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Salesforce Admin Resources 2022

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Salesforce Admin Resources 2022 - Blog

Having doubts regarding choosing the appropriate resource for your Salesforce cert prep is very common. As a Salesforce Admin aspirant, you must be struggling to choose the right resource between hundreds of available resources. Well, we are here to decrease your burden by helping you see the options available. 

But, before deciding on the right resource, you must be well-versed with the Salesforce Admin Certification exam syllabus topics so that you can determine what resource provides the most accurate content. You don’t need to go anywhere to search for the syllabus and exam guide, as we are here to guide you at each step. 

Moving forward step-by-step is vital for Salesforce Admin cert prep. So, once you are done checking the syllabus, and the exam guide, take a look at the list below. The list contains one of the best resources to prepare for the Salesforce Admin Certification Exam.

Become a Salesforce Certified Professional

1. Trailhead and Salesforce Blogs

Trailhead is the most credible platform to gather your Salesforce cert prep resources. Trailhead provides a fun way to learn skills that are in demand, get resume-worthy credentials and discover new opportunities. Prepare for your Salesforce Administrator Credentials with Trailhead with the help of Trailmix; Trailhead has designed Trailmix specifically to help the aspirants and get them exam ready.

Features of Trailhead Platform:

  • Trailhead not only provides training for technical skills, it also focuses on delivering knowledge on soft skills needed to be successful as a professional.
  • The most exciting feature of Trailhead is the option to try test scenarios and finish the tasks based on real-world systems with Trailhead background. 
  • Salesforce professionals can also become a part of expert-led Trailhead academy courses and Salesforce Certification Days. These learning sessions help the aspirants become a part of the larger Trailblazer community.

While the study material is an essential part of the Salesforce cert journey, it is equally crucial to go through the blogs on Salesforce’s website to clearly understand and get some tips. The blogs can be a helpful resource; they directly come from Salesforce. 

2. Salesforce Certification Days

Certification days are a group of webinars that assist in preparing for a Salesforce Certification. It is free of cost and covers Salesforce Certified Administrator, Advanced Administrator, and more. You can sign up anytime and start using it for your cert prep. Discover helpful information about these webinars on the official website of Trailhead.

The Salesforce experts conduct these webinars who provide their expertise, best practices, and tips that help you ace your Salesforce Certification exam. There are sessions available for Administrator, Marketing, Developer, and Consultant. 

3. saasguru 

You have landed on the right platform to clear your doubts regarding your Salesforce Admin cert prep. Our forum is here to supercharge your cert prep with the help of courses created by one of the best gurus. Find everything you need for your Salesforce cert prep on a single platform. Explore the Salesforce courses and decide the right one for you. 

There will be enough mock tests, 1:1 mentoring, Salesforce Admin flashcards, and career coaching to guide you through your cert prep journey.

a. saasguru Blogs

Not only that, our blogs help you discover essential facts about the Salesforce cert prep. You can gather information on Must-Have Salesforce Administrator Skills, Salesforce Certified Administrator Salary and much other helpful information.

You can even take the help of our platform and blogs by learning How to Get a Salesforce Job in 2022, and start your preparation accordingly. 

A learner can find a blog on almost every topic related to the Salesforce cert prep. Be it the syllabus, exam guide, or salary guide, we help you gather in-depth knowledge of the field you are preparing to enter. saasguru has partnered with industry-leading gurus who have aced over 10+ industry certifications to create mock exams and practice tests.

b. saasguru Slack Community

See what the saasguru Slack community is up to by joining it to interact with fellow learners. A learner will have a chance to hold exciting discussions and build new connections. We created the saasguru Slack community because we received requests from our learners to build a channel for 1:1 mentoring from industry experts and an opportunity to have peer-to-peer learning from other learners. So, our platform never disappoints the hardworking aspirants who are a part of the saasguru family.

Some interesting features of the saasguru Slack Community-

  • Through the saasguru Slack Community, you can have live interactions with our Gurus and other learners to ask, clarify, and collaborate on all things regarding Salesforce Certification.
  • There are channels specific to Salesforce Certifications and general channels to add a bit of fun to your learning, keep you updated about career opportunities, and help you network.

We have integrated deep tech by 1:1 mentoring and guidance with our Gurus to provide our learners with extensive experience and success. 

Join our slack community to start your learning journey and connect with our gurus for free

4. Other Interesting Features of saasguru Platform-

a. AI-Enabled:

Our platform has designed a personalized study plan with quality content, enough mock tests, and innovative revision material.

b. Gamified:

We don’t believe in a tedious learning approach with only standard learning material. The learning process should be fun and exciting. Keeping this thing in mind, we provide friendly head-to-head challenges with your fellow learners.

To Conclude

Get your Salesforce Certifications on the first go

Resources are most helpful when you have everything in one place, like saasguru. We have blogs, courses, and Hackathons to add excitement to your Admin cert prep and provide the best material. Our Gurus are busy creating the best courses for you. We offer the study materials, mock tests and mentoring sessions. saasguru will also give you a chance to win exciting prizes while also testing the level of your cert preps through Hackathons. So, we provide the most efficient study material and have fun ways to test your level of cert prep and knowledge.

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