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How much are Salesforce employees paid in the USA?

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how much are salesforce employees paid in the usa

Salesforce is the market leader in CRM services and is still growing tremendously. Salesforce enjoys a 19.4% market share in the CRM industry which is higher than the combined market share of the next four players in the CRM. This shows the unmatchable strength of Salesforce in the market.

Not just that, Salesforce expects steady growth in CRM and cloud services in the next 5 years. Because of its customized services, Salesforce meets the requirements of all organizations, from small to large sizes. So, what does that explain to you?

It means that your future is very secure working with Salesforce, and so many job opportunities are lined up for you in the future if you have decided to pursue the path of Salesforce. Even if you are a fresher or already working with Salesforce, the Salesforce ecosystem has so much to offer you.

Salesforce is spread across the globe and provides enormous opportunities worldwide. But the USA is undoubtedly the most sought destination for all the aspirants looking for jobs in Salesforce to make their career safe, secure, and well-paid.

Salesforce does not just pay well in the USA but also takes care of employee well-being and the overall development of the professional. It helps Salesforce achieve common goals, and employees get a better life.

Now, let us check the salaries of Salesforce employees in the USA. You must also note that salaries depend on many factors and vary accordingly, although we can get an average pay scale of the Salesforce professionals. Some of the factors include the role and experience of the employee, the location, the company you are associated with, and your designation. In this post, we will discuss the common figures to help you give a brief idea of Salesforce salaries in the USA.

Before looking into salaries, we will briefly examine different types of jobs at Salesforce and their roles.

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Types of Salesforce Jobs in the USA

Salesforce offers different roles and responsibilities in the Salesforce ecosystem, ranging from CRM to subscription-based cloud services. There are three broad categories of Salesforce jobs; Salesforce Admins, Salesforce Consultants, and Salesforce Developers.

The average entry-level job in Salesforce pays 49,000 USD per annum. Payments for these jobs vary as per their roles, responsibilities, and seniority. We will discuss all significant Salesforce jobs here.

Salesforce Administrators

If you are preparing for any Salesforce certification exams or working in the Salesforce ecosystem, you might be aware that Salesforce Administrators possess complete knowledge of all the features of the Salesforce platform and products. They can customize Salesforce services as per the requirements of the clients and manage the accounts of all the users working in the organization.

Salesforce Consultants

Salesforce Consultants provide marketing and support roles for clients. They know everything in and out of Salesforce and guide the clients on the Salesforce platform. So that clients can get maximum benefits out of their investment. They play a crucial role in business development and brand building for Salesforce.

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Salesforce Developers

Salesforce Developers develop software on the Salesforce platform. They possess coding knowledge and experience in software development. They are in high demand and certified Salesforce Developers are paid a very decent amount in the USA. We will discuss how much they are paid in the later part of this post.

Salesforce CRM and Project Managers

Salesforce CRM and Project Managers are essential job roles paid well in the USA. Salesforce Project Managers are responsible for handling the projects on Salesforce, while Salesforce CRM Managers take care of the Salesforce database and business processes to ensure the optimum use of Salesforce CRM.

Salesforce Technical Architect

Salesforce Technical Architect is one of the top-level jobs in Salesforce, and it is a dream job for every Salesforce aspirant. Salesforce Technical Architects supervise the project and bring their vast knowledge across multiple platforms, including Salesforce. They can increase their payment by 50% after certification.

We will have a look at their average salary in the USA for these different Salesforce job roles.

Average Salary of Different Salesforce Jobs

Here we have provided the average per annum salary for different roles in Salesforce.


Job Role

Average Salary/ Annum in USD


Salesforce Administrator

~91,000 USD


Salesforce Consultant

~95,500 – 139,000 USD


Salesforce Developer

~115,000 USD


Salesforce CRM manager

~130,000 – 150,000 USD


Salesforce Project manager

~135,000 – 190,000 USD


Salesforce Development manager

~165,000 USD


Salesforce Technical Architect

~ 145,000 – 220,000 USD

Salesforce Business Analyst

~ 85,000 USD

Summing Up

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So, that’s all about how much Salesforce employees are paid in the USA. Certified Salesforce employees are paid well in the market. Even if you are new to the Salesforce ecosystem, you should aim for the basic certifications. Entry-level jobs like order management executives are paid an average of 49,000 USD. So, if you are not certified yet, your aim should be to get certified before finding jobs in Salesforce. Try downloading the Salesforce Learning App for Android / Salesforce Learning App for iOS for a comfortable learning experience with saasguru. Get certification ready in as little as 2 weeks – Set Goal, Get AI Powered Personalized Plan, Track Your Cert Readiness and much more.

We hope we have cleared all your doubts regarding salaries in Salesforce. But, if you wish to know more about it or looking forward to learning about certification exams, we will be delighted to assist you. Sign up with saasguru, Now!

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