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Top 5 Salesforce Gamification Apps

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Top 5 Salesforce Gamification Apps

Salesforce has been rapidly changing the business landscape. Salesforce CRM and cloud services are now integral parts of so many businesses. Salesforce CRM helps improve online sales and build brands through better customer service.

But, soon, businesses realized that implementing Salesforce in the organization was not enough!

Some businesses found that their sales team is dedicated to their sales work but does not care about logging in to Salesforce to take advantage of it. They needed to gain awareness of the salesforce features and required constant follow-up to log customer info in the CRM. Some sales personnel found Salesforce overwhelming and did not wish to adopt the change. So, it reduced sales productivity. 

Businesses can only make the most out of Salesforce if these problems are addressed. This is where Salesforce gamification comes into the picture. Salesforce gamification addresses all these problems and makes Salesforce interesting for users.

How does Gamification Help Increase Sales Productivity?

Salesforce gamification apps improve the engagement of the sales team with Salesforce and gamify all daily tasks like logging in customer information. It incentivizes daily action-takers like in games and works as a virtual coach to train employees about various Salesforce features.

This is the reason Salesforce gamification has been rapidly growing. The Salesforce gamification industry was valued at around 5.8 billion USD in 2018 and is estimated to grow at 30.31% CAGR by 2024. The main driving force for this growth is the increasing inclination of businesses toward gamification, as it can increase productivity.

As per Salesforce numbers, out of all the companies that applied Salesforce gamification apps, 90.4% witnessed increasing sales productivity.

There are so many Salesforce gamification apps that can increase the productivity of the sales team. In this post, we are going to discuss such gamification apps and how they can improve sales productivity.

Here we will discuss some notable gamification apps in detail and their benefits on sales productivity. 

So, here’s how Salesforce gamification apps boost productivity.

Organize Healthy Competition Among your Teammates with Level Eleven

Level Eleven is one of the most famous Salesforce gamification apps. It is based on the cloud and designed specifically for Salesforce. It is designed keeping in mind the basic instincts of humans, like their competitive nature and striving to be recognized in society.

Key Features

  • Level Eleven involves contests for daily actions and leaderboards to provide recognition. The basic idea of this app is to actively engage the employees on Salesforce and make them habituated with daily operational tasks on the Salesforce platform.
  • Level Eleven gamifies the sales process. It provides a personal scorecard for every sales team member So that they can keep track of their sales. It provides more features for upper management, like managers getting activity snapshots of all the actions taken by the team members.
  • One more important feature provided by Level Eleven is that it makes a smooth onboarding process for the new employees with training materials.


  • Over the long term, all the employees get habituated to using the Salesforce platform and improve their selling productivity with the help of healthy competition among peers.
  • Level Eleven provides virtual coaching material for new and existing employees. The gaming experience makes their learning enjoyable in Level Eleven. This is how employees can improve their knowledge and performance.

So, this is how Level Eleven improves sales productivity in the organization. Now we will see another Salesforce gaming app.

If you are Having Hard Time Tracking Team Progress, the Centrical App is the Solution for You.

Earlier known as GamEffective, Centrical is a very useful Salesforce gamification app that improves the overall performance of employees.

Key Features

  • Centrical enables business owners to set organizational goals and parameters and keep track of the goals and performance of all the team members.
  • The employer can closely monitor the performance of team members and provide them with points and badges for their achievements in Centrical.
  • The role of centrical is extensive. It helps employers identify the top-performing people in the team and help employees with additional training who are lagging.
  • Centrical helps employees identify their improvement areas and provides them with suggestions for their growth. So, this app creates a win-win situation for both employees and employers.
  • Centrical leverages AI technology to identify improvement areas in the organization. The business owner can set competition and milestones for the improvement of employees.
  • Centrical provides improvement suggestions and feedback to management and team members.

Celebrate the Success of Your Teammates on Digital Screens with Hoopla

Hoopla is similar to Level Eleven, which uses leaderboards and competition to improve sales productivity. But Hoopla requires less investment than Level Eleven.

But, unlike Level Eleven, Hoopla is directly accessible from Salesforce, and Hoopla uses Salesforce data to display on the leaderboards.

Key Features

  • In Hoopla, employees can create leaderboards and arrange competitions on various matrices like sales conversion and lead generation as per requirement. Employees can challenge other employees in various challenges that boost their confidence and improve their performance.
  • Whatever employees achieve is displayed on all the digital screens of the organization like a newsflash with the name of the employee. Likewise, winner names are also displayed on the screen.
  • It provides recognition to that employee and motivates others to take action.
  • Hoopla also provides mobile apps. It makes it convenient for all the employees, especially remote workers, without access to the system.

So, with the help of mobile apps and team competitions, organizations can create more engagement with remote workers and create a stronger bond with them, which will improve the overall performance of the organization.

Quantify the Productivity of Your Teammates with Prodoscore and Help them Identify Improvement Areas

As the name suggests, Prodoscore is the scoring app that provides the scoring for the productivity of the employees in Salesforce. It can be integrated with Salesforce to capture the daily activities of the employees on the Salesforce platform.

It is very challenging to keep track of the performance of all the team members when the team is big. It is more challenging to identify performance on an individual level. The Prodoscore app solves this problem.

Key Features

  • Prodoscore leverages the latest technologies like AI and machine learning to score performance. It also combines NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Program) to provide accurate performance scores for each employee.
  • Prodoscore keeps track of all the activities of the employees and converts them into a score. This provides employers with a detailed report of the performance of employees and where they require improvement.
  • Prodoscore addresses problems faced by employees in their daily tasks and provides improvement areas and coaching if necessary.

So, this is how Prodoscore transforms sales and the overall productivity of the organization.

Ambition App is The Best Coach to Build Your Team

Ambition is the Salesforce gamification app that provides employees coaching and daily actionable tasks for their improvement. The best way of learning is by doing it; Ambition works on that principle.

Key Features

  • The Ambition app facilitates group coaching and one-on-one coaching sessions for team members and provides them with practical tasks and small competitions for implementing theories. This is how Ambition makes learning a fun activity.
  • Ambition can be easily integrated with Salesforce, and it gets access to organization data to understand the requirements of the organization. Then Ambition creates actionable tasks that suit the requirements of the organization.

This is how the Ambition app provides organizations with well-trained talent that can take up any challenges and achieve organizational goals.

Summing Up

So, that’s all about Salesforce gamification apps and how they can transform your sales productivity. We covered the top 5 Salesforce gamification apps and discussed in detail how they improve the overall productivity of the organization.

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Needless to say, Salesforce is very useful for every organization, and it is going to play a significant role in the future. But the challenging part is the implementation of Salesforce and making employees used to the Salesforce platform. Then only the organization can get the maximum benefits of investment in Salesforce. Salesforce gamification fills this gap and makes Salesforce usage interesting for the team members.

We hope we cleared all the points regarding Salesforce gamification apps. Still, if you have any doubts, connect with us via the saasguru Slack community and interact with seasoned Salesforce professionals.

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