Component Events
7: Apex Interactions with Different Page Types
1:  Writing Apex Unit Test
2: Apex Anonymous Code and Unit Tests
3: Debugging System Issues and Monitoring
4: Deployment
5: Salesforce Developer Tools


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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the saasguru

The best certification for Salesforce Developers varies from person to person depending on their skillset and experience and their choice of interest. However, the best credentials to begin your career as a Salesforce Developer are the Salesforce Platform App Builder Certification and the Salesforce Platform Developer 1 Certification.

The PD1 Certification in Salesforce is designed for those professionals who possess the required skills to create custom applications and have the necessary knowledge to build and deploy those applications and maintain them. PD1 certification verifies an individual to have the skills to use Visulaforce and Apex for infrastructural development.

Getting started as a Salesforce Developer with the PD1 certification is ideal and easier to achieve as a beginner. To become a certified Salesforce Platform Developer 1 professional, you need to follow these steps: 

  • Build the skillset 
  • Fulfill the prerequisites required for the certification 
  • Prepare for the certification exam
  • Achieve the PD1 certificate 
  • Get into an internship and earn experience 
  • Keep climbing higher as a PD1 developer

The PD1 certification in Salesforce is worth $200, making it 15,540 INR. However, anyone who fails at their first attempt and is a second-time aspirant would only need to pay $100 for the exam, 7,770 INR.

The Salesforce Platform Developer 1 certification is quite a task to crack. As you know, Salesforce Developers are among the top 10 highest-paid jobs in the IT universe. Hence, becoming a part of this reputed profession is not very easy. However, it is not rocket science either. Complete dedication of time and effort and the right kind of guidance will help you crack the Salesforce Platform Developer 1 certification with difficulty.

The secret to passing the Salesforce PD1 exam is to prepare for the exam in the best possible way. You need to follow the following steps to get the best result: 

  • Know the fundamental concepts 
  • Understand the exam strategy 
  • Read the study guide well 
  • Become a trailhead 
  • Train yourself under a trusted source 
  • Practice as much as possible

Salesforce PD1 course is a training given to an aspirant who wishes to achieve the certification without facing any difficulty due to lack of resources or study materials. A course in PD1 will ensure you crack the exam on your first go and achieve the certification with an excellent percentage.

The cost of the training programme varies depending on the course features you select. The average cost of the ServiceNow Certified System Administrator training programme, which includes at least 5 mock tests, mentoring, flashcards, and evaluation tools, is slightly higher than the study plan with only a few mock exams, which starts at 1100 INR.

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