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How Do Certifications Help Advance Your Career? Saasguru

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Are certifications really worth the effort? Yes! Being certified tells your employers, members of your professional community, and literally everyone around you that you have the knowledge and know-how to use it. Certifications are evidence that you take your profession seriously, which can help you find your dream job or land you new opportunities and increased remuneration in your existing employment.


How Do Certifications Work?

Certifications are the ultimate benchmark in recognising your knowledge, skills, expertise, and real-world application of those assets across your chosen SaaS platform. Certification programs typically involve the provider (technology owner) sharing a study guide and/or exam guidelines. These two artifacts will usually outline the topics you should be familiar with before sitting the certification exam and the weighting of each topic, so you know the impact of each on your final score and how to plan your study. You will also find exams rules such as duration, location, webcam requirements (if sitting the exam virtually), any prerequisite study or qualifications you must have before taking the exam, and of course, what score you will need to pass.


Here are five reasons why getting certified, and staying certified, is crucial for your career:


1. Greater Employment Opportunities.

One of the most apparent benefits of attaining certifications is increased employment prospects. Being certified will give you an advantage compared to other candidates who aren’t. Competition for great roles is always tough. Being able to include recognition of your professional knowledge on your CV is a real plus; some employers value certification so highly they won’t consider applicants without them.


2. Certification Often Helps You Earn More.

Certifications are just helpful in landing your dream job; they can also be lucrative for you as you progress your career. Being certified demonstrates your commitment to your career and chosen technologies. Being certified also reflects a willingness to invest in your future. Employers are keen to retain people who invest in themselves and demonstrate they are keeping up to date with the movements in their chosen technology. According to Global Knowledge’s 2020 IT Skills and Salary Report earning a certification can raise your salary upwards of $12,000 a year.


3. Advancement in Your Career.

Progression opportunities are another area where being certified is a real plus. Individuals wanting to progress within their existing company or land a better job with higher pay at another company need recognised skills and knowledge. Studying for and achieving a new certification or advanced certification helps you learn new features and functions, skills, and knowledge for a more specialised role.


4. Staying Up to date.

The benefits of certification aren’t limited to landing a job or earning more. Many certificate providers require you to re-certify at regular intervals; for example, Salesforce requires re-certification annually. By keeping your certifications up to date, you show the world that your knowledge is current, relevant, and your skills cover your chosen technology’s latest features and functions.


5. Inclusion In Your Professional Community & Giving Back.

As a learner, you will be amazed at the level of support and help available when you begin your certification journey. Just about every technology has online and physical groups and forums you can participate in to evolve your learning, build relationships and professional networks, and seek information and expertise from those who have travelled this road before you. Working with your peers can add some fun to your study and provide excellent support when the path isn’t as straightforward. Once you’ve mastered a few topics yourself, you’ll have the opportunity to give back and build up the next wave of learners.



Here at saasguru, we supercharge your cert prep! We are building the world’s best cert prep platform; our initial programs will focus on Salesforce, UI Path, and ServiceNow. If you aspire to achieve your first certification or renew an existing certificate, we will be online and ready soon to help you blitz your exam prep. If you want to be the first to know when we launch, click here.


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