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How to choose the best Salesforce career path for you?

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How to choose the best Salesforce career path for you?

It’s hard to deny that the Salesforce economy is booming right now. According to IDC predictions, 4.2 million jobs will be created in the Salesforce ecosystem between 2019 and 2024. This implies an excellent opportunity to start a new career in today’s most exciting industries.

Salesforce has made changing careers as simple as possible: all you need is time and determination to make it happen. The good thing about Salesforce is that you don’t require programming experience to get started. The “click development” and “click configuration” features of Salesforce make building business applications from the ground up a breeze.

Which Salesforce Career Path Should I Choose?

If you want to study Salesforce, you’ll need to choose which career path is best. With so many options, from Salesforce Admin or Developer to Business Analyst, Architect, and more, selecting the proper role for your skill sets, goals, and ambition for future growth is critical for anyone just getting started in the ecosystem.

Become a Salesforce Certified Professional

1. Salesforce Administrator

In Salesforce, Admin is an excellent place to start. It’s a respected and highly valued profession in and of itself. Still, It’s not only a well-respected and highly regarded profession, but it’s also a great way to get started with Salesforce. You will be responsible for creating a connection between technical professionals and business personnel as a Salesforce Administrator. You’d collaborate with key stakeholders to develop requirements and personalize Salesforce to their specific needs.

It’s a wide-ranging function that includes teaching other users, sharing best practices, and perfecting administrative responsibilities like providing client reports and dashboards.

Salesforce Administrator Abilities

Salesforce Administrators have a unique blend of technical competence and business skills. They’re usually tech-savvy, friendly, innovative, and solution-focused.

Salesforce Admins are both business leaders and IT experts, and they know how to engage with a wide range of stakeholders to get projects off the ground. Experience in system admin, helpdesk experience, business analysis, end-user training, reporting, process automation, system maintenance, user start-up, and the all-important Administrator training and placement will set you up for success as a Salesforce Admin.

Salesforce Admin Career Path

As a Salesforce Administrator, you’ll have a broader range of advancement options than nearly any other profession in the ecosystem. With Salesforce, you can learn how to be a developer, architect, business analyst, marketing cloud specialist, etc.

You can advance your career by becoming a Senior Salesforce Administrator or becoming an expert trainer and helping other tech professionals flourish.

2. Salesforce Developer

Possessing the relevant skill sets for Salesforce Developer is highly in demand within the Salesforce ecosystem. They are primarily the go-to coding specialists for any Salesforce project. They can tackle coding tasks, automate repetitive processes with code, and design apps. A  career as a Salesforce Developer was recently ranked one of the top jobs in the world. 

Developers, like Admins, are responsible for customizing Salesforce, but they will supply both programmed and declarative solutions, unlike Admins.

Salesforce Developer Abilities

In general, the ideal Salesforce Developers enjoy solving problems, presenting multiple answers to challenges, and having a background in IT. To learn something new, you don’t have to be an expert; if you have an IT background and want to work for Salesforce, being a Salesforce Developer is suitable.

Salesforce Developers are typically required to have at least 12 months of commercial object-oriented programming experience and experience in at least one software development lifecycle.

Salesforce Developer Career Path

The Salesforce Developer career path provides a diverse range of advancement opportunities. It’s a crucial position within Salesforce, and the skillset can be applied to a wide range of fields, roles, and specialties.

You can progress as a Salesforce Developer to more advanced positions such as Senior Developer, Architect, and Senior Architect. Alternatively, you might train to assist others in learning Salesforce. Working as a Salesforce Industries Developer or a Field Service Lightning Developer allows you to specialize in a specific industry. These professions demand you to understand how to deliver solutions for a more specialized context and rely on the same capabilities as an ideal Developer.

3. Salesforce Consultant

Salesforce Consultants are at the center of every successful Salesforce project. They’re in charge of dealing with technical employees, designing and managing projects, and ensuring their firm gets the most out of Salesforce.

They’re skilled planners that help businesses exceed their expectations of what Salesforce can do by driving client-specific implementations, increasing productivity, and implementing continuous Salesforce platform upgrades. 

Salesforce Consultant Abilities

To be a great Salesforce Consultant, you’ll need outstanding presentation abilities and the ability to communicate your ideas to different stakeholders. It would be best if you also enjoyed problem-solving, as this will be a large part of your job.

Great Consultants are also comfortable managing high-level, client-facing stakeholder relationships and have good business sense; they’re eager to jump into a project and get things organised. Working in a commercial function for several years, either as a Functional Consultant or in Business Analysis, will put you up for success in this type of employment from a technical standpoint.

Salesforce Consultant Career Path

The Salesforce ecosystem has a lot to offer. You’ll have a wide range of employment opportunities as a Salesforce Consultant. From working as a Salesforce Admin, Developer, or Architect to specializing in new, intriguing Salesforce technologies and becoming a Salesforce Industries Consultant or Field Service Lightning Consultant. 

4. Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Marketing Cloud Consultants are on the cutting edge of a new approach to marketing automation. They work with customers to educate their teams on the skills they need to use the platform to create success in marketing projects.

Being experts in their area, Marketing Cloud Consultants play a critical role in launching new, innovative initiatives and seeing them through to completion. The most excellent consultants are skilled at debugging projects that were scoped out incorrectly or executed incorrectly the first time around. They’re frequently on hand to fix a broken solution or troubleshoot a flawed performance metric.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Abilities

The Salesforce Marketing cloud expert manages and deploys a Marketing Cloud environment, including administrative and configuration duties. They also create lists and data extensions for subscriber management.

They report on emails and identify which campaigns are the most effective, and use data filters and SQL queries to segment data for further use. By using Automation Studio and Journey Builder, they automate messages and segment data.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Career Path

The Marketing Cloud industry, as a distinct specialisation inside Salesforce, is brimming with tremendous advancement potential. To broaden your experience, you may work as a Marketing Cloud Developer or Architect and a Marketing Operations Specialist, Email Marketing Specialist, or Marketing Automation Specialist.

It all relies on where you believe your essential strengths lie and whatever role you feel most comfortable in. If you want to keep consulting in Marketing Cloud, you could educate people on how to be experts in the platform.


Get your Salesforce Certifications on the first go

Finally, the Salesforce career path you select should focus on your skill set, prior experience, and future goals. The market’s great progression opportunities and salary rates, combined with the unique and exciting nature of the technology you’d be engaging with, might be an excellent next step for anyone looking to learn something new while also being paid.

If you’re interested in Salesforce training, we recommend doing some research first, including how to get started and what to look for in a training provider. Alternatively, if you’re ready to take the plunge, you can enroll in saasguru’s Salesforce training program.

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