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Career Options After Engineering 2022

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Career Options After Engineering 2022

There are various fields of engineering. It is vital to select a suitable and proper career path after engineering. And doing so involves a lot of research and critical thinking. Engineering opens doors to many opportunities and career options. But to build a successful career, it is crucial to pick the right opportunities. 

Engineering is a demanding and popular field of graduation. Choosing a career after graduation can be confusing. It is common to wonder about ‘What to do after engineering,’ ‘What are the career options after graduation, and ‘How to choose the right career path.’ 

This guide will clear your doubts regarding all the trending career options to consider after engineering. 

Cloud Computing

Organizations are swiftly moving towards the cloud for data security and data storage. Certifications like Salesforce, ServiceNow, and AWS are becoming desirable and popular. With cloud computing becoming more popular, cloud professionals are also in demand.

After engineering, you must consider job roles like Cloud Architect, Cloud Developer, and Cloud Engineer to build a lucrative career in the cloud computing industry. 

Even though cloud computing is not easy to start with, you can pick a stream and start working on it. For example, you can choose Salesforce, explore the list of Salesforce certifications, and choose the suitable one. Explore the Salesforce developer career path if you want to know about the various job options and opportunities. There will be even more opportunities at your door once you enter the cloud computing industry. 

Similarly, AWS is also expanding its base through various certifications. The certifications are prevalent, AWS will grow exponentially in the future, and the certified AWS professionals are highly paid. 

There are innovative and exciting ways to prepare yourself for the cloud computing world. One of the ways is through a crash course and Bootcamp. The saasguru Salesforce Bootcamp is the perfect opportunity for you if you are planning to enter the cloud industry. 

About the saasguru Salesforce Bootcamp

The saasguru Salesforce Bootcamp is a skill and placement-focused Bootcamp where you will have the chance to get job-ready through the guidance of accomplished Salesforce professionals.

After engineering, getting doubts regarding job guarantee and reliability of the resources is very common when you choose a career option. That is why the Bootcamp prepares you for the cloud computing world and gives you access to the panel of 30+ employers so that you don’t have to worry about job opportunities.

Engineering usually focuses on teaching technical skills and knowledge, so Bootcamp makes sure that you have excellent communication and soft skills when you are job-ready. Apart from a deep understanding of the Salesforce platform, you will get a chance to build your own showcase project.

Therefore, if you are considering a job in cloud computing, Salesforce is the perfect platform for you, and the saasguru Salesforce Bootcamp is the ideal platform to start your journey. 

Web Development 

Web development is all about programming, designing, and creating websites and applications for the internet. Web developers are responsible for building everything we see on the internet, like e-commerce websites, social media platforms, etc. There are three types of web development careers that you can consider:-

  1. Full Stack Development
  2. Front End Development
  3. Back End Development

Full Stack Development is one of the highest paying and most demanding jobs. Full-stack developers can perform the role of both back-end developer and front-end developer. 

The demand for full-stack developers is rising rapidly because organizations are expanding their businesses by building more and more websites. So, now is the right time to learn web development if you don’t have any previous knowledge of coding and become a web developer. 

Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and BlockChain

Salesforce Bootcamp
These two are the most trending professions in the world. If you want to enter the AI world, you can consider many job roles like Data Scientist, Data Analyst, AI Engineer, Machine Learning Engineer, and Business Intelligence developer. 

Artificial Intelligence is a technology that performs the tasks normally performed by humans. An official report stated that the AI industry will grow by $118.6 billion by 2025. Therefore, if you are an engineer, you can consider blockchain and artificial intelligence for building a career around trending technologies. 

Blockchain developers are needed in every field and industry. Be it education, healthcare, supply chain management, or banking. So, the developers never go out of demand. 

Higher Studies 

If you are an engineering student, you must consider preparing for the GATE exam. GATE stands for Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering. You can get a chance to study in prestigious institutes if you score well in the GATE exam. It will allow you to pursue M.Tech from reputed institutes. 

Pursuing higher studies will help you expand your knowledge and explore more career options. It will open doors to research and academic fields for you, and you can choose whatever interests you. 

Public Sector Undertaking and Civil Services

You must consider a PSU career if you hold a degree in engineering. These jobs pay you well and provide other benefits like security and respect in society. Even though the competition is very high for these jobs, they are worth the time and effort. As already mentioned, GATE is one of the options to consider after graduation. A good GATE score will help you land a job in PSUs. 

Engineers are the toppers in civil services exams. They possess good communication and analytical skills that are appreciated as excellent civil servants. The profession is highly prestigious and respected in society. So, after finishing engineering, you can also prepare for the exam and enter into the services. It is the most suitable career option if you want to work for the betterment of society. 

Management and Banking

Obtaining a management degree is another option available after engineering. It is a preferred career option for engineering students when they don’t want to go into the technical field. A degree in management from a good institution will help you land a higher paying job. So, if you’re going to pursue an MBA after engineering, you will have to prepare and obtain good marks in the CAT exam. Your score in the Common Aptitude test will decide what college you will get for MBA. 

Another available option is building a career in banking. Students from various fields like arts and science consider a lucrative banking career. Banking also gives you job security in the long term. You can also use your engineering and technical knowledge in the banking sector because every sector is moving towards new technologies. 

Apart from this, you can always explore and see if other options like Entrepreneurship, military services, etc., interest you or not and decide your career path accordingly.  

To Sum Up

Clarify your goal and see what interests you the most. Upgrade your knowledge and skills according to your career path and work hard to build your career. There are many engineering graduates every year, so it isn’t easy to figure out the right career path. But with the help of this guide, now you know that the opportunities are endless. You just have to achieve it. Sign up, Now!

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