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Benefits of Learning Salesforce in 2022

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Benefits of Learning Salesforce in 2022

Holding a Salesforce certification accomplishes several objectives, such as showcasing a particular set of abilities and expertise, letting recruiters recognize your aptitude and experience, and arming you with the necessary information and awareness of the Salesforce ecosystem.

If you have a Salesforce certification, potential employers will feel comfortable hiring you. It will look promising if you have credentials on your resume rather than simple paragraphs trying to persuade the company about your learning and experience. If you have the certification in hand when looking for work, you’ll stand out from the crowd and have the edge over others.

Getting Started with Salesforce

Starting with the Salesforce certification exam preparation can be overwhelming if you are a beginner. If that is the case, you should aim to clear the Salesforce Administrator Certification Exam before any other. It will enable you to have the basic concepts about the platform, its design, data model, etc. 

Furthermore, it is the prerequisite for most of the other advanced certifications, which means without Admin certification, you will not be able to even register for those exams. It is quite obvious because to appear for those exams, your foundation must be strong. Hence, Salesforce Administrator is the first step on the Salesforce certifications ladder. Admin certification will open doors for higher-level certifications and help you understand how the Salesforce platform functions. 

And as a rule of thumb, irrespective of your educational background, you should start your Salesforce journey with Trailhead modules and projects. Trailhead has specially curated trails for Admins such as Admin Basic, Intermediate and Advanced. So, you can learn them one after the another. 

Apart from Trailhead, there are tons of resources available online such as Salesforce Help Articles, YouTube videos, blogs, and of course, certification preparation courses. As a fresher, you must look for a course that provides the study material and mock exams. Practice tests are the key to passing the Salesforce certification exam. So, once you have mastered the basics, test your knowledge by attempting practice exams and tracking your progress. 

When you enter the Salesforce ecosystem as an Admin, you can aim for higher-level certifications when ready. You can choose any career path you aspire to be like, Developer, Architect, Consultant, etc. Trailhead’s portal called ‘Getting Started with Salesforce’ is the right place to start your Salesforce journey.

Become a Salesforce Certified Professional

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Salesforce Certification Advantages

Salesforce implementation partners are constantly looking out to improve their Salesforce partner level due to the ongoing competition. Salesforce AppExchange lists all the details of a partner, such as the industry or Salesforce products they specialize in, the number of certified professionals they have, what expertise they hold, etc.

Partners stand a decent chance of winning customers if they have many certified consultants working with them. That displays the credibility of the organization. So, getting started with Salesforce and earning the certification will showcase your competency to the recruiter and help you get your dream job in the Salesforce ecosystem. 

Consider these benefits of the Salesforce certification.

1. Advanced Skills

Every role in the Salesforce ecosystem requires a specific certification. Aim for and earn the certification that aligns with your dream role to grab the job opportunities. As the demand for Salesforce professionals increases, the certification prepares you for the specialized Salesforce requirements. 

Moreover, the certification shows your skills to potential employers. It validates that you are knowledgeable enough to handle platform admin tasks effectively. There are several prerequisites and competencies to be eligible to take the Salesforce certification test, pass it, and receive the certification. The certificate demonstrates your understanding and knowledge of the abilities.

2. Practical Experience

When you are preparing for your Salesforce credential, you get the in-demand hands-on experience as well. You wonder how? The Trailhead includes numerous projects that allow you to get your hands dirty with the platform. Also, with the developer edition environment, you can play around, familiarize yourself with features, and customize them. Once you have this invaluable experience and know how to traverse the platform, it enhances the value of your resume and work profile. 

The journey of earning the Salesforce certification teaches you a lot about the platform and the kind of projects you are expected to work on. You also gain some work experience before giving the certification exam. So, earning the certification helps you in handling complex tasks and projects.

3. Employer Satisfaction 

The Salesforce certification helps employers select the candidates with the most appropriate and suitable skills and qualifications. Earning the certification gives you brownie points. While preparing for the certification exam, work on real-life projects, and take a stab at Trailhead Superbadges; they test your knowledge with real-life scenarios. And don’t forget to mention them on your LinkedIn profile and resume. Doing so will help you stand out from the crowd and catch the eye of employers and companies. 

Possessing a Salesforce certification demonstrates your ability to successfully assist your firm in customizing and optimizing its Salesforce platform. Additionally, it reflects your ability to meet the company’s precise requirements.

4. Platform Mastery

Your organization gains from your certification and expertise in numerous ways. Your efforts are valued, and the platform benefits your clients and customers. Accomplishing business needs effectively also requires an understanding of the Salesforce platform. 

Getting the Salesforce certification will help you completely grasp and master the platform. You learn how to use the platform and create scalable solutions quickly and efficiently during the certification preparation. As a result, you can navigate the application and respond to consumer requests rapidly.

5. Better Job Prospects

We anticipate that the Salesforce ecosystem will continue to grow years down the line. Therefore, as businesses continue to switch to Salesforce, there will be a greater need for trained professionals. 

You can negotiate a higher wage, seek a promotion, and look into better employment options by obtaining Salesforce certifications.

Get your Salesforce Certifications on the first go

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Summing Up

In many companies, there is a lack of skilled Salesforce resources and workforce. Even if they have experienced professionals, they are caught up with priority projects so training a new team is one of the biggest challenges companies face today. 

Therefore, there is a massive demand for certified and qualified Salesforce professionals. If you are thinking about stepping into the cloud CRM world, Salesforce is the way to go.

Decide which certification is best for your career, then enroll in a Salesforce training session with saasguru to become certified.

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