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Microsoft Azure Training with saasguru

How High is the Demand for Microsoft Azure Professionals Right Now?

Azure is a swiftly-growing cloud service. It enables organizations to boost their business process by providing a reliable IT infrastructure. Some of the most popular services of Azure are computer services, infrastructure as service (IaaS), databases, web app hosting, mobile apps, API management, and application integration. 

Azure is a dependable platform for HA (high availability) and Disaster Recovery. Besides, Azure efficiently supports other existing MS products like Outlook, Dynamics CRM, Office365, and Sharepoint.

As many companies are shifting their digital management to the cloud, there is a massive demand for Azure professionals. The companies are searching for skilled professionals who can handle and operate their cloud infrastructure. Microsoft Azure is one of the most efficient cloud platforms, and many large companies use it. 

If your organization is on the verge of migrating to cloud technology, Microsoft Azure is the perfect solution and required investment for the future. Becoming a Microsoft Azure professional will prepare you to comprehend and understand the latest and upcoming market trends. 

Microsoft Azure Training

Finding the most reliable source for Microsoft Azure training is a common problem. Although multiple resources are available online, there is no comparison regarding a platform that provides personalized study plans with well-researched content and many practice exams. 

Microsoft Azure training is crucial for professionals planning to build a career in the cloud, even if they are not from the tech field or lack experience. Since Microsoft is a dominating platform in the cloud industry, the popularity of cloud computing is increasing. It will hugely benefit your career if you could showcase your understanding and knowledge by obtaining the certification with the help of training. 

If you have made up your mind to explore Microsoft Azure, without any doubt, you should aim to obtain the Microsoft Azure 900 Fundamentals certification. Getting certified would mean validating your skills in a competitive job market. 

Explore saasguru to know why saasguru is a reliable platform for your training and journey to Microsoft Azure certification. 

Microsoft Azure Certification Course- What We Offer?

saasguru has compiled well-researched content, study material, and exams as the most useful information to help you in your learning process. With saasguru, your professional development will be most effective as we equally focus on soft skills training and personal branding. 

Learners for this exam should have a basic understanding of cloud services and how it works in Microsoft Azure. The exam is ideal for learners who are just starting their careers in cloud-based solutions.

Get your certification of Microsoft Azure Fundamentals AZ- 900 on your first attempt.

Exam Syllabus

  • Describe cloud concepts (25–30%) 
  • Describe Azure architecture and services (35–40%) 
  • Describe Azure management and governance (30–35%)

Why saasguru for Microsoft Azure Certification Training Online?


Training from a reliable and experienced platform ensures that you are well-prepared with the basics and have studied the up-to-date information. The curriculum of the training platform provides that you take practice exams consistently, analyze them and track your progress. It helps define the areas you need to work on.

The Microsoft Azure certification authenticates your skills and in-demand knowledge to advance your career. The training content on saasguru has been well researched and created by accomplished professionals who are seasoned experts. You can also get the study material in your inbox by signing up on saasguru- for free. 

Achieve your career goals with the proper training that includes many practice exams, flashcards for revision, topic quizzes, and much more.

  • Learners first approach

By focusing on the learners and their needs, saasguru’s learners-first approach maximizes the candidates’ learning potential. Learners’ needs and opinions are valued in the learner-first approach because they are valued users of saasguru. The learner-oriented strategy ensures that the aspirants’ certification journey should be worthwhile. 

  • AI-Enabled Platform with a Personalized Study Plan

saasguru focuses on providing the best learning experience by allowing learners to create a personalized learning path. Your cert journey will start with a mock test that will test your knowledge of the platform. The free mock test helps you identify where you stand and how far you need to go to excel in the certification exam on your first attempt. Learners can customize the time they are required to spend and the topics that need more attention while preparing for the exam. 

  • Micro-Study Modules

It becomes easier for learners to remember and gain knowledge when the content is compressed. It saves time. Additionally, the AI-enabled platform automatically devices the study plan duration based on the areas you need to focus on. It helps aspirants in intelligent time management because they get an accurate picture of how to move ahead to make their dream a reality.

  • saasguru Slack Community

Via saasguru Slack Community, you can interact with fellow learners and Certified Trainers. Collaborate on projects, share your experiences, compete with the best, and make new friends. Interacting with fellow learners is the most effective way to learn diverse topics and discuss doubts. 

  • Revision with Flashcards

Crossing the path of Microsoft Azure certification is not as easy as it looks. A proper study strategy is required to get the required results. Going through multiple study modules and content will be confusing as you cannot prioritize topics for revision. That’s where the role of Flashcards comes in. Flashcards will help you remember crucial topics. Flashcards are the most effective revision techniques created to improve your active recall.

  • Practice Exams

Practice exams are the perfect way to test your knowledge and readiness. So, attempt as many practice exams as possible. saasguru has created mock exams and topic-based practice tests based on the knowledge and experience of accomplished professionals from the same field. The practice exams come with rationales that clearly state why an answer is right. It helps you mark it to revise later. It is also useful for time management for the cert exam.

  • Mentor Support

To clear your doubts and motivate you, we have the support of experts and mentors to share their knowledge. It will help you gain a fundamental understanding of various areas to achieve your goals. saasguru provides 3 levels of mentor support, where the learner can choose a 1:1 mentoring session with a guru. There are live masterclasses and webinars to clarify your doubts as well. 

Seize the incredible opportunity to broaden your knowledge and abilities to advance your career in Microsoft Azure. Now is the time to sign up for Microsoft Azure Training with saasguru.

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