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Best Short Term Courses with High Salary in India 2022

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Best Short Term Courses with High Salary in India 2022

Are you looking for short courses that can lead to good job opportunities in India? Go through the blog and get a basic understanding of the top job-oriented courses and compare them to your interest which suits you more. You can take one of these short courses to upgrade your skills and learn new, in-demand ones in a matter of weeks!

Employers like it when you show commitment to developing your career. Studies show that demonstrating you’ve done training on your own time would improve an employer’s perceptions of your application. It’s really important that you build job-ready skills, whether you have prior experience or not. If you have experience, then updating your skills and knowledge is essential too. Every day, the level of competition considerably rises. New technological trends are transforming the way we do things. You need to polish your skills even if you have experience in the field. Try to get certified in high-demand skills. Don’t worry. We will discuss courses that can be completed at your own pace.

The following job-focused short courses will help you learn useful new skills in fields where employees are now in dire need. These courses can unquestionably aid you in acquiring a new job competently, moving into a new career, or even pursuing a promotion. We purposely featured the best options where if you have passion and mindset, you can be the best at it and land a good job in India.

The Best Courses To Get You A Good Job in India

When industries require years of experience, it may seem hard to acquire all the abilities and credentials needed for the profession you’re interested in. 

Fortunately, quality short courses are available that can provide you with the necessary skill sets and prepare you for the job market in a few weeks. Let’s learn more about it.

1. Amazon Web Services Courses

The AWS platform is sweeping the IT industry. AWS is the most adaptable and safe cloud computing platform currently available. The security needs of the military, significant banks, and other highly sensitive institutions are met by Amazon’s core infrastructure. AWS certification courses are one of the on-demand and highly marketable skill-developing courses that help you learn and prepare for the career you wish to pursue. Professionals who complete AWS certification training often work on an organisation’s IT team and provide workflow improvement solutions. Thus there are more chances than ever before for AWS-certified experts.

a. AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Course

The goal of this course is to get candidates ready for the “AWS-certified Solution Architect – Associate” certification exam. Although you won’t be asked to go further into architecture scenarios on the test, at the associate level, you should be familiar with the breadth and length of the majority of AWS services across all categories, including computing, networking, storage, and databases. With brief summaries, advice, and many practice questions, this program will try to achieve that goal. 

If you’re confused about where to start, we can help you. You can learn the skills you need to get certified from the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Course.

b. AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Course

Anyone with a foundational understanding of the AWS platform can take the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner course. We advise that you have six months of experience using the AWS Cloud, a fundamental understanding of IT services and how they are used in the AWS Cloud platform, familiarity with the key AWS services, and an awareness of how the cloud affects your organisation before taking the test. Regardless of your position, this on-demand course will assist you in learning the basics of the AWS Cloud.

We suggest you start with an AWS Learning Plan if you are a beginner searching for a clear starting point to help you create a career or learn how to deploy a solution in the AWS Cloud. Check out our AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Course and take your first step to pursue a good career without delay.

2. Salesforce Courses

If you’re searching for short courses that lead to building an excellent career, then Salesforce courses will be the best option for you. Why? There is a great need for Salesforce specialists now. Since there are severe skill shortages, more and more businesses are now looking to hire talent, which is where you can showcase and win a greater career opportunity.

Explore saasguru Salesforce Certification Courses to get a brief idea about what we offer to begin your journey as a Salesforce professional that is in high demand.

3. Salesforce Bootcamp by saasguru

saasguru provides its industrial expertise for those wishing to grow their career in Salesforce with its specialised Salesforce Bootcamp focuses on skills and placements. If you are searching for short courses that are assured of getting you a good job opportunity, this would be the one! You will get the opportunity to learn from the top Salesforce professionals by attending this course which is only 80 hours duration. Within 8 weeks, you will learn and be able to build your own showcase project. 

Salesforce Bootcamp

Moreover, you will get access to saasguru’s expert panel of Salesforce employers. If you have the right passion for it, you can achieve a 3 months work experience certificate which will be a great asset to your resume or portfolio. This Bootcamp will focus on developing 3 core skills- Salesforce skills, Working on a Salesforce project, and Succeeding as a professional. To meet the gurus and understand the learning plan, check out the saasguru Job Guarantee Salesforce Bootcamp page now and check out the prog ready to take your Salesforce career to the next level.

4. Meta Front-End & Back-End Developer Courses

a. Front-End Developer

If you have a passion for learning how to code and pursue a profession creating stunning websites, then this course from Meta will be the right one for you. You will be prepared for a job as a front-end developer by taking this course created by Meta’s software engineering professionals.

b. Back-End Developer

The website’s brilliance happens on the back end by the Back End Developers. The technology that allows the user-facing portion of the website to exist is built and maintained by them. After finishing the back-end developer course, you’ll receive career credentials from Meta to add to your portfolio and résumé. 

Career certificates might make you feel more confident and offer you an edge when applying for employment.

5. Google Digital Marketing Course

Without prior experience or a formal college degree, get ready for a new profession in the rapidly expanding sectors of digital marketing and e-commerce in less than six months. More than ever, businesses require expertise in digital marketing and e-commerce. According to 86% of company executives, it will be the main driver of development.

You will learn how to use products and platforms like Canva, Constant Contact, Google Ads, Google Analytics, Hootsuite, HubSpot, Mailchimp, Shopify, and Twitter while gaining in-demand skills that will prepare you for an entry-level career. You will receive instruction from Google subject-matter experts and the option to create your own portfolio of work, which you can display to prospective employers, including consumer personas and social media calendars.

Explore Google’s Digital Garage and learn how you can make the most of online opportunities.


When choosing a career path, you need to think, is this the one where you can pursue a career that has a chain of growth possibilities and never lose the enthusiasm of a first-timer to learn? We shouldn’t only consider the courses based on the easiest to get. Sit down and take a few minutes to write down what you love and your passion, and always choose what suits you the best. Good Luck!

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