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Salesforce Certified Administrator Salary Guide

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Salesforce Certified Administrator Salary Guide

When Salesforce initially debuted in the late 1990s, no one would have imagined that it would completely change the tech world. The demand for Salesforce professionals is skyrocketing and is certain to continue in the future too.

Become a Salesforce Certified Professional

Salesforce is the most popular CRM product on the market, and companies leverage the capability of the platform to solve marketing, sales, and customer service challenges. With this popularity comes a significant demand for Salesforce specialists, as the need for Salesforce implementation in enterprises around the world exceeds the talent pool’s capacity.

The majority of Fortune 500 organisations are looking for Salesforce experts. Obtaining a Salesforce certification is, without question, the best and the most efficient approach to verify that you have the necessary abilities.

What Will Be Your Salary As A Salesforce Certified Professional?

The salary structure of the Salesforce Certified Administrators is quite a hot topic, which is also influential and motivating for the aspirants. Because the Salesforce ecosystem is growing at such a rapid pace, Salesforce Administrators are in a better position than their counterparts in other industries, with higher average wages. With a single Salesforce credential on their resume, IT professionals may expect a 40 percent pay increase in contrast to their peers who are not certified.

The earning potential of Salesforce-certified professionals is skyrocketing, according to Mason Frank’s careers and hiring guide 2021-2022. The analysis goes into great detail on each job role. The report as a whole is the most remarkable independent study of the Salesforce ecosystem, including unique insights into how professionals are utilising Salesforce technology. Mason Frank’s Salesforce Hiring Trends 2022 by saasguru gives a gist of the report with all the relevant statistics discussed.

Check out some of the key findings from Mason Frank’s salary survey with regard to the earning potential of the Salesforce professionals.

Salary Survey of Salesforce Certified Professionals

Get your Salesforce Certifications on the first go

According to Mason Frank’s research, getting certified is an excellent method to boost your earning potential, with 39% of people reporting a rise in earnings after getting certified. At least one certification is held by 77 percent of respondents, with the Salesforce Certified Administrator certificate being the most popular.

Regarding the experience that the certified professionals hold, the majority of Salesforce employees—37 percent—are relatively new to the company. Only 6% indicated that they had ten years of Salesforce experience. The Salesforce certification and experience combined make one incredibly valuable.

The economy where you live, the cost of living, and the demand for Salesforce professionals against the talent pool all play a significant role in establishing the average wage for a particular Salesforce role worldwide. Take a glance at the pay structures below to see how they differ between countries and at different levels of expertise. Bonuses and incentives are not included in the pay structures mentioned.

The information has been taken from the Mason Frank Salary Survey, which gathered data from 2,139 Salesforce professionals around the world.

Salary Guide

Special courtesy to Mason Frank for the below Salary guide arranged based on different locations and salaries per year in their respective currencies.

Salesforce Salaries and the Influencing Elements

Although we discussed the Salesforce Certified Administrators’ pay structure, various elements determining the salary variations include the job role played by the employees, seniority, place where the aspirants live and work, and the base salary.

  1. The place where a Salesforce professional works hugely influence the salary range as the cost of living between nations and countries varies a lot. 
  2. The demand and the usage of the Salesforce platform also determine the demand for the Salesforce professionals. The balance between supply and demand obviously soars up the pay structure. 
  3. According to Mason Frank’s report, the administrator salaries are classified as Junior Pay Band, Senior Pay Band, and Contract Range based on their years of experience and the types of tasks they perform in their jobs. The more seniority, the more the salary expectation should be. The pay structure hugely depends on the level of challenges one can handle and how responsible they address complex business problems. 
  4. The technical and non-technical skills needed to perform various duties as Salesforce professionals also determine the salary scale as skills vary from person to person. 
  5. The base salary and the job title are yet other important factors influencing the salary structure. Studies show that 70% of respondents would take a better job title over a better salary.
  6. Salesforce Admin certifications are another factor that can affect your pay structure. Certification, along with the wealth of knowledge one can harness over the years of experience proffers the best combination that hugely influences one’s salary. Although there is a dispute over the experience and certifications, we cannot overlook the updated knowledge about the platform gained from the certifications. 

Should You Take up the Salesforce Admin Certification?

Luckily, this is the first option for professionals who do not want to code and instead choose to work as an administrator. Salesforce Admin Certification majorly revolves around configuration changes and data management. You will be working on automation, data, and security settings. You’ll learn about Sales Cloud and Service Cloud as well. Clearing certification exams boosts the value of your resume. However, you must have an excellent study guide and materials to make it through the exam. Sign up with saasguru for free and get guided by our seasoned gurus.

According to Mason Frank’s survey, 88% of Salesforce admin professionals who took part in their survey hold Salesforce Admin certifications as they consider them as their career milestones.

The survey respondents were asked if they saw a rise in their salary after receiving a certification, and the response was affirmative.

To Sum Up:

So, now you have a good understanding of what qualified Salesforce experts earn. The high salary statistics aren’t just rumours; they’re facts. So don’t delay! Earn a Salesforce certification and join the fast-growing Cloud Computing industry. Check out the Salesforce Admin certification course at saasguru right now and get successfully certified on Salesforce in the first go in as little as two weeks.


1. How much does a Salesforce-certified admin make?

According to Mason Frank’s careers and recruiting guide 2021-2022, the income potential of Salesforce-certified experts is soaring. Check out the pay band of juniors, seniors, and contracts in different locations in dollars. 

Salesforce Certified Administrator Salary

2. Which Salesforce certification pays the most?

One of the highest-paid Salesforce occupations in the world is technical architect, with a salary of $174,000. Technical architects, like solution architects, work on large-scale implementations or projects.

A technical architect understands coding, integrations, declarative solutions, and even other systems like AWS, CTI systems, and BI tools, so they can oversee any aspect of a Salesforce deployment. Please keep in mind that this pay does not apply to a Certified Technical Architect, who can earn significantly more!

3. Does Salesforce Certification increase salary?

Yes, it will assist you in improving your income. Companies favour candidates who have a certification since it shows that they have the expertise over the platform and its functionalities. Clients like qualified employees; thus, they hire certified individuals.

According to a research done in 2013, a Salesforce professional with no qualification earned an average compensation of $69,600. On the other hand, a qualified Salesforce specialist made an average of $86,850 each year.

4. Why is the salary so high?

The Salesforce Certified Administrator salary is high because they perform a critical job that enables enterprises to expand Salesforce beyond declarative (point-and-click) configuration, construct apps, and, as a result, improve business operations.

Salesforce certified professionals make 25% more than their non-certified counterparts.

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