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Salesforce Announces Genie – A New Data Platform

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Salesforce Announces Genie - A New Data Platform

The global leader in CRM, Salesforce, announces ‘Salesforce Genie.’ It is regarded as Salesforce’s most amazing creation in the CRM industry. The entire Salesforce customer 360 platform is powered by Salesforce Genie, a hyper-scale real-time data platform.

Any organization can turn data into customer magic using Salesforce Genie. The Genie allows seamless delivery of solutions and highly personalized experience across service, sales, commerce, and marketing adapted to the dynamic customer information and needs.

David Schmaier, President and Chief Product Officer of Salesforce, said that Genie makes every part of Customer 360 more automated, intelligent, and real-time.

The guide will help you understand the Genie platform and its detailed insights.

What is Salesforce Genie?

According to Salesforce, the average business runs nearly 1,000 internal applications for its various operations. This, in turn, gathers valuable customer data, mostly siloed in isolated pockets. It is a vast gap that gives poor customer experiences, and this is where Salesforce’s latest innovation, Genie, comes in.

Salesforce Genie platform is designed to store highly personalized and real-time data at a massive scale. Genie’s Data is then combined with Salesforce transactional data. Genie makes it easier to integrate the data by bringing in data from every channel, and it also includes built-in connectors.

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Features of Salesforce Genie Platform

1. It Unifies Data to Build a Real-Time Customer Graph

Genie harmonizes and transforms the data into real-time customer graphs. The customer graph is a unified customer profile record. Genie is designed based on the Salesforce metadata model. That is why the customer graph can be seen across the entire customer 360, every app, and every industrial solution.

With Genie, an organization can enable more responsive and dynamic reactions by harnessing the power of hyper-scale real-time data.

2. Partnership Expands the Power of Genie

  • Genie can directly access the data stored in Snowflake with the help of secure and real-time data handling between Salesforce and Snowflake. And hence, allowing a real-time customer 360 views of the platform.
  • New AppExchange Genie Collection has 18 Genie partners with experts and applications that allow organizations to automate ads, enhance customer profiles, and expand the effectiveness of real-time data with Salesforce.

3. Customer 360- World’s 1st Real-Time CRM

Now every industry solution can be automated, real-time, and intelligent. Thanks to Genie.

Salesforce Announces Genie - A New Data Platform

  • Sales Cloud Genie- Every Sales representative can get real-time assistance from Einstein on customer voice calls and video calls. It allows them to adapt the conversations automatically. And hence the representatives will receive real-time recommendations to provide to their customers.
  • Service Cloud Genie- Every service representative will be able to provide proactive services with real-time alerts. The reps can engage, intervene, and resolve the issues effectively.
  • Marketing Cloud Genie- Every marketer can send personalized messages on multiple platforms, adapting customer journeys across different properties in real time.
  • Commerce Cloud Genie- Every retailer will be able to develop tailored shopper experiences adapting customer actions, including the customer action of abandoning the shopping cart or any other action taken on the mobile app or website.
  • Unified Data with Genie- Organizations across industries can utilize real-time data and a unified profile to offer more personalized experiences. For example, if we talk about the healthcare industry, where every millisecond is precious, Salesforce Genie will use real-time data to inform unified patient health scores. It will be helpful for healthcare workers to take care of the patient.
  • Tableau Genie- Organizations can observe and analyze the KPIs in real time to take the required business actions timely. For example, monitoring real-time data regarding the increase in services, sales, and web traffic would be crucial for marketing.
  • MuleSoft Genie- It allows organizations to unveil real-time data of legacy and modern systems.
  • Slack Genie- An IT professional can effectively boost efficiency by allowing team members to automatically access real-time data from any platform with uninterrupted workflows.

Summing Up

Therefore, Salesforce Genie is a modern invention using the data lake of Salesforce that stores the data instead of the transactional database.

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With Genie, Salesforce aims to allow companies to work with data repositories and external services. Genie is not just a data integration invention but also allows the data to flow faster and freely. And it will enable all types of automations, especially if the organization wishes to combine it with Einstein for machine learning and AI.

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