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Salesforce Certification Maintenance – Everything You Need to Know

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Salesforce Certification Maintenance - Everything You Need to Know

While it is crucial to earning Salesforce certification for your career growth, it is equally important to maintain your Salesforce certification periodically. To maintain your Salesforce certification, you need to complete Trailhead maintenance modules for each of the certifications. For example, if you are Salesforce Certified Administrator, you have to complete the corresponding Salesforce Administrator module before the due date of completion. If you fail to complete the Trailhead module, your hard-earned certification will become invalid. 

The idea of bringing the maintenance module is that by attending the maintenance Trailhead module, you should get up to date with current happenings in your certification domain. Besides gaining knowledge, it helps you add more Trailhead badges to your portfolio.

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Earlier, before Spring ’20, one should need to maintain certifications thrice a year. Salesforce has revised its certification maintenance policy, and now, one should be required to complete the module once a year to keep their Salesforce certifications active. All the Salesforce maintenance exams are free of cost.

How to Check the Maintenance Details?

There are multiple ways to check your pending maintenance tracks. 

  • The simplest way is to go to the Trailhead profile ( If you have any certification maintenance pending, there should be a red mark near your current certificate. In the below diagram, the green marks say the certificate has been maintained for the current year. Yes, the indication is clear, Green is active, and Red is Due. Please make sure that your Webassessor and Trailhead accounts are linked properly.

Salesforce Certification Maintenance - Everything You Need to Know

In the below diagram, it is evident that the maintenance is due. Further, go down. There is a link (Here in this example, ‘Administrator Certification Maintenance Spring’ 22) Module’), click over there, which will guide you to your maintenance Trailhead module and complete the module exercise. That’s all! You are done now!

Salesforce Certification Maintenance - Everything You Need to Know

  • The second way to check your maintenance details is to head to the trailhead Credential Verification Service. 


Salesforce Certification Maintenance - Everything You Need to Know

Enter your Webassessor-linked email id and request for status update ( The second option in the above diagram). You will get notified in your email with all the certification statuses. The below diagram shows how you will receive the status of each certification maintenance in your mailbox.

Salesforce Certification Maintenance - Everything You Need to Know

For certain higher-level certifications, you do not require to finish a separate maintenance module. For example, suppose you are a certified Salesforce Advanced Administrator. In that case, once you complete the maintenance of the Salesforce Administrator examination successfully, your Salesforce Advanced Administrator certification will automatically become active.

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Summing Up

As a best practice, completing all the maintenance modules at least one month before the due date is always advisable. If you fail to maintain the certification, other than losing the certification credential, your hard work to gain a certificate will go in vain. You will need to spend 200 USD or 400 USD again to write the exam. 

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