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Salesforce Online Training In Bangalore

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Salesforce Online Training In Bangalore

Salesforce Online Training

The Salesforce Online Training provides training on working on the Salesforce platform, configuring and analysing it, collecting valuable customer information, and building apps using the lightning platform. 

You can develop the necessary skills and knowledge in the Salesforce ecosystem by utilizing online training. The training empowers the candidate to work on the Salesforce platform efficiently and effectively. It teaches the aspirants how to solve questions of the certification exams in a given time. 

Course Highlights

The Salesforce online training course will help you learn the fundamentals of the Salesforce platform and the critical cloud concepts. The courses follow approaches suitable for beginners as well as advanced professionals. The courses are designed in a way that helps you strategise and organise your cert preparation and prepare for the big day. 

These are created by industry experts who have many years of experience working in the cloud ecosystem and the certification exams. Learners get well-researched content and practice exams in one place, saving their time and energy; all they need to do is practice and utilise the content of the courses strategically. 

Salesforce Cert Program- We Offer

saasguru’s various Salesforce training courses will help you take hold of multiple components of Salesforce, like handling the database, App Builder, creating an application, etc. The cert program follows a learner-friendly approach, and the programs are created by gurus who are experts and are busy curating content for Microsoft, AWS, IBM, etc. 

Take a detailed look at the programs offered on the saasguru platform. 

Salesforce Bootcamp


1. Salesforce Admin Training

The Salesforce Admin Training program focuses on candidates who have experience in Salesforce and are open to opportunities to assist their organisations in getting better through additional capabilities and features. With mentoring support, flashcards, and mock exams, the training program prepares you for the big day, whether you are a beginner or a professional. The study plan includes all the topics mentioned in the syllabus of the Salesforce exam guide- Configuration and Setup, Sales and Marketing Applications, Productivity and Collaboration, Object Manager and Lightning App Builder, and all the other topics. 

So, the course ensures that you understand the certification process and basics of the Salesforce platform and can use Salesforce.Com successfully.

2. Salesforce Platform Developer 1 Training

The Salesforce Platform Developer 1 Training program is designed for professionals who know about deploying and developing custom business logic and applications using the lightning platform. The program is also suitable for those who can differentiate when to use programmatic methods and when to use declarative methods. 

The candidate will access the study material (modules, mock exams, flashcards, etc.) and free Slack community access. 

3. Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant Training

The Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant Training course is created for professionals who know the implementation of Sales Cloud Solutions. The aspirants should be able to contribute to long-term customer success by implementing and developing scalable and maintainable sales cloud solutions. 

The candidates will learn everything about Sales and Implementation strategies, lead management, and the concepts mentioned in the Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant exam guide. 

4. Salesforce Service Cloud Consultant Training

The Salesforce Service Cloud Consultant Training program is created for consultants who know the implementation of Service Cloud Solutions. The aspirants must know how to implement and build scalable and maintainable service cloud solutions that fulfill the customer’s needs. 

The aspirants will get everything in one place ranging from mentoring sessions to flashcards and practice exams. They will learn about Industry Knowledge, Implementation Strategies, Knowledge Management, etc. 

5. Salesforce Experience Cloud Consultant Training

The Salesforce Experience Cloud Consultant Training course is for professionals who can configure, design, implement, and build Salesforce experience applications with their knowledge and skills of declarative customisation capabilities of the experience platform. 

The training course will focus on all the crucial topics of the certification exam along with revision flashcards, study modules, and mock exams. 

6. Salesforce Platform App Builder Training

The Salesforce Platform App Builder training program is designed for individuals who can deploy, design, and build custom applications with the help of the lightning platform. The course will cover Salesforce fundamentals, User Interface, App Deployment, Data Modelling, etc.

The candidates will be guided through topic tests, flashcards, mock exams, and mentoring sessions. 

Job Opportunities After Completing Salesforce Training

After completing the Salesforce Certification Training, multiple career options will be available depending on your interest. You can work as a Salesforce Admin. Once you obtain the Salesforce Admin certification, you can earn higher-level certifications and work as a Salesforce Developer, Salesforce Architect, Salesforce Advanced Administrator, Consultant, etc.

Obtaining the Salesforce certifications allows you to bargain for a higher salary and quick promotions. Salesforce is expanding swiftly, so you can choose to work in any part of the world once your training is complete. 


Why Salesforce Online Training at saasguru? 

The aspirants need a general idea of the type, complexity, and depth of the questions they would see in the certification exam. The training course at saasguru is designed to prepare the candidate for everything ranging from time management to the tricks to solve the questions. 

The platform doesn’t believe in preparing through exam dumps; instead, it focuses on curating good quality study material and courses with the help of the world’s best gurus, certified and industry experts. The mock exams and practice tests at saasguru give you explanations about the wrong and right answers so that you can analyse your preparation and see the areas that need improvement. 

The platform is gamified, where you can give a friendly challenge to a fellow learner across the globe and earn rewards and badges. So, it doesn’t follow the boring teaching approach and believes in fun and innovative learning methods. 

To make your certification training more competitive and exciting, regular Hackathon challenges give you a chance to earn vouchers and certifications. 

As a part of the saasguru family, you will have access to:-

  1. 1:1 mentoring sessions
  2. Assessment tool
  3. Exam readiness score
  4. Study modules
  5. Support of saasguru Slack community
  6. Flashcards and Mock exams
  7. Personalised cert plan. 

To Sum Up

To start your Salesforce training from Bangalore or anywhere else, pick the best online training course with a complete package of modules and practice exams. You can also browse courses on saasguru based on your interest and start your Salesforce journey now!

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