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FREE Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant Practice Exam

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FREE Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant Practice Exam by saasguru

Sales Cloud in Salesforce is used to connect with prospective and existing customers. It consists of modules such as Leads, Contacts, Accounts, Forecasting, Opportunities, etc., to manage sales operations. It is one of the most reliable CRM tools for analyzing and creating revenue through the sales cycle by allowing users to handle customer relationships effectively. 

Salesforce is a popular CRM offering both Sales and Service cloud solutions. To implement Sales cloud solutions, you need to be proficient with all the modules and features and know in and out of the product. Salesforce conducts the Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant certification exam to test your knowledge and validate your expertise. Once you earn this certification, you are regarded as a Sales Cloud expert.

The competition in the cloud computing industry, especially in the CRM space, is expanding like anything and will continue to do so in the near future. So, to stand out from the crowd and earn the certification, you need a lot of practice and hard work.

What is the Salesforce Sales Cloud Practice Exam?

The Salesforce Sales Cloud certification exam is curated, taking into consideration the actual certification exam pattern and outline. Hence it becomes challenging because it is not just technical knowledge but also requires knowledge about implementation strategies and best practices. So to ensure that the candidate is ready to appear for the exam and job-ready, many platforms provide practice exams.

The Salesforce Sales Cloud Practice Exam is designed to prepare the candidate for the final exam day. The practice exam has different sets of questions with explanations. The candidates need to solve the questions within the stipulated time.

The difficulty level of the questions in this practice exam is at par with the actual exam. 

Practice Exam includes topic tests that are focussed on exam sections and objectives. These help the students strategize their section-wise preparation for the certification exam.

Why Should You Take the Sales Cloud Certification Practice Exam?

Many learners look for shortcuts to pass the exam, and others blindly follow the exam dumps. There are still a few who simply memorize the concepts and never practice them. Yes, these kinds do exist! None of them will achieve success. To do that, a strategic study plan is necessary that involves solving as many questions as possible by giving mock and practice exams.

Attempting practice exams will help you evaluate your understanding of the concepts and highlight your areas of improvement. Based on your score in the practice exam, you can go further with your study plan with a better overview of your preparation. You will know what areas you need to work on and what areas are your strengths.

Salesforce Mock Exams

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Memorizing the content will not help you in solving scenario-based questions. You will need to solve different scenario-based questions to prepare the technical concepts effectively. So, practice exams help you strengthen your practical knowledge. It can prove to be valuable during your Salesforce interview.

Solving questions on time will prepare you for the pressure and situation of the actual exam day. It will help you gain confidence, and you will be able to complete the exam well in time. 

Based on your performance in the practice exam, you will know what kind of questions to solve first in the exam and which ones to leave for review. 

What is Included in the FREE Sales Cloud Consultant Practice Exam?

The Free Sales Cloud Consultant Practice Exam covers concepts provided in the actual exam guide, according to the official weightings of each section, to provide you with a real exam experience. You can expect the following types of questions in the Practice Exams.

  • Conceptual Questions: Based on best practices and functionality
  • Setup Questions: Related to each CRM setup and functionality
  • Scenario-based Questions: To test your professional advice as the Sales Cloud Consultant
  • Comparative Questions: To select the best Salesforce practices from a set of potential solutions
  • Functionality Questions: Related to the use of automation tools and products

If you are attempting the topic tests to know your readiness regarding each topic, then the timing and number of questions might differ from the actual exam. It is because topic tests prepare you for a specific concept.

Who can take up this FREE Sales Cloud Consultant Practice Exam?

Salesforce admins who wish to climb the Salesforce ladder can take the Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant practice exam to test their knowledge and readiness. 

And some others as follows::-

About FREE Sales Cloud Consultant Practice Exam by saasguru

The free Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant practice exam provided by the saasguru platform is curated by accomplished professionals who have years of experience in the Salesforce ecosystem. Industry experts frame the questions and explanations with clarity so that the learners don’t have to look out for dumps and multiple other resources to practice questions. 

The quality of content and questions is not the only unique thing about the saasguru’s free practice exams. You can mark the questions to review for later, get a performance score based on each section, mark the questions as your favorite to revise later, and add valuable details to your existing knowledge from the explanations of each question. 

After completing the free mock exam on saasguru, you can enjoy several other benefits by upgrading your access to the pro version, that opens the door to the following features:-

  1. Flashcards for revision
  2. 1:1 mentoring session with a guru
  3. Micro modules
  4. Topic tests
  5. Personalized certification plan
  6. Access to saasguru Slack Community

Summing Up

If you are new to Salesforce or a pro-Sales Cloud Consultant willing to get certified, then there’s no better way to excel in the certification exam than practicing questions and analyzing your performance. 

To get an excellent collection of practice questions and mock exams, Sign up on saasguru now!

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