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Meta Announces WhatsApp-Salesforce Partnership

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Meta Announces WhatsApp-Salesforce Partnership

Everyone is talking about Salesforce Genie but let’s not forget to discuss one of the most incredible tech partnerships announced at Dreamforce 22′.

At Dreamforce 22′, the most popular CRM platform Salesforce and the most favored messaging platform WhatsApp announced a partnership that allows the Salesforce customer to reach out to their customers and create a new communication experience with WhatsApp.

The Founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, announced that by collaborating with Salesforce, all the organizations that use Salesforce could utilize the WhatsApp business messaging platform to answer customer queries, run marketing campaigns, and sell directly via messages. The integration makes sense as more and more people prefer to talk and communicate with businesses over chat.

The collaboration will bring the best companies to deliver convenient, modern, personalized, and integrated experiences between businesses and people across the globe.

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The integration will revolutionize how brands connect with customers through conversational relationships in marketing, service interactions, and commerce. And with the invention of Salesforce Genie, organizations can now directly activate their customers. The Genie will allow the organizations to capture the audience with real-time data that displays Click-to-WhatsApp ads on Instagram and Facebook to generate customer traffic to a one-to-one messaging experience.

The partnership will also allow companies to effectively customize their experience to interact with their audience in a simple, personal, and fast manner to respond to their queries and sell and promote their product. So, it will boost the loyalty, engagement, interaction, satisfaction, and convenience of both the customer and the brand.

Salesforce & WhatsApp Partnership

Now, let’s see how WhatsApp with Customer 360 increases revenue, customer engagement, and loyalty globally.

Salesforce’s Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and Commerce Cloud apps will connect with WhatsApp to assist customer service and promotional messaging. And it will also assist the transactional and conversational commerce capabilities.

Organizations will be able to change the way conversations happen between the brand and the customer by personalizing the messaging experience of every customer at every stage.

It will allow customers to interact with the audiences on WhatsApp, boost sales, and drive better 24/7 customer support.

Features include:-

  1. Create, handle, and send connections with customers on their WhatsApp journey and Journey Builder to build a flawless customer experience.
  2. Through the Marketing Cloud Customer Data Platform of Salesforce, the audience can personalize the marketing-driven traffic on WhatsApp in real-time. WhatsApp will benefit from the AI insights from the Salesforce platform and other sources to personalize customer interaction by providing exciting offers, recommendations, and promotions at any scale.
  3. Decreases the support waiting time and boosts efficiency through effective automation and personal interaction via messaging on WhatsApp. Salesforce customers utilizing tools like AI-powered chatbots and automation experienced a 30% increase in customer satisfaction and a more than 27% boost in productivity, case resolution, and customer retention.
  4. Salesforce customers can customize the message template that includes their company’s product images and videos or display the services and products with appealing messages that will give customers the option of reviewing and buying the product on WhatsApp.
  5. Customers don’t need to worry about a data breach or privacy issues, as privacy is at the core of WhatsApp.

Therefore, with AI and automation, customer interaction will boost because the audience will be segmented and targeted quickly and effectively.

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The Salesforce and WhatsApp Business Platform partnership for Marketing Cloud should be available in December 2022, with more integrations expected to be generally available in the coming months.

Summing Up

As the Dreamforce 22’ ends, there’s still much more to look forward to in the Salesforce world. Salesforce will continue to surprise us, and to ensure that you never miss the update and information on the latest changes, Sign Up on saasguru now!

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