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Salesforce Sharing and Visibility Architect Study Guide 2022

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Salesforce Sharing and Visibility Architect Study Guide 2022

Salesforce Sharing and Visibility Architect Certification Exam Overview

This exam is designed for wannabe architects who wish to show their knowledge of how Salesforce permissions and access are granted and extended. For the B2B Solution Architect certification, it is one of the prerequisites. As a result, it is one of the most sought-after certifications for seasoned Salesforce professionals.

The Importance of Visibility and Sharing Architect Certification Exam

In the Architect pyramid, the Exam is one of four certifications that lead to the Salesforce Certified Application Architect (CAA) credential. The following certifications are included in a CAA: Platform App Builder, Data Platform, Platform Developer 1, and Data Architecture and Management Designer. After earning the Application Architect and Certified System Architect credentials, the candidate can pursue certifications such as the Certified Technical Architect credential, which occupies the very top of the Architect pyramid.

As an administrator, architect, or analyst, if you want to authenticate your knowledge and skills in creating scalable and secure security projects on the lightning platform, the credential of Sharing and Visibility Architect is necessary.

A Salesforce Certified Sharing and Visibility Architect gain the skills necessary to explain cutting-edge solutions to technical stakeholders while delivering a project delivery framework that guarantees quality and satisfies business needs.

Salesforce Sharing and Visibility Architect Exam Prerequisites

Here are some examples of concepts you should be familiar with to pass the exam:

  • Create a Salesforce security and sharing model based on complex requirements.
  • When designing to meet challenging needs, follow best practices and understand which essential Salesforce features to use. 

A candidate for this exam must be able to do the following without assistance: 

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  • Explain the implementation and execution of criteria-based and ownership-based sharing rules.
  • Given a scenario, design suitable object relationships.
  • Explain how organizational defaults can affect a security model.
  • Describe how the Position Hierarchy may influence security model design decisions.
  • Explain how Profile configuration can affect a security and sharing model.
  • Describe the fundamental concepts of role hierarchy, apex sharing, and so on to various audience levels.
  • Explain the differences between record visibility, CRUD-based security, and record-level access.
  • Describe the limitations of declarative capabilities, when an extra customized security solution is required, and the risks involved.

Sharing and Visibility Architect Certification Exam Pattern 

  • This 120-minute exam includes 60 multiple-choice/multi-select questions.
  • The passing grade is 68%, or approximately 40 accurately answered questions.

The registration fee is $400, with a $200 retake fee.

Salesforce Sharing and Visibility Architect Certification Exam Syllabus:-

Declarative Sharing: 76%

  • Given a particular customer scenario, describe the appropriate use and limitations of relevant object and field-level security settings needed to allow and limit users’ access to different types of information.
  • Given a particular customer scenario, apply the relevant settings required for all the declarative platform security features that would ensure proper data access to relevant users.
  • Given a scenario, demonstrate your ability to properly evaluate the use case for and implement teams to ensure the proper visibility and collaboration requirements are implemented.
  • Demonstrate how views and folders can be segmented for different groups using out of box security features, such as groups or roles, in an effective manner while keeping in mind security considerations and how these differ from record-level security considerations.
  • Given a particular customer’s organization hierarchy, describes the impact of role hierarchy on record sharing.
  • Given a scenario that involves external users, describe how the security and sharing setup can be utilized to properly enforce record visibility for different types of community users. Specifically: Internal, Customer Community, Customer Community Plus, Partner Community.
  • Given a particular customer scenario, have an awareness of how Enterprise Territory Management can (or cannot be applied) resolve more complex security requirements.
  • Given a customer’s particular data storage and data residency requirements, have an awareness of solution options in the marketplace that properly leverages the declarative and programmatic security features of Salesforce.
  • Given an Architect’s design and configuration of the sharing and security model, describe the methods of validating the sharing and visibility.
  • Given a scenario that involves file sharing, describe how files are shared and secured in Salesforce and what are the different options to storing files securely in Salesforce.

Performance and Scalability: 7%

    • Given a particular complex customer org setup, design a security model that is maintainable at a large scale

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Programmatic Sharing: 17%

  • Given a scenario, design a solution that leverages programmatic sharing functionalities to achieve a requirement that cannot be met using declarative functionality.
  • Given a scenario, describe how to minimize security risks in programmatic customizations (Apex, Visualforce, Lightning Component) relative to data visibility.
  • Demonstrate how to properly design unit tests to verify programmatic security solutions.
  • Demonstrate how to properly enforce Object and Field level permission when designing Programmatic Solutions.

Preparation Tips for Salesforce Sharing and Visibility Architect Certification Exam- 

  1. Salesforce recommends work experience, training course completion, self-study, and Trailhead modules in the aspects mentioned in the syllabus.
  2. This exam requires the following self-study materials-  Sharing and Visibility Trailmix. For beginners, Trailhead is the best starting point for their Salesforce journey. 
  3. Utilize your Salesforce application, then navigate to the Help & Training link in the topmost right corner of the screen (login required), and lookup for the courses you want.
  4. Begin by searching for the concepts given in the syllabus and studying the information contained in online User Guides, Documentation, and Tip Sheets. 

Summing Up

The most crucial part of the Salesforce Sharing and Visibility Architect certification prep is the practice exams. Avoid dumps and rely on your progress as per the practice exams. To get micro modules, topic tests, and practice exams in one place, Sign Up on saasguru now and begin your cert prep journey. 

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