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How High Is The Demand For AWS Certified Professionals Right Now?

Amazon’s cloud computing platform, Amazon Web Services (commonly referred to as “AWS”), is all set to create a revolution in the tech industry. It has become the world’s most advanced and widely acknowledged cloud platform, with over 200 fully-featured services delivered from data centres all around the world. The AWS platform is being used by millions of clients across the globe to achieve the best possible productivity that every organization yearns for.

Since the platform is taking the tech world by storm, the opportunities for certified AWS professionals are on the higher side than ever before. AWS certifications verify a candidate’s knowledge in the AWS Cloud. AWS is providing 11 certifications, categorized into 4 levels. The basic and one of the most relevant certifications among the 11 is AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification.

The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam verifies your fundamental knowledge of AWS and cloud computing. Employers discover competent employees to lead their AWS cloud initiatives with high pay. Explore more about the salary structure of AWS Certified Cloud Practitioners. Undoubtedly, learners gain reputation and confidence by demonstrating their cloud experience with an industry-recognized valid certificate. Organizations seek professionals who can help them change their companies by using the cloud. AWS Certification and Training will help you improve your abilities to get the most out of cloud computing.

AWS Certification Training 

Finding the best and most dependable ways to earn certification is undoubtedly a huge problem. Although AWS official website provides all the necessary details, there is nothing better than a personalized study platform with well-curated content, n number of practice tests, and 1:1 mentoring with seasoned tech gurus. Although there are 11 certification credentials available in AWS, the basic certification provided by AWS is Cloud Practitioner certification.

The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner credential is extremely valuable for aspirants planning to start a career in the cloud, even if they haven’t any experience in this field. Since Amazon is completely dominating the cloud industry, the popularity of cloud computing is rising, and it would be hugely beneficial to your career if you could demonstrate your cloud knowledge by obtaining this certification. 

If you have set your mind to explore AWS, do not think twice about taking the AWS Cloud Practitioner Exam. Getting certified simply means weighing up yourself in the competitive job market. 

Explore saasguru and get to know why saasguru is significant in your journey from training to certification. We don’t want to take chances, do we?

AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification Exam Syllabus

The AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification exam consists of the below major topics. The weightage for each topic can be noted below. 

  1. Cloud Concepts – 28%
  2. Security and Compliance – 24%
  3. Technology – 36%
  4. Billing and pricing – 12%

Explore the detailed syllabus here

AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification Exam Syllabus


Why saasguru for AWS Certification Training Online?

Training is sometimes disregarded or undervalued, but this should not be the case. Getting trained from the right platform ensures that you are thorough with the basics, have covered the up-to-date information, take practice tests consistently, and understand the areas we need to focus on. 

Certification demonstrates that you are up to date on the most in-demand skillsets to advance your profession. The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner training content has been well researched and curated by our qualified and seasoned AWS professionals. You can also get the content directly in your inbox by just signing up with saasguru –  absolutely for free! Dream about the career growth you achieve with this credential with the right training, including weekly practice exams, revisions, daily topic quizzes, mentorship programs, and much more.

  • Learners first approach
  • AI-enabled platform with a personalized study plan.
  • Gamified and peer-to-peer learning.
  • Content and practice exams curated by well-seasoned gurus.
  • Guided revisions and 1-on-1 with mentors.
  • Practice content that mirrors exam room conditions.

AI-Enabled Platform:

saasguru ensures to provide the best learning experience by helping you create a personalised learning path. Your learning journey will begin with a mock test that assesses your knowledge of the platform. This free mock test aids you in understanding where you stand now and how far you need to go to ace your certification on the first go. You can even customize how much time you need to spend and the areas you need to focus on while preparing for the exam. 

Learners-First Approach

A learners-first approach enhances the learners’ learning potential as the approach is centered around the learners. Learners’ perspectives are valued in the learner-first approach because they are the platform’s actual users who will profit from it. 

Micro-Learning Modules and AI

When the concepts are produced in bite-sizes, it helps the learners quickly understand the topic and move on to the next without wasting time. Moreover, the AI-enabled platform can automatically set up the study plan duration according to the areas you need to focus on. This helps the learners in excellent time management as they get a clear picture of how to move forward to make their goal a reality. 

Slack Channel to Network

One of the effective ways to boost your career is to build a strong network. The most effective approach to learning is to find people with similar interests and to learn with them. And what if you come across a perfect channel where you can find a lot of both aspirants and seasoned AWS professionals? Anyways, the primary purpose of getting AWS certified should be to land a good job. saasguru provides a perfect platform to expand your network.

Learn with Flashcards

The AWS Cloud Practitioner exam is not a cakewalk. To obtain the intended results, many planning needs go into it. Going through immense study materials will confuse the learners in the end, and there’s the significance of Flashcards comes in. Flashcards help the learners to remember crucial topics. It is said to be one of the most effective memory techniques designed to enhance active recall. 

Practice Tests

Yet another effective strategy to prepare for an exam is to take as many practice exams as possible. saasguru has curated practice tests and mock exams with the assistance of experienced and qualified AWS professionals with explanations of all the right and wrong answers. It helps you get a detailed explanation of all the right/wrong answers, and mark it to revise later. It acquaints you with the types of questions, the time one should spend on each question, and the weightage on different topics. 

Mentor Support

The expertise, support, and resources a mentor shares are priceless for a learner. It helps you in many ways to increase your confidence and the fundamental knowledge in different ways to accomplish your goals. saasguru offers 3 levels of mentor support, where you can choose a 1:1 mentor session with a guru, live masterclasses, slack community to clarify and discuss any doubts.

This is the perfect time to expand your knowledge and abilities to advance your career in AWS. Sign Up for AWS Online Training with saasguru, Now!

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