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Salesforce Platform Developer 1 Training with Capstone Project

Salesforce Platform Development

72 Hours

9 weeks program
8 Hours / Week


Live Online Slack Support

Hands – On Capstone Project Salesforce Labs Jira and Confluence
Developers Admin Technical Consultants

72 Hours


Hands - On

Developers Admins Technical Consultants

Upcoming Cohorts


15th October 2022



5th November 2022



3rd December 2022



7th January 2023


Supercharge Your Skillset​

Will focus on building 3 Core Skills

Salesforce Skills

Deep knowledge of Salesforce
Hands on application
Certifications in Salesforce

Capstone Project

Requirement Analysis
Solution Designing
Build and Showcase

Consulting Skills

Digital Transformation Business Case Fundamentals Agile Delivery Approach

Meet our Gurus

Program Pedagogy

Business Interaction

Get real life experience of interacting with business users through our mock customer teams made up of industry gurus.


Capture the requirements and design the solution using relevant tools like Jira and Confluence.


Build and perfect your showcase project with hands-on support and feedback from experienced developers.

Project Lifecycle

Get hands on with Agile project delivery lifecycle and participating/ running key ceremonies in an agile delivery lifecycle.

Learn in our vibrant Community,

Powered by your peers and our gurus

1-1 Mentoring

Dedicated mentor from the industry through the program right from course to placement

Industry Leaders

A faculty made of not theoretical trainers but accomplished Salesforce professionals.

Deep Interaction

Collaborate 24x7 in real-time with the gurus through our purpose-built leaning platform.

Program Curriculum

Unique & Application Oriented Approach

  • Get Started with the Salesforce Platform
  • Understand Cloud Computing Models
  • Understand the Salesforce Architecture - Multi Tenant, MVC, Metadata
  • Object Architecture and Relationships
  • Understand Standard and Custom Objects
  • Working with Schema Builder
  • Formula Fields and Roll Up Summary Fields
  • Declarative Automations Overview
  • Programmatic Automations Overview – Apex Trigger
  • Which automation tool should you choose?
  • Apex Basics
  • Flow Elements and Resources
  • Flow Distribution, Testing & Deployment
  • Flows Debugging
  • Apex development process
  • Working with SOQL, SOSL and DML Statements
  • Collection Types
  • Variables, Data Types and Methods
  • Control Flow Statements
  • Apex Transactions & Governor limits
  • Exception Handling
  • Creating and Viewing Triggers
  • Trigger Context & Context Variables
  • Understanding Trigger Events
  • Handling Recursion in Triggers
  • Bulkified Triggers
  • Trigger Exceptions Handling
  • Trigger Best Practices
  • Salesforce Order of Execution
  • Understanding the Aura framework
  • Benefits of Aura Framework
  • Aura Definition Bundle
  • Event-driven architecture
  • Application vs. Component Events
  • Understand Visualforce framework and page components
  • When to prefer Visualforce over Lightning Components
  • How to use Visualforce in Lightning Experience
  • Lightning Web Component – Structure
  • Benefits of Web Component over Aura Framework
  • LWC File Structure
  • Lightning Component Library
  • Set Up Your Development Environment
  • CSS, Composition, Fields, Properties, and Attributes
  • Component Lifecycle
  • Salesforce Lightning Platform APIs
  • When to use which API?
  • Platform Events Overview
  • Change Data Capture Overview