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User Interface Settings in Salesforce

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User Interface Settings in Salesforce [🎥 Video Included]

The User Interface Settings can be found and governed from the Salesforce setup by searching the “user interface” and navigating to the “user interface” option. The page includes settings related to the user interface, sidebars, calendars, name, settings, setup, and some advanced settings.

Let us take a closer look at some of these settings:

user interface settings in salesforce

  1. Enabling collapsable sections allows users to collapse or span sections on the record details page.
  2. The “show quick create” option allows users to create records with minimal information by leveraging the “quick create” area on the tap cum page.
  3. Enabling “hover details” allows users to view record details by hovering on the record link.
  4. Enabling related lists and cover links allow users to view related information, including the number of records for each related object.
  5. Enabling “in-line editing” lets users edit field values from the record’s detail page without clicking on the edit button.
  6. Enabling the tab organiser arranges the tab in the main tab to prevent horizontal scrolling off the page.
  7. Other key settings include enabling the collapsible sidebar, which allows users to show or hide the sidebar on each page the sidebar is included.
  8. The “show custom” sidebar option makes the sidebar components on custom home pages available for all users.
  9. Enabling the “enhanced page layout editor” enables an enhanced feature-rich editor that replaces the existing interface for editing page layouts.
  10. Activating the “extended mail merge” option makes the mail merge link available in the tools area on the homepage for leads, accounts and contacts.

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Let us take a look at some of these features in action:

user interface settings in salesforce

  1. Once “in-line editing” has been enabled, users can see a pencil icon next to each editable field.
  2. Users can click on these icons to edit these records without clicking on the edit button.
  3. Users can hover over the lookup field to view details of the records. In our case, hovering over the account name gives all the account details, and hovering over the opportunity owner field gives details of the opportunity owner user.
  4. The related quick links show the items in the related list and their record count.
  5. Hovering over these links shows the first few records under that related list. Users can click on view all or directly open a related record from here.

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We hope the concept of the User Interface Settings in Salesforce is clear to you. If you still have queries related to the User Interface Settings, we are here to help you out in our slack channel.

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