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Top Salesforce Administrator 201 Certification Sample Questions and Answers 2022

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Top Salesforce Administrator 201 Certification Sample Questions and Answers

Salesforce Administrator Certification (ADM 20) is the go-to option if you are an IT graduate and looking to skill up for a job. Salesforce is one of the top cloud CRM solutions for businesses. An increasing number of companies and organizations are shifting to cloud-based systems and a cloud CRM is no different. To land a job in the  Salesforce ecosystem, you must be certified with at least one Salesforce certification. Solving the Salesforce administrator certification questions is not an easy task. The candidate must be well prepared before taking the actual exam.

To start a career as a Salesforce Administrator or a Developer, you must pass the Salesforce Administrator Certification exam to the least. The certification tests your knowledge of the platform and how it can be used to customize. What is the exam difficulty level is a question many would ask. The answer is that a person who has prepared well based on the exam outline will be able to pass the exam on the first attempt. You can evaluate yourself by attempting sample practice exams.

Salesforce Administrator Certification Exam Sample Questions

Here are some quick bites about the exam: 

  • The exam consists of 65 questions that must be completed in 105 minutes.
  • 60 questions are multiple-choice or multiple-select. Multiple selections imply that more than one option can be correct. The candidate needs to select all the right options for a question to get a score for that question.
  • There are five non-scored questions.
  • Salesforce defines the exam sections with the weightage for the study. The higher the weightage, the more questions will be asked from that section.
  • Check the exam outline, sections, and weightage before starting the preparation. These tend to change and can be confirmed using the Salesforce Certified Administrator Exam Guide.
  • According to the current exam outline, the higher weightage is for Object Manager and Lightning App Builder- 20%. Nearly 13 questions will be asked in this section itself.
  • The basic strategy for preparation would be to focus on sections with more than 10% weightage, but that doesn’t imply that the sections with less percentage can be overlooked. Even those are equally important. 
  • The candidate must score 65% to pass the exam. That means you need to get at least 39 correct answers.
  • The questions are mostly at the execution level, real-life, and scenario-based; therefore, the candidate must have hands-on experience with the Salesforce platform and its working knowledge.
  • You can optimally allow an average of 1.5 minutes for each exam question. While appearing for the exam, you can see the time remaining on the computer screen and skip the questions you are unsure about. You can mark them for review and come back to them later. This ensures that you get time to answer the questions you are confident of. Do not let the tricky application-level questions eat up most of your time. If you plan carefully, you will be able to review all the questions twice in the allotted time of 105 minutes. 
  • You need to understand the Salesforce system to answer the questions. Around 80% of the exam questions are scenario-based. So, cramming the topics a week before the exam will not be helpful.

Why Attempting Practice Exams and Mock Tests are Important?

It is how we prepare for the Salesforce Administrator Exam after grasping the concepts discussed under each section of the exam outline. 

Begin your study plan with the exam outline, systematically planning to cover all the topics and focusing on the ones with the most weightage. You can get registered with a certification preparation platform with a customized learning pathway. After getting fundamental training from the Salesforce official website and Trailhead resources, you will be highly benefited from tutor-led classes that help you to get some hands-on experiences too. 

Once you feel that you are ready to give the exam, attempt the practice questions and evaluate yourself, identify your areas of improvement, and polish your strong areas. 

Here are some of the advantages of practice exams:

  • Practice exams help you understand the type of questions you will face in the actual exam.
  • Understand how to select the correct question choice among the seemingly similar options
  • Helps to know areas that need to be worked upon  and invest more time in them before the certification exam.
  • You can plan your time management. With practice, you can minimize the time spent on the questions.
  • Sometimes, even after you are sure that you have learned all the topics, you tend to falter on exam day, given the pressure. The practice tests will prepare you to solve the questions under pressure and thus understand the format.

Where to Find Salesforce Administrator Exam Sample Questions?

1. Official Salesforce Mock Test

By registering through Kryterion, you can take the Salesforce Administrator Certification mock test. It costs USD $20 and will give you a real-time experience of the actual exam and instill confidence.

2. saasguru Free Practice Test

The candidate who is prepared to appear for the exam or wants to evaluate oneself can sign up at the saasguru website and check out the free practice test. This is a much better option than the fraudulent exam dumps because the practice test is developed by certified Salesforce professionals at saasguru who work behind the scenes to curate questions and answers. 

The performance score will help you understand how deep you are under the water. The exams are prepared as per the latest exam guide and give the same experience as the actual exam.

Besides this, saasguru Slack Community access can help you find like-minded candidates and industry experts to participate in discussions on several topics and tricky questions. 

Sample Salesforce Administrator Questions

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1. How can an administrator manage field-level security in Salesforce? Choose two answers.

  • Set Field Level Security from the field page under object manager
  • Set Field Level Security directly in permission set or profile
  • Set Field Level Security directly in roles
  • Set Field Level Security directly in sharing rules

Answer: Set Field Level Security from the field page under object manager and Set Field Level Security directly in permission set or profile

Rationale: With the Field-level Security setting, the ability of viewing and modifying the fields can be restricted. This can be defined for multiple fields on a single permission set or profile or a single field on all profiles.

2. The Sales Manager at Cosmo Property wants their Sales Reps to create Sales Cycle Feedback custom object records linked with Opportunity before the Opportunity stage is changed to closed-won. The feedback record has a certain set of fields that needs to be populated. Which automation tool administrator should recommend?

  • Salesforce Flows
  • Validation Rule
  • Macros
  • Process Builder

Answer: Salesforce Flows

Rationale: The Salesforce Flow has to be used to automate a business process that collects data from people. It is a set of screen elements that gather information from the user and perform specific operations.

3. The Sales Manager at Cosmo Property has requested some modifications to the Task object. What are some of the considerations while configuring a task object? Choose 2 answers.

  • Multiple record types to capture different types of activities
  • Configure validation rules for data quality
  • Create any type of field on the task object
  • The task can be assigned to public groups

Answer: Multiple Record types to capture different types of activities and Configure validation rules for data quality

Rationale: Salesforce allows you to create validation rules and record types on the Task object. However, there are some field limitations, like a roll-up summary can’t be created on this object. Also, a Task can be assigned to a user or a queue only.

4. Sun Solar wants to train its sales team using documents. The sales team should access the document from Salesforce and get notified if any document is updated. What features should an administrator recommend? Choose two answers.

  • Content Subscription
  • Salesforce Content
  • Chatter Files
  • Email Workflow

Answer: Content Subscription and Salesforce Content

Rationale: Content includes all file types, from Microsoft PowerPoint documents to audio and video files, web pages, and Google Docs, etc. Content enables users to organize, share, search and manage content within the company and across Salesforce. By subscribing to a file, the user will be notified when activity occurs in the file, like a comment or a newer version.

5. Cosmo Property wants to analyze the ROI generated per campaign. How can the administrator achieve this requirement using Campaigns and Opportunities? Choose two answers.

  • Primary Campaign Source field on the Opportunity record.
  • Campaign History related list under Opportunity record
  • Campaign Influence related list under Opportunity record
  • Integrate with an external system to calculate ROI

Answer: Primary Campaign Source field on the Opportunity record and Campaign Influence related list under Opportunity record.

Rationale: Salesforce Campaign influence allows users to tag the Opportunities with specific Campaigns and calculate the amount of revenue generated for a specific initiative.

6. An administrator has enabled Lightning for Outlook for the sales team and assigned the Outlook configurations to the sales team profile. However, the sales reps are facing issues with email sync configuration. Can they assign the same outlook configuration to their own user along with the sales team profile to troubleshoot the issue?

  • Yes
  • No

Answer: Yes

Rationale: After defining the Outlook configurations, you can assign the configurations to either Profiles or Users from the configurations page.

7. Cosmo Property uses different channels, like web form, email, social, etc., to capture customers’ Cases. After the customer submits the Case, they want an automated email response with the Case number to be sent to the customer as an acknowledgment. Which solution should an administrator recommend for this?

  • Auto-Response Rule
  • Escalation Rule
  • Validation Rule
  • Trigger

Answer: Auto-Response Rule

Rationale: Auto-Response rules allow the system to automatically send personalized email responses to customers depending on the information captured in each case.

8. The administrator at Cosmo Property is setting up a new Salesforce org for their HR function. Where can an administrator set the default settings like time zone, language, primary contact, currency, etc. for the new users?

  • Company Information page
  • Profile Settings
  • Home Page
  • User Details Page

Answer: Company Information Page

Rationale: The Company information page collects information about your company, such as name and address, primary contact, default locale, default currency, license availability, storage usage, etc.

9. Which of the following can be used to export data from Salesforce? Choose three answers.

  • Data Loader
  • Data Export Service
  • Report Exports
  • Export Wizard
  • List View Export

Answer: Data Loader, Data Export Service, Report Exports

Rationale: Data Loader is a client application that has to be installed on a local machine/ computer. It can be operated either through the user interface or the command line.

Data Export Service allows you to export data manually once every 7 days (for weekly export) or 29 days (for monthly export). You can also export data automatically at weekly or monthly intervals.

10. A sales manager wants to view a pipeline performance dashboard that shows data owned by the user looking at the dashboard. Which setting should the administrator consider for this requirement.?

  • Set view dashboard as “Me”
  • Set view dashboard as “Another Person”
  • Create multiple dashboards for each user profile
  • Set view dashboard as “The dashboard viewer”

Answer: Set view dashboard as “The dashboard viewer.”

Rationale: When you set the setting as “The dashboard viewer,” the users see data as themselves, according to their own access levels. These types of dashboards are often called dynamic dashboards. 

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Evaluate Yourself With SalesForce Administrator Certification Mock Exam

Sometimes you might feel that you have learned it all and be overconfident. Some others may not be confident. For all such candidates, the Salesforce Administrator Certification Course with practice tests, flashcards and quizzes can help assess their understanding of the exam and whether they are ready to ace it or not. You can attempt several mock tests after you are done with your exam preparation. It is a self-evaluation of the candidate’s preparation for the exam. 

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