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Salesforce Platform Developer 1 Training with Capstone Project

Salesforce Platform Development

72 Hours

9 weeks program
8 Hours / Week


Live Online Slack Support

Hands – On Capstone Project Salesforce Labs Jira and Confluence
Developers Admin Technical Consultants

72 Hours


Hands - On

Developers Admins Technical Consultants

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Supercharge Your Skillset​

Will focus on building 3 Core Skills

Salesforce Skills

Deep knowledge of Salesforce
Hands on application
Certifications in Salesforce

Capstone Project

Requirement Analysis
Solution Designing
Build and Showcase

Consulting Skills

Digital Transformation Business Case Fundamentals Agile Delivery Approach

Meet our Gurus

Program Pedagogy

Business Interaction

Get real life experience of interacting with business users through our mock customer teams made up of industry gurus.


Capture the requirements and design the solution using relevant tools like Jira and Confluence.


Build and perfect your showcase project with hands-on support and feedback from experienced developers.

Project Lifecycle

Get hands on with Agile project delivery lifecycle and participating/ running key ceremonies in an agile delivery lifecycle.

Learn in our vibrant Community,

Powered by your peers and our gurus

1-1 Mentoring

Dedicated mentor from the industry through the program right from course to placement

Industry Leaders

A faculty made of not theoretical trainers but accomplished Salesforce professionals.

Deep Interaction

Collaborate 24x7 in real-time with the gurus through our purpose-built leaning platform.

Program Curriculum

Unique & Application Oriented Approach

  • Get Started with the Salesforce Platform
  • Understand Cloud Computing Models
  • Understand the Salesforce Architecture - Multi Tenant, MVC, Metadata
  • Object Architecture and Relationships
  • Understand Standard and Custom Objects
  • Working with Schema Builder
  • Formula Fields and Roll Up Summary Fields
  • Declarative Automations Overview
  • Programmatic Automations Overview – Apex Trigger
  • Which automation tool should you choose?
  • Apex Basics
  • Flow Elements and Resources
  • Flow Distribution, Testing & Deployment
  • Flows Debugging
  • Apex development process
  • Working with SOQL, SOSL and DML Statements
  • Collection Types
  • Variables, Data Types and Methods
  • Control Flow Statements
  • Apex Transactions & Governor limits
  • Exception Handling
  • Creating and Viewing Triggers
  • Trigger Context & Context Variables
  • Understanding Trigger Events
  • Handling Recursion in Triggers
  • Bulkified Triggers
  • Trigger Exceptions Handling
  • Trigger Best Practices
  • Salesforce Order of Execution
  • Understanding the Aura framework
  • Benefits of Aura Framework
  • Aura Definition Bundle
  • Event-driven architecture
  • Application vs. Component Events
  • Understand Visualforce framework and page components
  • When to prefer Visualforce over Lightning Components
  • How to use Visualforce in Lightning Experience
  • Lightning Web Component – Structure
  • Benefits of Web Component over Aura Framework
  • LWC File Structure
  • Lightning Component Library
  • Set Up Your Development Environment
  • CSS, Composition, Fields, Properties, and Attributes
  • Component Lifecycle
  • Salesforce Lightning Platform APIs
  • When to use which API?
  • Platform Events Overview
  • Change Data Capture Overview
  • Understand Apex Testing Framework
  • Execute Unit Tests
  • Benefits of Unit Testing
  • Anonymous Blocks
  • Debugging using Debug logs
  • Handling Exceptions in Apex
  • What are some of the development tools used in Salesforce?
  • Salesforce Extensions for Visual Studio code
  • Developer console
  • Visualforce development mode footer
  • Code editor
  • Tools for Testing
  • Salesforce CLI and Scratch Orgs.
  • Salesforce Extension for VSCODE
  • Complete course on saasguru
  • Practice all mock exams
  • 2 QnA sessions for any doubts clarifications
  • Project Management Methodologies
  • Jira and Confluence Overview Session
  • Capstone Project Execution Overview
  • Requirement Analysis Workshop Session
  • Requirements Gathering with Mock Customer
  • Feedback and Assessment of User Stories
  • Solution Design Techniques Session
  • Feedback and Assessment of Solution Design
  • Demo Best Practices Session and Build Support
  • Project Playback with Mock Customer

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Happy clients feedbacks

If you want to pass your Salesforce certification, I will recommend you saasguru. It helped me enormously to get ready for the exam

Sara B Sony Professional Solutions Europe, United Kingdom

Thanks saasguru for such an amazing certification preparation plan and mock examinations. Kudos to you saasguru

Vrunda Patel Revolent Group, Greater Toronto Area, Canada

Finally..Salesforce Certified Administrator Thank you saasguru for providing amazing guidance and study material which help me in clearing the examination in my very first attempt.

Sarthak Agarwal Cognizant, India

Thank you saasguru for the certification preparation plan and mock examinations

Sandesh Ghimire Revolent Group, Greater Toronto Area, Canada

Thanks saasguru for preparing me for the Salesforce Admin Exam!

Jasdip Sohi Revolent Group, Greater Toronto Area, Canada

Happy to have this in the bag. Thanks to Amit Choudhary and the team saasguru and the awesome platform they have built to help guys studying for certs, worth checking out

Dan Edwards Vera Solutions, South Africa

Happy to report that I completed the Salesforce Cert goal! Thank you saasguru for their study material

Eric Sebastian Self Employed, Virginia USA

I am proud to announce that I am now a Salesforce Certified System Administrator. Thank you for the excellent study material saasguru

Stefan Gavric Vivant, Bosnia and Herzegovina

The team at saasguru thank you for the excellent study materials and revision test

Edith Kemboi Asset Compliance Inc, Kenya

    Program Fee

    total admission fee

    Salesforce Platform Developer 1 Training

    INR 9,500 (+GST)

    Salesforce Platform Developer 1 Training + Capstone Project

    INR 14,000(+GST)

    Salesforce Platform Developer 1 Capstone Project

    INR 4500(+GST)

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    Frequently asked questions

    Everything you need to know about the saasguru

    Salesforce is the world’s #1 customer relationship management (CRM) platform. It helps your marketing, sales, commerce, service and IT teams work as one from anywhere — so you can keep your customers happy everywhere. As a cloud platform, Salesforce offers a wide range of products and solutions for SMEs (small and medium enterprises) and large companies to build better businesses with highly developed and customized apps that integrate well with multiple 3rd party applications. Salesforce also has various industrialized offerings such as Financial Cloud, Health Cloud, IOT Cloud, and so on.

    Professionals in job roles related to development, leadership, management, and end-users are now eager to learn Salesforce, as more and more businesses are adopting it.

    The Salesforce platform dominates the world market, with over 150,000 companies powering their business growth with Salesforce. From small businesses to tech giants like Google and Facebook, firms are using their suite of services and products to solve business problems. Industries across the spectrum have adopted Salesforce for their everyday processes and work needs. Salesforce jobs are plenty, and the scope for Salesforce careers is vast

    According to the IDC White Paper Published in Sep 2021 (

    Salesforce Economy Will Create 9.3 Million Jobs and $1.6 Trillion in New Business Revenues by 2026.



    4 top reasons for choosing a career in Salesforce:

    • Guaranteed jobs with offers in big companies: with many companies adopting to Salesforce to drive their digital transformations, IT organizations are struggling to find people with Salesforce skills. With a high demand in the market, the potential to land in a Salesforce job is very high with a decent salary package.
    • Future proof with skills aligned with trends: Salesforce has been a pioneer in the CRM industry and has always been a leader in when it comes to reinventing their platform. People working on Salesforce technologies constantly upgrade their skills is with the growing needs of the digital world. With the varied courses provided online, people can keep up with the latest skills and upgrade their skill sets. Moreover, there are many industry experts who discuss these latest upgrades through their blogs, seminars, learning resources, and conferences.
    • Better earning potential: Given the high demand in the market for Salesforce resources with certifications from reputed organizations, a recent study revealed that an average salary package for a Salesforce Developer as a fresher can earn between 4 to 5 lakhs PA, mid-level experience candidates (2 to 5 years) can earn between 8 to 12 lakhs PA and well experienced candidates with over 7+ years of experience has a potential to make over 20 lakhs PA.

    Improved career prospects: Establishing a career as a Salesforce specialist will require time and dedication, but the payoff will be gratifying. To seek a job in Salesforce, you wouldn’t need a university degree and your talents will keep you motivated and will most likely aid you if you attempt to build a long standing career. As you proceed, you will acquire a wide range of abilities that will determine your level of proficiency.

    There are multiple career paths you can choose on Salesforce which varies from admin, developers, quality analysts, business analysts, to product owners.

    Salesforce Administrator does not need coding or technical knowledge and people with basic analytical and comprehending skills can fare well as system administrators

    For a career in Salesforce development, it does need coding proficiency. As development gets done in Apex, the latter requires some essential programming experience or familiarity with Java, .Net, CSS, Javascript, REST, SOAP, and HTML 5. Those with programming background will find it easier to transition to the Salesforce developer role, while someone new to programming may have a steeper learning curve.

    For this bootcamp training offered by saasguru which combines both Admin and Developer Training, we suggest people with basic coding knowledge to apply for this course. In simple terms Engineering graduates, BCA / MCA graduates may apply for this course. However, if you are an ardent coder, this course shall still be exciting for you.

    Salesforce certifications will define you as an expert in specific areas of Salesforce. Salesforce covers so much functionality and the certification can help to organize your learning efforts. Each certification has its study guide with the listed topics that will be covered, and ultimately it gives you an objective and target for your study.

    saasguru offers instructor led training on Salesforce Platform Developer 1 (PD1) is a 4 weeks certification program with expected time of 12 hours per week.

    The following are the jobs that you are likely to get:

    • Salesforce Lightning Developer
    • Salesforce Technical Lead
    • Salesforce Support and Maintenance Analyst

    Exclusive session recordings will be available through links after each session.

    Every learner will be a part of our exclusive Slack Learner Community, which will be guided by some of the best industry experts. Your queries will be addressed through this group.

    You will continue to be a part of the Slack Community Group for additional 3 months from the time you have completed the training. Beyond that, you will be required to subscribe nominal fee

    saasguru is a leading EdTech platform and are the best Salesforce skilling and certification platform supporting over 20000+ learners on their Salesforce careers by cross-skilling and upskilling. The founders and the team in saasguru have spent the last decade and a half in Salesforce eco system delivering large scale digital transformation engagements for their customers. We are only EdTech platform where we own our Salesforce content and have been designed by some of the best Architects and Trainers of the Salesforce Ohana ecosystem. Some of the key features of the platform include:

    • Byte size learning modules ( sourced from people who have aced the exam)
    • Personalized learning plan
    • Tons of practice through simulated mock practice exams
    • Insights on performance/ exam readiness/ what next
    • Gamified learning connecting learners from across the globe
    • 1 on 1 mentoring from our marketplace of gurus
    • Instructor lead session from our marketplace of gurus

    At the moment, all our training courses are online based training. We will very soon come up with offline based training calendars. Please follow our social media pages to hear from us.

    The training material will be made available for a lifetime for our learners once they have enrolled for the course.

    saasguru will provide our own certification upon successful completion of the program. This certification is well recognized in the industry. For the Salesforce authorized certification will cost additional of $200 USD.

    Please click on the assessment link to schedule a time with our program experts to understand more about the program and career prospects

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