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How to Register for Salesforce Admin Certification?

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How to Register for Salesforce Admin Certification?

Salesforce is used in almost every industry, and countless companies to date, and its use is likely to expand. The salesforce is popular because the advanced Customer Relationship Management technology and cloud computing model make it highly scalable and affordable.

To start a salesforce career, one must understand how the certification exam process works and how to register for the Salesforce Admin exam. In other words, you need to equip yourself with all the essential knowledge and skills required to start your journey to certification. You can do this with the help of Saasguru, where you will come across content specifically designed for learners to ace the Admin certification exam.

Become a Salesforce Certified Professional

Journey To Your Cert Prep

First, you can sign up for the Salesforce cert programs by Saasguru, which is guaranteed to take you on a wholesome learning experience whether you are preparing for your first cert or even if you are a professional. Salesforce is constantly updating its certification examination structure, and as a result, this helps learners improve their skills and performance according to the updated platform functionalities. Check out our Ultimate Salesforce Admin Certification Exam Guide for 2022.

Steps To Register

  1. The first and important step is to create a Webassessor account. This account will hold all your details, and you must create a webassessor login. This will act as the candidate’s unique login ID and be used to access your salesforce certification data.
  2. After successfully filling in the form and registering, you will have to log in and click on the link to help you register for a new exam. After doing so, you will see a page of all the salesforce certifications, out of which you can choose which certification exam you would like to appear for. Make sure to check the exam codes and language of instructions since there are numerous options, and one might get confused and choose the wrong certification.
  3. After carefully choosing your certification exam, you should pick the appropriate day, date, and time for the online or on-site exam.
  4. The final step is to pay the respective fee. This is where your credit or debit cards will come in handy. After successfully paying for the exam, you have officially registered for the Salesforce Admin Certification.

Get your Salesforce Certifications on the first go

Checklist for Salesforce Admin Exam Registration

Before you start, there are several things to keep in handy while registering for the Salesforce Certification Exam:

1. Owning a credit/debit card

The only thing to keep in mind would be to enable international transactions. This can be done by contacting your respective bank and asking them to allow transactions for international purchases. It is usually assumed that debit cards would not work for such transactions, but it’s safe to say that they work.

2. Proper email addresses

It is advised to keep in hand the email address used to register for the salesforce certification exam. Without this, the registration process becomes unnecessarily tricky, and you will have to create a new email ID, which will be time-consuming.

3. Strong internet connection in case you opt for the online exam

The salesforce certification exam provides its examinees with two options. You can either appear for the exam online or on-site. As the name goes, online exams are held online, and for this, you will need a proper device, preferably a laptop, and a strong internet connection to have a seamless and stress-free examination.

On the other hand, the on-site exam is held in the registered examination center, where the candidate needs to physically be present in the center and appear for the exam. An invigilator will be attending, and they are responsible for how well the exam goes and makes sure each candidate has appeared for the exam.

It is essential to carry two identity proofs. This can be further clarified by contacting the center and asking what identity proofs will be accepted in the examination hall. Another important reminder would be to have the authorization code on you at all times on the day of the exam.

In Conclusion

Registering for the Admin certification exam is hassle-free as long as you follow the checklist and possess the proper cards for seamless transactions and a strong internet connection. It is also crucial to remember not to get intimidated while preparing for the exam and studying with a calm mind. Join us and let’s together achieve your dream. Sign up with saasguru for free.

We wish you all the best for your journey to certification!


1. How do I register for ADM 201?

It’s effortless to register for a Salesforce certification exam and verify exam availability. Simply follow the instructions outlined below:

  • Go to and log in. You must create a test taker profile in Webassessor if you do not already have one.
  • Select Register for an Exam from the drop-down menu.
  • Expand the area to see the delivery choices for the exam you want to schedule. You can register for the exam as either an onsite or an online proctored exam. For the delivery option you select, click the Register button.

2. Where do I register for the Salesforce certification?

You can register for the Salesforce Admin Certification on Webassessor.

First, you need to create a Webassessor account. This account will save all of your information, and you’ll need to create a webassessor login to access it. This will be used to access your Salesforce certification data as the candidate’s unique login ID. You’ll be sent to a page listing all of the Salesforce certifications, from which you can select the certification exam you want to take.

Double check the examination codes and language of instructions to avoid choosing the wrong certification.

Lastly, select an appropriate day, date, and time for the online or on-site exam after carefully selecting your certification exam. Pay the respective fee with your debit or credit card, and you have successfully registered for the Salesforce admin exam.

3. Is Salesforce admin certification free?

Salesforce certifications are not available for free. For a test, Salesforce certifications start at $200 plus local taxes. The total cost rises to $236 when you include the 18 percent tax. You will be charged $100 + VAT to retake the certification if you fail the first time.

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